Without getting into a debate on just how well multivitamins work, there is one that is more popular than any other. This supplement is Animal Pak. I’ve wanted to do an Animal Pak review for a long time, as I’m eager to tell everyone how awesome it is.

This was one of the first supplements that I’ve ever tried and I loved every minute of it. Find out why this vitamin supplement has built up a large group of fans who can’t stop raving about how they feel while using this.

My Animal Pak Review

animal pak review

Animal Pak is a baggie of all different vitamins. Each pack contains an astronomical amount of nutrients that you need if you do any kind of weightlifting, or physical exercise. The real deal bodybuilders know that you are not going to need every single vitamin (in high enough amounts) from food that you eat.

Unless you have a crazy specific diet and are tracking percentages, chances are that you are leaving gains on the table. Why spend unnecessary time trying to calculate every vitamin you need? Why waste so much effort trying to get every vitamin that you need, when it is all in one Animal Pak serving?

The Results I Got From Using Animal Pak

While you won’t find a lot to talk about, in the way of how I felt after taking Animal Pak, there are many long-term benefits that I wanted to get into. As I said earlier, the main and most commonly spoken of benefit of this supplement is that it really boosts your immune system.

I live around a family of people that work in the medical field. Fighting off being sick was something that I always had to deal with. I was more concerned with this supplement being able to bring me some quicker muscle and hadn’t even thought about this being an immune system booster. Sure enough, after I started using it, I wouldn’t even get so much as an allergy.

As for the weightlifting side of things, I would notice that my workouts seemed easier while using this product. I always noticed that I felt more like getting things done when I would ingest one of these packs. Some have reported that they felt like they were in a better mood with the pack and I would agree with that, as well. I wasn’t the most overjoyed guy in the world but with this supplement, I did have a slightly more upbeat attitude.

Pros and Cons:


  • This is not a joke, I never got sick once while using Animal Pak.
  • I can’t imagine an essential vitamin being left out of this pack.


  • Expect a certain something to turn a different color, don’t stain the toilet seat.

My Final Word Concerning This Supplement

If you aren’t getting all you need to help your body grow from food (and who really is), grab some Animal Pak. With a cool container that you can reuse that is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, you will be hard pressed to find a more beneficial supplement. Yes, there are a lot of different capsules to take within one pack but it does get easier. Trust me, I thought that there would be no way that I could get into the habit of taking everything in that pack but just grab some water and take your time.

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