Unless you’ve stayed away from energy drinks for the past few years, you know that Bang is a company that’s taken over the world of energizing beverages.

But is Bang keto friendly? I’m here to help answer this question. Let’s take a look at whether or not Bang energy drinks should be a part of your keto diet.

Is Bang Keto Friendly?

Yes, Bang energy drinks are keto-friendly. This means that drinking a Bang energy drink won’t take you out of ketosis.

With that said, keep an eye on the carbs in this energy drink. While the Bang company is a brand of low-carb energy drinks, some of this company’s beverages have a higher carb count than others.

How Much Caffeine Is In a Bang Energy Drink?

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Source: Bang Energy

Many people feel that Bang energy drinks give them a lot of motivation. When you realize how much caffeine is in this energy drink, it’s easy to see why!

Bang energy drinks have 300 mg of caffeine per can. That’s about two to three cups of coffee (depending on how strong you make your coffee). If you make your coffee weaker, the caffeine in Bang energy would be equal to about three cups of coffee.

For some people, 300 milligrams is way too much caffeine. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might want to avoid this one or sip on it without downing the whole can in one sitting.

With 300 mg of caffeine per can, it’s not advised to combine a Bang energy drink with other products containing caffeine. Products to avoid with Bang energy include other energy drinks and pre-workout powder containing caffeine.

What Makes Bang Such a Popular Energy Drink?

Besides getting asked: “Is Bang keto friendly?” – I also have others asking what makes this popular wave of energy drinks so special. Here’s a closer look at some reasons why people enjoy Bang energy drinks.

Available in a TON of flavors

Bang is one of those energy drink brands that’s always releasing new flavors. Pair this with the classic lines of flavors under Bang’s belt and it’s easy to see why this company has so many fans. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Cotton Candy and Sour Heads flavors.


Understandably, most people are trying to reduce the amount of sugar in their diets. With that in mind, you’ll be glad to know that Bang energy drinks contain zero sugar. This is great for those with blood sugar issues and those who simply don’t want sugars in their diets.

Zero Calories

Another thing that makes Bang the makers of popular energy drinks is that its beverages contain no calories! Being calorie-free, a Bang energy drink is great for anyone who’s watching their waistline. Other energy drinks are known for their high sugar and calorie levels.

No Carbs

Many people who want to become more health conscious take part in a low-carb diet. If you’re watching how many carbs you consume through drinks and food, you’ll be glad to know that Bang drinks contain zero carbs per can.

Super Creatine

Do you enjoy an energy drink before hitting the gym? If so, you’ll be glad to learn that Bang energy drinks contain creatine, which helps muscles recover energy.

What Ingredients Are in a Can of Bang Energy?

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Source: Bang Energy

You now know that Bang makes keto-friendly energy drinks. However, you might want to know about the ingredients in Bang energy beverages. Each can of Bang energy contains the following ingredients:

Carbonated water, citric acid, phosporic acid, natural flavors, caffeine, potassium citrate monohydrate, sodium benzoate, EAAs ((essential amino acids) L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-threonine, L-phenylalanine, L-lysine, L-histdine, L-methionine, L-tryptothan), sucralose, potassium phosphate dibasic, vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), potassium sorbate, super creatine (creatine bonded to leucine), calcium disodium EDTA, calcium chloride, and vitamin B12.

Types of Bang Energy Drinks

Bang is an energy drink brand that makes a ton of beverages. Considering that, I wanted to give you a little more info about the multiple energy drinks this company makes.

Keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for an energy drink company to change up their product lines. I’ll do my best to keep this section accurate and up-to-date!

Standard Energy Drinks

If you’ve seen this company’s energy drinks before, you’ve probably seen its standard line of products. These are the same drinks we’ve been talking about, with zero net carbs and zero calories.

Some of the most popular flavors in this line of beverages include Birthday Cake Bash, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry Blast.

Keto Coffee


bang keto coffee box

Source: Bang Energy

Oh yeah, there is such a thing as Bang Keto Coffee drinks. If you want that rich flavor of coffee, you’ll definitely want to check out Bang’s line of coffee energy drinks.

Besides giving you 300 mg of caffeine, Bang Keto Coffee drinks also contain 20 grams of protein and branched chain amino acids. It’s also available in five flavors, including:

Trust me, these drinks taste way better than plain black coffee. And yes, as the name implies, these energy drinks are also keto-friendly. If you’re a carb counter, it’s important to not that these drinks are low-carb (not no-carb) beverages.

Each can of Bang Keto Coffee beverage contains five grams of net carbs.

Bang Natural

If you’re looking for the energy that Bang provides in a healthier form, consider the Bang Natural Energy line of products. These drinks contain no artificial sweeteners or flavors. They also contain zero net carbs.


Looking for an energy drink with no artificial flavors that’s made for a keto diet? Check out Meltdown, Bang’s line of carb-free energy drinks that features 1,250 milligrams of ketones per can. As of this writing, this beverage in available in three flavors, which are:

Caffeine-Free Beverages

You don’t have to miss out on energy drinks if you can’t have any caffeine. Fortunately, Bang makes several beverages that are caffeine-free. These beverages also contain zero grams of carbs and sugars.

Is Bang keto friendly? Yes! The sweet taste and powerful energy that Bang energy drinks provide should keep you going through life’s toughest challenges. Best of all, you can enjoy that energy without worrying about getting kicked out of ketosis.