Personally, I love caffeine. However, I totally understand that you might either be sensitive to caffeine or can not have it. Regardless of your reason, I want to help you out by providing you with a list of the best pre-workout supplements that contain no caffeine.

Now, let’s get to what you came here for. I’ve got an awesome list of the best caffeine-free pre-workout supplements. As mentioned earlier, this list is in no particular order. I’ve tried several of these and any other on this list were only added after I verified that these supplements have been getting great reviews.

While I can’t make any guarantees, you might be able to get a free sample or two of one or all of these supplements by following my guide on how to get supplements for free.

The Best Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout Supplements of 2023

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best caffeine-free pre-workout supplements. We based our research on popular pre-workout supplements that, of course, contain no caffeine. Another thing we looked at were the reviews of other people.

Let’s get started!

1. ONNIT Total Nitric Oxide


Another great caffeine-free pre-workout is called ONNIT Total Nitric Oxide. As the name implies, this pre-workout powder contains l-arginine, L-citrulline, and beet root powder for explosive pumps.

This nitric oxide booster helps you kick your workouts into a higher gear with more intensity, increased endurance, and improved blood flow.

ONNIT Total Nitric Oxide also improves the delivery of nutrients to your muscle tissues. Check this one out if you’re in need of a quality caffeine-free pre-workout.

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2. Evogen EVP 3D


I also wanted to mention Evogen EVP. This supplement was one of the first stimulant-free pre-workouts on the market. While many have come and gone since its release, EVP remains one of the best caffeine-free supplements out there.

I also have to get bonus points to this supplement for having some new and exciting flavors including jungle juice, orange mango, and cali time sweet tea.

This way, you can enjoy awesome flavors while sipping one of the best caffeine-free pre-workout supplements.

The key feature of Evogen EVP is that it helps you to get more of a pump in the gym. Having a pump is key to lifting more and feeling great. While Evogen EVP doesn’t contain any caffeine, you can bet that it’s still going to give you lots of energy while you’re working out.

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3. Genius Pre

genius brand

If you need one of the best caffeine-free pre-workout supplements, I highly recommend checking out Genius Pre from the Genius Brand. This caffeine-free pre-workout focuses on enhancing the mind and muscle connection.

As you likely know, it isn’t fun to workout when you don’t have any energy. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have this problem when you try the Genius Pre-Workout from the Genius Brand.

Even though this pre-workout is caffeine-free, it contains huperzine, taurine, and L-tyrosine. These ingredients will provide you with more than enough energy to tackle any workout.

This caffeine-free pre-workout also contains six grams of L-citrulline malate to increase the nitric oxide flowing throughout your body.

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4. PEScience High Volume


Another supplement that’s making waves in the world of caffeine-free pre-workouts comes from PEScience. This pre-workout powder provides you with a simple yet powerful list of ingredients.

In this supplement, you’ll find L-Citrulline Malate (four grams per serving), Agmatine Sulfate, and Arginine. Judging by the many positive customer reviews for this supplement, it seems like many people are enjoying a workout without caffeine.

This amazing mix of amino acids and other proven ingredients will get you up and working out like a beast.

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5. PMD Sports Ultra Pump Fuel

pmd sports

Another caffeine-free pre-workout is from PMD Sports. This supplement is called Ultra Pump Fuel. Ultra Pump Fuel helps to increase blood flow and spike your nitric oxide levels.

With this supplement, you should be able to lift weights longer and train harder than you normally could. Plus, this stimulant-free pre-workout still packs quite an energizing punch.

This stim-free pre-workout contains many beneficial ingredients, including citrulline malate, beta alanine, and creatine. Try this product and you’ll realize that stimulant free pre-workouts can provide more power than you might have thought they could.

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6. Anabolic Warfare Pump N Grow

pump n grow

I couldn’t have a list of the best stimulant-free pre-workouts without mentioning Pump N Grow. This pre-workout without caffeine contains amino acids like L-Citrulline and L-Arginine.

After trying this stimulant-free pre-workout, you can expect fuller muscles, better blood flow, and more energy. Some people who tried this supplement also claim that it increased their libidos, that’s a nice bonus.

If you need a serious pre-workout pump without caffeine, don’t miss out on Pump N Grow.

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7. Evlution Nutrition Pump Mode


Another excellent stim-free pre-workout is Pump Mode from Evlution Nutrition. This supplement provides an excellent pump by being a great nitric oxide booster. What separates this supplement from a lot of other pre-workouts without caffeine is that it includes a lot of exclusive ingredients.

