Testo Max Review: You Won’t Believe What Happened

Testo Max is a supplement that is made by Crazy Bulk. I have heard of this company a couple of times in the past, but this is actually their first supplement that I am trying.

I have to admit that I am kind of excited based on what I have heard about Testo Max. But is this supplement a great way to boost your testosterone levels? We will see if it is all hype or not. Here is my review of Testo Max, enjoy!

What is Testo Max?

This supplement is an alternative to the now banned steroid Sustanon, a popular steroid. Now, I don’t want this to scare you away. Testo Max, being a steroid alternative, is NOT illegal or dangerous to use. It is simply a safer supplement than actually using steroids.

Testo Max is a supplement meant to increase levels of testosterone. As you likely know, testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sexual performance, desire, energy, and muscle.

Unfortunately, over time, one of the main side effects of getting older is that your body’s ability to naturally produce free testosterone declines over time.

This supplement is in capsule form. Each bottle or container of Testo Max contains a total of servings, which is four capsules. You would take a single serving of Testo Max a day. This equals out to about 120 capsules per bottle.

It’s now time to find out if the ingredients in Testo Max can boost your testosterone levels.

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Key Ingredients in Testo Max

testo max ingredient label

Before we get into this review, you might want to know about how Testo Max ingredients. Let’s take a look at a the key ingredients in this supplement.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is an incredibly important vitamin. When it’s in your body it helps you perform a wide range of functions better. As you can imagine, when you lack vitamin D3, these same functions become harder for you to carry out.

Some people get all the vitamin D (and D3) they need by being out in the sun. For others, spending time outside isn’t something they want to nor have the time to do.

With more Vitamin D3 in your diet, you should notice better athletic performance and more energy. It can also help promote a more positive mood.

Vitamin B6

There’s a reason why vitamin B6 is one of the most studied and beneficial vitamins out there. This vitamin can help improve your mood, concentration, energy, and natural testosterone production.

Like many vitamins, vitamin B6 is available in many foods. The problem is, most of us aren’t eating enough of these foods to get our recommended daily intake of vitamin B6.

Vitamin K1

If you’re unfamiliar with vitamins, vitamin K1 might look unfamiliar to you. That’s alright. This vitamin is actually important to consume if you’re trying to gain muscle and boost your testosterone.

When paired with Vitamin D, which is also in Testo Max, it creates a powerful combination for the health of your bones, muscles, and immune system.


When it comes to increasing testosterone production, magnesium is an essential ingredient. Unfortunately, the majority of American adults are deficient for magnesium (meaning they’re not consuming enough of it each day).

Fortunately, Testo Max has magnesium in it. By using this supplement, you can use an ingredient that’s scientifically proven to help boost your testosterone levels.


When you’re unable to create adequate testosterone production, it can cause a lot of problems. One of the most common side effects of low testosterone is erectile dysfunction.

With that in mind, you’ll be glad to know that Testo Max contains zinc. You’ll find that zinc helps increase your body’s production of testosterone. When this happens, it can increase your libido and help you fight back against bouts of erectile dysfunction.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another key factor in what makes Testo Max works so well is that contains 2,532 mg of D-aspartic acid. It’s okay if you don’t know about this ingredient. If I didn’t run this website, I probably wouldn’t know much about it myself.

D-aspartic acid has been used for thousands of years to help men with issues resulting from low testosterone. Lack of energy, libido, you get the idea. D aspartic acid has even been the subject of several scientific studies.

Nettle Leaf Extract

If you want to naturally increase your testosterone levels, nettle leaf extract can be a major help. This is because nettle leaf binds to the SHB globulin floating inside of your body. When this happens, it’s easier for your body to produce more testosterone.

Ginseng Red Powder (Panax Ginseng)

One of the most beneficial ingredients that has been used throughout history is ginseng. With that said, there are many forms of this powerful ingredient. One of the most beneficial types of ginseng is panax ginseng.

Some throughout history go as far as calling ginseng the king of herbs for how many ailments it can help cure. Many people that use panax ginseng find that it helps increase their energy levels. With more energy, you can have better workouts that increase your muscle mass.

Fenugreek Extract

If you need help boosting your testosterone levels, you might benefit from the fenugreek extract found in each serving of Testo Max. That’s because fenugreek contains furostanolic saponins, which can provide testosterone boosting results.

