One of the most popular diets taking over much of the world is the keto diet. With that said, being on a diet doesn’t mean you have stop enjoying your favorite restaurants and fast food places.

If you’re taking part in one of the most popular diets in the world, you’re on the keto diet. Unfortunately, many people on this diet have had to rule out many of their favorite dining spots. If you love visiting the Tropical Smoothie Cafe, I’m happy to let you know about keto options at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

But how do you know what is and isn’t keto-friendly on the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu? That’s what I’m here for.

Can Tropical Smoothie Cafe Be a Part of a Keto Diet?

If you’re wondering if there are any keto-friendly options at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, I’ve got AWESOME news. Yes, there are! But, before you get too excited, you’ll need to order certain things and avoid others.

Check out the sections below to learn about how to stay on a ketogenic diet and still enjoy Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Keto-Friendly Beverages at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

strawberry smoothie

Now, here’s where I have to deliver a bit of bad news regarding keto options at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. The signature items at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, this company’s smoothies are not keto-friendly. Trust me, as someone who absolutely loves fruit and vegetable smoothies, I wish there was a keto-friendly smoothie option here, but it just ain’t so.

That’s because all of the smoothies at Tropical Smoothie Cafe contain anywhere from 43 to 131 total carbs! That’s not to say that this company is pumping every tropical smoothie full of sugars. Instead, it’s more the fact that fresh fruit is naturally full of carbs.

No matter how much Splenda you throw into these smoothies, all of them are way too high in carbs for keto diets. If you’re looking for the lowest carb smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe, you’ll want the Detox Island Green Smoothie (43 carbs per beverage). This green smoothie is worth the extra carbs if you’re having a cheat day, it’s delicious.

But there is some good news. There are a few drinks you can get at Tropical Smoothie Cafe that won’t kick you out of ketosis.

Here are the only low-carb beverages at Tropical Smoothie Cafe:

Like I said, I wish Tropical Smoothie Cafe had keto-friendly smoothies, and maybe one day it will, but it hasn’t happened yet. Until it does, the only keto-friendly beverages will be the ones you see in the bulleted list above.

Can I Order a Smoothie With No Refined Sugar?

I love a refreshing smoothie as much as anyone. While refined sugar is the problem with many foods and beverages, this one is out of the hands of Tropical Smoothie Cafe. In an effort to make its smoothies as low carb as possible, it uses Splenda as a sweetener.

But how can a Splenda smoothie still contain carbs? That’s because of the natural fruits in the smoothies that the Tropical Smoothie Cafe makes. Even though most smoothies at this cafe are sugar-free, they still contain a lot of natural sugars from fruit.

Keto Options at Tropical Smoothie Cafe

keto options at tropical smoothie cafe

If you read the earlier section, I’m sorry if I burst your bubble about the lack of beverages that are low in net carbs at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. But now we’re getting into a much more exciting section of this company’s menu for anyone on a keto diet.

Note: For anyone on a vegetarian diet, Tropical Smoothie Cafe does offer a plant-based chicken substitute for many of its menu items.


One of the most popular menu items from this company are its wraps. If you’re looking for keto-friendly wraps, I strongly recommend asking for the lettuce wrap. Instead of a carb-packed tortilla, you can have your meal wrapped in lettuce.

The healthiest (in terms of least net carbs) wraps from Tropical Smoothie Cafe are the Supergreen Caesar Chicken Wrap and the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

You can bring your net carb intake even lower on the Supergreen Caesar Chicken Wrap by asking for no tomates. Bring down the total carbs on the Buffalo Chicken Wrap by also ordering this with no tomatoes.


food and beverages

Whether you’re on a low-carb diet or keto diet, ordering a salad at most fast food places can have you thinking you’re doing everything right.

Unfortunately, many fast food salads are full of fats and carbs. But the good news is that the salads at Tropical Smoothie Cafe (for the most part) are great for those on a keto diet.

The Thai Chicken Salad is a bit high on carbs, with 39 of them in each salad. If you’re going to order this one, definitely ditch the tomatoes and dressing.

The two main keto-friendly options salad-wise will be the Beach Club salad (11 total carbs) and the Supergreen Caesar salad (9 total carbs). Again, order these without tomatoes and sugary dressings to keep your overall net carbs as low as possible.


Who doesn’t love a delicious sandwich? If you’re craving this familiar food favorite, you’ll be glad to know that your favorite cafe offers sandwiches. And there’s even a few that are somewhat keto-friendly.

First, there’s the Turkey Bacon Ranch sandwich. This sandwich has a total of 59 carbs as-is. Turn this sandwich into its low-carb version by opting for a lettuce bowl instead of sandwich bread.


It’s hard to resist a quesadilla. Personally, I find myself often tempted by the cheese chicken quesadilla at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. But, if we’re talking about keeping it keto, it’d be better to skip on the tortilla needed to make a quesadilla. Instead, wrap up your favorite fillings in a lettuce wrap!

My favorite menu items to turn into lettuce bowls are either the Thai Chicken Wrap or the Hummus Veggie Wrap.


If you want a keto-friendly side to go with your chicken bacon ranch flatbread or hummus veggie wrap, there aren’t a ton of options that will suit your needs.

After checking out the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu for hours like a maniac, the side with the least amount of carbs is the Kale and Apple Slaw. This side only has 11 carbs per serving.

If you’re practicing keto, there are many keto options at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. To stay on your keto diet, I recommend avoiding any smoothies and sticking with a lettuce bowl or wrap.