There are many ways to build more muscle. One of the best ways to gain muscle mass is by increasing your natural nitric oxide levels.

One way to achieve this goal is by taking a nitric oxide boosting supplement. We’re going to take a closer look at one of these supplements: NO2 Max.

What is NO2 Max?

NO2 Max is a pre-workout supplement. This supplement has ingredients made to help improve blood flow and boost nitric oxide levels. You should also notice increased energy and endurance from using NO2 Max.

My NO2 Max Review: Good Nitric Oxide Supplement?

NO2 max bottle

Now, let’s get into the good stuff. In this case, the good stuff is my personal NO2 Max review. For the purpose of this review, I took NO2 Max for one month.

In the same way that I review other supplements, I want to give you a week-by-week breakdown. You’ll learn how things went, workout session progress, and anything else that’s useful for this review.

Let’s get started!

Week 1

The first week of taking NO2 Max didn’t do much for the first few days. I know that supplements sometimes need to take a few days to really start working. But I was a little worried that my review of NO2 Max wasn’t going to lead to much.

On the third day of my first week, I was ready to use NO2 Max before a workout. I have to say I was impressed. At first, it wasn’t easy to notice increased blood flow (one of NO2 Max’s features).

However, after a few minutes of lifting weights, I began to notice that my muscles looked and felt much fuller than normal. That’s how I knew that NO2 Max was increasing blood flow throughout my muscles.

As my workouts throughout the first week of using this supplement progressed, I definitely noticed faster recovery.

Week 2

As I continued my second week of using NO2 Max, things remained good. During a fairly intense workout regime at the time, I experienced consistent muscle growth.

It’s important to note, if you want the best muscle building results with this supplement, make sure you’re consuming enough protein. This helps with protein synthesis (getting enough protein to your muscles).

Something else that I thought was cool was how much NO2 Max helped improved my energy levels even on non-workout days. Pairing more energy with faster recovery time and I was super impressed with this supplement so far.

Week 3

As I continued to lift heavy weights and follow a diet fairly high in protein (about 150-175 grams per day), my athletic performance showed no signs of slowing down.

This week continued my streak of hitting the gym a two to three times a week. By doing this and taking NO2 Max, I was building muscle at a good rate.

It was during this week that I noticed my bench press increased by about 25 lbs.

Final Week

All good things have to end at some point. With that in mind, it’s time to cover what happened during my fourth and final week of using NO2 Max.

During the fourth week, I continued feeling the scientifically proven ingredients in NO2 Max to continue working well.

My natural production of nitric oxide continued powering me through my workouts. With increased nitrogen retention, my endurance was off the charts. I also had massive pumps, especially during my arm workouts!

What Ingredients Are in NO2 Max?

One of the best ways to learn about bodybuilding supplements is to find out what ingredients are in them. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at the ingredients in this premium nitric oxide booster.

DiCalcium Phosphate

While the name of this ingredient might look complicated, it’s really just another form of calcium. The human body needs calcium everyday as part of a suitable diet.

If you’re not getting enough calcium, NO2 Max can help with that. NO2 Max contains 80mg of dicalcium phosphate per serving.

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

Another one of the active ingredients in NO2 Max is L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate. This is the main ingredient that’s responsible for increasing nitric oxide production in the body.

More nitric oxide means more oxygen circulation. When more oxygen travels throughout your body, it means you’ll tire out slower than normal.

L-arginine alpha keto is one of many amino acids. While arginine is a non-essential amino acid.

Does NO2 Max Cause Any Side Effects?

nitric oxide max container

Before taking any supplement, it’s smart to learn whether or not it causes any adverse effects.

In my experience, I can personally tell you that I experienced no side effects while using NO2 Max. This is the same thing I’ve read in a lot of other NO2 Max reviews.

If you have any allergies to L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate or calcium, you could experience side effects.

As always, I’d recommend visiting a medical professional before taking any supplement. I’m not a medical professional and there am not equipped to give anyone a medical diagnosis.

Where to Buy NO2 Max Online?

NO2 Max is currently available on the official website of Crazy Bulk. It kind of sucks only being able to buy NO2 Max from one website. However, there are a few awesome reasons to buy NO2 Max from Crazy Bulk.

For one, this website offers free worldwide shipping. Not having to pay shipping is always a plus!

I also like that Crazy Bulk almost always has flash sales, usually letting you take 10 to 20% off of your order.

Pros and Cons of NO2 Max



How to Take NO2 Max

You’ll be glad to know that this nitric oxide booster is incredibly easy to take. All you need to do is take two pills once per day.

When you take these two pills is up to you. However, I preferred to take them first thing in the morning with breakfast on non-workout days.

On days I was working out, I would take NO2 Max about thirty minutes before the workout session.

What Other NO2 Max Reviews Have to Say

At this point, you’ve read most of my No2 max review (thanks!). However, I’m a big believer that it’s always good to hear what more than one person has to say about something.

In this case, I wanted to give you more information on this natural nitric oxide booster by letting you know how others felt about No2 Max.

One reviewer from London left a review on Crazy Bulk’s website that NO2 Max gave him an extreme energy boost.

Another person who tried this supplement noted that they rarely felt tired while working out. They also noted that NO2 Max was a “great product.”

How Does NO2 Max Stack Up Against Other Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Nitric oxide boosters are some of the most popular pre-workout supplements on the market. But how does this supplement stack up against the competition?


Pumpsurge is another popular nitric oxide supplement. Like NO2 Max, this supplement also promises to help increase blood flow. I tried this supplement in the past and thought it was okay.

While Pumpsurge can help dilate your blood vessels and improve recovery time, I didn’t feel that this product was quite as effective as NO2 Max. For me, the active ingredients in Pumpsurge were pretty good, just not great.

Pump Mode

Another popular way to experience the power of nitric oxide is by trying Pump Mode. Overall, I’d give this supplement a seven out of 10. It does contain key ingredients to help promote more blood flow to your muscles. However, I couldn’t get past the taste of this supplement.

In closing, my NO2 Max review led me to believe that this is a good supplement for improving oxygen circulation and helping you achieve muscle growth. If you want to see what it’s like to boost your nitric oxide, I definitely recommend checking out NO2 Max.