One of the exclusive ingredients in this pre-workout supplement is called Hydromax. This is something I wish I’d see in other pre-workout ingredients. Hydromax helps deliver more fluids you consume into your muscles, hydrating them in the process. This also allows you to prevent getting dehydrated while you train.

Another incredibly beneficial ingredient in Pump Mode is NO3 betaine nitrate, which is an effective nitric oxide booster.

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8. RSP Nutrition Quadralean

Not everyone wants to try the best caffeine-free pre-workout supplements while they’re lifting weights. Sometimes, people will instead want to use a pre-workout more for cardio and weight management. If this is the case, you might enjoy Quadralean.

With effective ingredients like green tea extract, l-carnitine, and chromium, Quadralean is a great way to lose weight and boost your mental focus.

Unfortunately, you won’t get to enjoy any great taste from this supplement – it’s in capsule form.

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9. Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged

If you’re looking for a way to boost your endurance, pump, and energy, look no further than Pre-Kaged – an amazing stimulant-free pre-workout.

This supplement contains creatine, which is a proven muscle building ingredient. Another one of this supplement’s active ingredients is L-citrulline, which provides an amazing nutrition pump.

You’ll also find several B vitamins in Pre-Kaged. These vitamins and minerals help give you natural energy during your workouts.

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10. NutraBio PRE Stim-Free

If you are looking for intense stimulant-free pre-workouts, look no further than NutraBio PRE Stim-Free.

This pre-workout is full of beneficial ingredients your body needs for better overall performance.

One of the things I loved most about this product was its nitric oxide pump matrix, including L-Citrulline and agmatine sulfate.

To speed up your recovery time and enhance your overall performance, this pre-workout also contains beta-alanine, L-Leucine, and creatine monohydrate.

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11. Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump

If you are looking for a one of the best caffeine-free pre-workouts offering insane muscle pumps, check out Superhuman Pump.

This pre-workout is packed with 3,500 milligrams of beta-alanine per serving. It also includes 8,000 milligrams of the amino acid L-citrulline malate per serving.

Needless to say, this pre-workout will increase blood flow, boost your performance, and enhance your focus.

12. Gat Sport: PMP Stim-Free

In the world of caffeine-free pre-workouts, Gat Sport is a company that stands head and shoulders above many other businesses.

One reason for this happened after the release of Gat Sport: PMP Stimulant Free. Some of this pre-workout’s beneficial ingredients are: L-Tyrosine, beta-alanine, and agmatine sulfate.

13. Transparent Labs: Stim-Free Pre-Workout


For an extreme performance boost that will enhance your focus and intensity, check out a new pre-workout from Transparent Labs.

This supplement contains a lot of the same energizing ingredients you’ll find in other top pre-workouts on this list, including beta-alanine and the amino acid citrulline.

If you need a solid and stim-free supplement, check out this one from Transparent Labs.

14. BlackWolf Pre-Workout Formula (Non-Stim Version)

Another great caffeine-free pre-workout supplement I’m a big fan comes from BlackWolf Nutrition. This company’s line of pre-workout supplements are great for increasing your focus and enhancing your workouts.

15. RSP Nutrition Pump Boost

If you’d prefer stim-free pre-workouts that offer supreme pumps, check out Pump Boost from RSP Nutrition.

As the name implies, this pre-workout contains zero caffeine but a lot of natural ingredients to give you an amazing pump!

16. Legion Pulse Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout

Another excellent caffeine-free pre-workout supplement comes from Legion. Known as Legion Pulse, this pre-workout contains many ingredients to give you more energy without any caffeine.

Legion Pulse contains L-citrulline, which is citrulline bound with malic acid. This amino acid works wonders for giving you an endurance boost.

Another scientifically-backed ingredient in this supplement is alpha GPC, which helps your brain produce more glycerophosphate. When this happens, you can obtain increased brain function.

If you need more energy and mental focus, Legion Pulse is one of the best caffeine-free supplements out there.

17. Preseries Stim-Free Pre-Workout

If you need a mental boost and more focus without caffeine, you’ll want to check an awesome stimulant-free pre-workout from Preseries.

This pre-workout is full of vitamins and minerals you need to gain more energy to crush it in the gym.

Some of this supplement’s beneficial amino acids include L-tyrosine and L-citrulline. Other ingredients in this supplement are alpha GPC (as choline bitartrate), Bioperine, huperzine A, and beta-alanine.

If you are looking for better performance and a wicked nitric oxide boost without the side effects of caffeine, check out Preseries Stim-Free Pre-Workout.


pump surge

Oh yeah, now we’re stepping into the supplement companies that name their products in ALL CAPS. That’s how you know it’s powerful. All jokes aside, I haven’t tried PUMPSURGE yet but it seems to be leading the pack in terms of 5-star reviews on Amazon. As of this writing, it maintains a 4.5-star average after 1,585 reviews.

