You only need to look at the labels of a few supplements to see a long list of ingredients. With that said, some ingredients tend to pop up more often than others. One of these beneficial ingredients is L-Arginine.

It’s understandable if you haven’t given much thought to this ingredient. I certainly didn’t pay much attention to it. But, after seeing this ingredient in so many supplements, I wanted to learn more about L-arginine.

What is L-arginine?

L-arginine is one of many types of amino acids. This amino acid is naturally occurring, meaning your body produces L-arginine. While arginine is an amino acid you produce, it’s also available in many foods like red meat and many dairy products.

The main thing that L-arginine does is help the body build protein.

What are the benefits of L-arginine?

There’s a reason why L-arginine supplements are so popular – it’s because this amino acid is incredibly beneficial. Here are the main benefits of L-arginine.

Helps with building muscles

One of the main reasons people use L-arginine supplements is to build muscle. When you take L-arginine, it helps your body synthesize the protein it gets in food and supplement form.

Without enough L-arginine, much of the protein you consume leaves your body. When you increase your protein synthesis through L-arginine supplementation, more protein can go to your muscles instead of passing through your digestive system.

Improves blood flow

While it might sound a little intimidating, improving blood flow is a good thing. Once L-arginine is in your body, it converts to nitric oxide.

Increased nitric oxide production makes your muscles fuller. That’s why many people use nitric oxide supplements. I’d make a friendly bet that most of the labels of nitric oxide supplements contain L-arginine because it’s effective.

Potentially lowers blood pressure

Increasing your blood flow isn’t only beneficial for having bigger muscles. Studies show that L-arginine is an amino acid that also hasĀ blood pressure-lowering effects.

L-arginine helps lower blood pressure levels by expanding arteries throughout the body.

Assists with male fertility problems

Arginine supplementation can improve more than your workout performance. Studies show that this amino acid can also help with treating erectile dysfunction.

Since L-arginine supplements improve blood flow, this effect can help improve erectile function.

Increases energy

L-arginine supplementation can also work wonders for people who are dealing with low energy levels.

By converting protein-rich foods and other food into energy, you should notice improved athletic performance while using arginine supplements.

Who is L-arginine right for?

Before you take L-arginine, it’s understandable to make sure it’s right for you. Here are a few main signs that you could benefit from taking L-arginine.

People with high blood pressure

L-arginine is a nonessential amino acid that helps with treating high blood pressure by improving how blood flows through the body.

Living with untreated high blood pressure can increase your risk of a range of cardiovascular diseases, including a heart attack or stroke.

This ingredient’s blood pressure-lowering effects are also beneficial in preventing heart disease.

Those having trouble building muscle

L-arginine supplements may also make it easier for you to build muscle mass. Taking L-arginine makes it easier than normal for protein to reach your muscles.

Plus, L-arginine also increases your nitric oxide levels. Besides enhancing athletic performance, arginine also makes your muscles look incredibly full.

Men with erectile dysfunction

L-arginine plays a vital role in male sexual performance. If you’re having trouble performing, taking L-arginine supplements might help this problem.

Anyone with low energy

For most people, life moves at a very fast pace. Fortunately, oral L-arginine supplementation might help give you the energy you need.

While it probably won’t feel as noticeable as a cup of coffee, L-arginine may boost your energy levels.

Potential side effects of L-arginine

While L-arginine is generally safe for adults to take, it can cause certain side effects. Here’s more information about the potential side effects of L-arginine.

You may also experience L-arginine side effects if you take too much of this ingredient at one time.

L-arginine may cause side effects that can include:

My picks for the best L-arginine supplements

Whether you need to achieve low blood pressure or more energy, there are L-arginine supplements on the market that can help you out. Instead of wasting time combing through a bunch of websites or listings, I have the best L-arginine supplements available below.

NOW Supplements L-arginine

now supplements arginine

The first supplement on this list comes to us from NOW Supplements. If you need a low-cost way to boost your nitric oxide while lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease, this supplement is a great solution.

Each serving of this supplement contains 500 milligrams of l-arginine per serving. Plus, this supplement comes from a facility that follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). These capsules are both vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Nature’s Bounty L-arginine

nature's bounty arginine

If you need an easy way to get your daily dose of L-arginine, consider using a supplement from Nature’s Bounty. Each serving of this supplement is only one capsule. Also, each capsule contains 1,000 milligrams of L-arginine.

This supplement in capsule form that can help improve athletic performance is vegetarian-friendly.

Best Naturals L-arginine L-citrulline complex

best naturals arginine

Another supplement that can potentially lower your blood pressure and boost your nitric oxide comes from Best Naturals. This low-cost product can potentially improve your cardiovascular health by combining arginine and citrulline together in one supplement.

What ingredients does L-arginine pair well with?

Chances are, you’re open to taking vitamins or other supplements if you take L-arginine. With that in mind, here are a few ingredients that naturally pair well with arginine.


It’s beneficial to pair L-arginine with L-Citrulline supplementation. While this mixture doesn’t provide any new therapeutic benefits, citrulline and arginine can help you maximize how much nitric oxide you produce.

Vitamin C

Another ingredient often found in dietary supplements is vitamin C. You can consume this vitamin in citrus fruits like oranges. When paired together, vitamin C and L-arginine may help you live a healthy lifestyle.


Many people who use oral L-arginine live a healthy lifestyle. Oftentimes, this lifestyle involves lots of trips to the gym. If you struggle with motivation to hit the gym, consider pairing caffeine with other amino acids like L-arginine for a great muscle-building combo.

In closing, L-arginine might not be one of several essential amino acids. But it does offer many potential benefits, including the ability to reduce blood pressure and help with building muscle. Before you start any type of dietary supplementation, including L-arginine, it’s always a good idea to run this by your healthcare provider.