Without getting into a debate on just how well multivitamins work, there is one that is more popular than any other. This supplement is Animal Pak. I’ve wanted to to do a review over this multivitamin for quite a while.

This was one of the first supplements that I’ve ever tried and I loved every minute of it. Find out why this vitamin supplement has built up a large group of fans who can’t stop raving about how they feel while using this.

What Is Animal Pak?

Animal Pak is the name for a multivitamin supplement from Universal Nutrition. Each serving of this supplement contains 11 multivitamin tablets. The goal of this product is to help ensure you stay strong and healthy.

What Are Animal Pak’s Ingredients?

If I were to list each and every ingredient in this product, it would probably take about 30-40 minutes to go through. But, to make things easier, here’s a picture below that lists each of Animal Pak’s ingredients.

animal pak ingredient label

What we can do is take a closer look at some of this product’s key ingredients. Starting out, we can see that this supplement contains four main complexes or mixtures of ingredients.

Amino Acid Complex

As with every ingredient complex in this supplement, there are a few important key ingredients that deserve a mention. Arginine is helpful for increasing protein synthesis and helping your muscles recover after a workout. Glutamine is also helpful for muscle recovery.

Performance Complex

This supplement’s performance complex is what helps boost your athletic results. Notable ingredients in this complex include milk thistle and ginseng, an ingredient in many energy drinks.

Antioxidant Complex

To make sure that you stay healthy, it’s important for your body to produce antioxidants. If you’re unaware antioxidants help to protect your body from free radicals. Therefore, Animal Pak’s blend of antioxidants works amazingly well to help prevent you from being sick. Trust me, this supplement kept me well for a long amount of time.

Digestive Enzyme Complex

Another important, but often neglected, part of staying fit involves keeping an eye on your digestive health. With Animal Pak’s digestive complex, you can help ensure that you’re going to avoid problematic digestive issues.

Why Is This Supplement Beneficial to Use?

animal pak container

One of the main benefits of using this supplement (or another quality multivitamin) is that it helps to boost your immune system. With a stronger immune system, you’re likely to avoid dealing with being sick throughout the year. From personal experience, I can tell you that I never got sick while taking this supplement.

Another beneficial reason to start taking Universal Nutrition’s multivitamin is because it can help you gain muscle faster. Unless you have a crazy specific diet and are tracking percentages, chances are that you are leaving gains on the table. Instead of trying to do this, you can rest assured you’ll have every vitamin your body needs.

Does This Supplement Work? (My Animal Pak Review)

Yes, I’ve been using Animal Pak for years. With that said, this supplement is a multivitamin so it’s not like you’re going to feel much of anything after taking it. One of the only things I noticed is that, as mentioned earlier, I was sick far less often than normal while using this supplement.

While coming up with my Animal Pak review, I wanted to note that it’s been effective for helping my weightlifting progress. Don’t expect anything crazy like your bench press going up 40 pounds in a week. However, when combined with a decent diet and regular exercise routine, expect good results with this multivitamin supplement.

For example, I noticed that my workouts seemed easier while using this product. I also felt more like getting things done during the day. 

How Do I Take Animal Pak?

I do have to highlight the one drawback of this supplement, which is how many capsules you have to take. Each serving of Animal Pak contains 11 (yes I said 11) capsules. If you’re not someone that likes swallowing pills, this can be a problem.

Considering that I don’t like swallowing pills, I was still able to get through it. I recommend having a glass of water by your side, you don’t want to try and swallow these without any liquid. If you need to, swallow these one at a time. I promise that, over time, it does get easier.

What’s good about this supplement is that you only need to take once per day. I would usually take my daily serving of vitamins 30 minutes to an hour before working out. On non-workout days, I would just take this in the morning.

As a quick sidenote, I recommend taking Animal Pak with food. If you’re someone with a sensitive stomach, you might feel slightly nauseous after ingesting so many vitamins on an empty stomach. I never had any issues here, just a general recommendation.

Are There Any Side Effects to Worry About?

Speaking from personal experience, I never had any side effects to report while using Animal Pak. However, certain people might experience mild side effects if they have negative reactions to the vitamins in this multivitamin supplement. 

As mentioned above, if you have a sensitive stomach, it’s a good idea to minimize discomfort by taking this multivitamin supplement with a meal or snack. 

Where Can I Find This Supplement?

If you’ve taken supplements in the past, you’ll know that it’s possible to deal with availability issues. Fortunately, this is one of the safest supplements out there. This means that you can find Animal Pak almost anywhere. A few popular places to find this multivitamin include:

  • Amazon
  • Bodybuilding.com
  • Vitamin Shoppe

I’ve also seen this multivitamin at local supplement shops. If you’re looking for this, consider checking out local supplement shops in your area to see if it’s in stock. Considering how popular Animal Pak, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find locally.

How Much Does It Cost?

animal pak reviews on amazon

Source: Amazon

From what I’ve seen around the internet, Animal Pak is a relatively inexpensive supplement. For instance, I’ve found a 44 serving Animal Pak (a 48 day supply) for only $30.95. If you want the 30 serving container (one-month supply), it costs $26.50 on Amazon at the time of this writing.

On Bodybuilding.com, you can find a 44 pack container of Animal Pak for $34.95 or a 30 pack container for $28.99. Currently, Vitamin Shoppe has a 44 serving of Animal available for $34.99.

To Wrap Things Up

If you aren’t getting all you need to help your body grow from food (and who really is), grab some Animal Pak. With a cool container that you can reuse that is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, you will be hard pressed to find a more beneficial supplement. Thanks for checking out my Animal Pak review!