This supplement is available in four different flavors including cherry limeade, blue raspberry, strawberry lemonade, and watermelon.

PUMPSURGE utilizes ergogenic boosters as well as nootropic ingredients. I like this combination because so many pre-workout supplement makers forget the importance of boosting your mental as well as physical power while you’re working out.

This supplement also contains ingredients to help boost your nitric oxide levels with a combination of L-citrulline, betaine, and taurine. These ingredients also pair well with niacin.

19. Magnum Nutraceuticals Opus – The Best Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout Supplement

best caffeine free pre workout supplements

Magnum Nutraceuticals is a powerhouse in the supplement world. I remember first hearing about this company around 2010. It was during this time that I got my hands on this company’s pre-workout and wow! During this same time, this company was hard at work or another supplement. This was a caffeine-free pre-workout by the name of Opus.

Opus contains everything you need in a pre-workout supplement including Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. A recent study found that B vitamins helps reduce muscle fatigue during a workout. You’ll also find a nice serving of leucine, beta-alanine, and many other great ingredients.

Take it from me, I’ve tried this one personally and it’s crazy, you really get a rush of natural energy without having to ingest any caffeine. I really loved using it during squat day.

What is a Caffeine-Free Pre-Workout Supplement?

A caffeine-free pre-workout is a supplement made to help your workout performance. The catch is that these supplements contain no caffeine. If you love your caffeine like me, you might be thinking: what’s the point of caffeine-free pre-workouts? That’s what I used to think, until I tried one for myself.

Instead of relying on caffeine, which let’s be honest, doesn’t always deliver excellent results, these supplements contain other natural energy boosters.

The best caffeine-free pre-workouts are also great for people that can’t have caffeine. As you probably know, there are many types of food and ingredient allergies. If someone is allergic to caffeine, which certain people are, this ingredient can cause a bad reaction.

What Are the Benefits of Going Caffeine-Free?

You might be wondering what the benefits are of lowering your caffeine intake or stopping all caffeine consumption. As it turns out, laying off of caffeine is beneficial for several major reasons. Check out these benefits of going caffeine-free.

Better Sleep

Sleep. It’s something that everyone needs. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t getting enough sleep each night. One reason this happens is due to caffeine consumption. Whether it’s coffee, soda, or energy drinks, most of these beverages have caffeine.

As tempting as it is to drink these beverages, it’s no wonder why some people (myself included) find it hard to enjoy anything that isn’t caffeinated!

Unfortunately, excessive caffeine consumption can lead to restlessness. If you’re dealing with restlessness, it’s going to be hard to both get to asleep and stay sleeping. Considering that restlessness is one of the side effects of caffeine consumption, cutting it out of your diet can help you get the rest you long to receive.

Fewer Headaches

Have you ever felt what it’s like to take too much caffeine? It’s easy to do this, after a few too many caffeinated beverages or supplements. When this happens, one of the main side effects people notice is the dreaded caffeine headache.

Fortunately, going caffeine-free makes these headaches go away in time!

Lower Blood Pressure

One of the most notable side effects of a caffeine addiction is having a higher-than-normal blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure often leads to many serious conditions!

Fortunately, there are many ways (as you’ll see below) to get the energy boost you need without depending on caffeine. Your body’s nervous system will thank you.

Saving Money

Let’s now take a moment to stop talking about the negative side effects that too much caffeine can cause to your mind and body. If you haven’t noticed, being addicted to caffeine can also affect your wallet.

When you continue buying sodas, energy drinks, and coffees, it can cost a lot of money. I have a few examples of how much money you can potentially save by doing without the caffeine.

Let’s say that you buy one 24-pack of soda per week. On average, you’ll pay about $8-10 for it. That’s $32-40 per month.

What about those energy drinks? Most of them cost anywhere from $2-4 per can. But nothing is as expensive per ounce than those super expensive coffees. These pricey drinks can cost you anywhere from $5-10!

Letting Your Caffeine Tolerance Reset

The last reason to avoid caffeine is to let your tolerance reset. When you continue consuming caffeine, the strength of its effects will lessen. By spending time not using caffeine (days to weeks depending on your tolerance level), you will begin to enjoy its effects in a much more noticeable way. This is much better than taking caffeine just to feel normal.

Wrapping Things Up

I hope that you enjoyed this look at some of the best caffeine-free pre-workout supplements out there. You might think that every pre-workout supplement has to contain caffeine. Fortunately, as you’ve seen by looking at the previously mentioned supplements, pre-workouts don’t need caffeine to work well!

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