Plus, fenugreek has been used for thousands of years as a natural way to treat erectile dysfunction.


Boron is an ingredient that helps your body metabolize essential ingredients like calcium and magnesium. With that in mind, one of the many Testo Max benefits is that this supplement contains boron.

One study found that boron helped a group of people achieve more lean muscle mass compared to those not using this ingredient while training. Plus, it was also found that boron significantly helped increase the participant’s testosterone levels.


It might seem odd that an ingredient made up on different kinds of pepper would help boost your testosterone levels. However, research is showing that Bioperine can be a beneficial ingredient to consume if you want to build more muscle mass.

That’s because Bioperine helps you body absorb more vitamins and minerals (like the many ones you read about being in each serving of Testo Max)!

Now that you know more about Testo Max ingredients, let’s look at my results, pros/cons, and final summary.

My Review of Testo Max– Great Results

testo max review

After doing some research on this supplement before getting it, I found that it promises to be twice as powerful as other popular testosterone boosters.

This was a pretty bold claim and I was pumped to see if was really going to be all that it promised.

I began taking this supplement as directed and, as I have noticed with almost all test boosters, results took about a week and a half to notice.

One way I noticed that this was kicking in was that I felt like I had a lot more energy.

Testo Max contains tribulus terrestris as its main ingredient (and does have a higher concentration of it than most other supplements).

I was wondering if this ingredient in higher doses would really work better than other supplements that I have tried it in, and I have to say that yes it does!

I felt like an absolute beast while I was working out and my body began to show the results of my hard work. It was easy to tell that my muscles were really growing at an awesome rate.

As a matter of fact, by the time that I had finished the first bottle, I was almost needing bigger shirts! After using this product for one month, I went from 212lbs to 230lbs. I loved how much energy and endurance it gave me, both in and out of the gym.

One thing I wanted to note as a heads up if you are thinking about getting this supplement, be sure to wash your face and back daily. As you know, when you raise your testosterone, your body will produce slightly more oil.

By doing this, you run the risks of getting some back acne or a couple more face pimples. Once I saw this happening, I made sure to shower twice daily and it went right away.

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Testo Max Reviews – What Did Other People Have to Say?

Currently, Testo Max maintains a 4.5-star rating after 30 reviews on crazybulk.com. One reviewer named Herman noted that Testo Max provided him with a lot of additional energy. He also noted that it helped him achieve more drive.

Another reviewer named Hanza noted that this person was able to increase their major lifts by 50% after using Testo Max for only a month.

Where Can I Buy Testo Max Online?


Currently, you can only find Testo Max for sale from Crazy Bulk. You can visit the official website of Crazy Bulk by going to crazybulk.com.

It is kind of inconvenient only finding this legal Sustanon alternative available on one official website. With that said, there are some major bulks associated with buying Testo Max through Crazy Bulk’s website.

  • If you buy 2 bottles of Testo Max, you get a third bottle for free.
  • Free shipping worldwide!
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • 10 free training and nutrition e-guides for the best possible results.

What Supplements Can I Stack With Testo Max?

crazy bulk bulking stack results

If you’re looking for even better safe and legal muscle growth, I’d recommend checking out the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack. This group of supplements contains Testo Max, Trenorol, D-Bal, and Decaduro.

What’s great about this stack is every supplement in it contains only natural ingredients. So, you get the powerful testosterone booster Testo Max and three other supplements that can help with muscle growth, weight loss, increasing your energy levels and having amazing workouts.

Pros and Cons of Using Testo Max


  • This supplement works very well if you need to raise your testosterone levels.
  • Boosts endurance, which raises your strength, a must-have element if you want to bulk up and gain muscle.
  • No side effects.
  • A great legal and safe alternative to Sustanon.


  • You might notice a slight increase in pimples, however, this is a sign the product is actually raising your testosterone levels.
  • Product is available only through one website, leading to out of stock issues at times.

Final Summary

Just because Testo Max is seen as a steroid alternative, don’t let that scare you away. I noticed no side effects throughout the entire month I used this product. That’s not always the case with the many types of supplements out there.

With, probably, the most potent but safe dose of tribulus terrestris, you know that you are going to be getting something that works and works well. The New Generation Fitness team really enjoyed it, too.

If you are sick and tired of all the junk they try to pass of as a testosterone booster, you will definitely want to check out Testo Max. This supplement will work well if you are looking to get stronger and bigger faster than normal.

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