a person holding a dogHi, I’m Alex, the writer behind all the content on New Generation Fitness. I also attempt to design the images, but I think I’d say I’m a better writer than designer.

I grew up dealing with weight issues. I went through a chubby phase. Then, as I entered high school, I suddenly slimmed down and was too skinny. After I grew tired of getting made fun of for my skinniness, I decided to do something about it.

While I was in college, I started taking my diet and fitness seriously. After several months of hard work, I finally noticed that my hard work was paying off. I went from about 150lbs to a little over 180lbs. And other people I knew started noticing the changes, too!

Over 10 years later, I’m still someone obsessed with learning about fitness and diet-related topics. Along the way, I also became a writer for a living.

New Generation Fitness is the result of me combining my love of blogging and staying healthy. You’ll find content about supplements, working out, dieting, and other fitness-related topics.