SBULK Review: Is This Sustanon Alternative Any Good in 2023?

SBULK is a supplement by Brutal Force. While it’s fairly new, this pre-workout supplement is receiving lots of positive reviews around the internet.

But does this supplement work, or is it all a bunch of hype? Let’s take a closer look at this supplement in this review of SBULK.

We’ll be looking at the main features of this supplements, its ingredients, my review, where you can find SBULK and what other supplements pair well with this product.

What Are the Main Features of SBULK?

  • Easy to take capsules – no messy powder to deal with!
  • No side effects
  • Made by Brutal Force – a company with a history of releasing quality products.
  • Safe and 100% legal
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Naturally boosts your testosterone
  • Faster than normal muscle gain

sbulk review

Learn More About SBULK at Brutal Force's Website


What Are the Key Ingredients in SBULK?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients on SBULK’s label. I know some of this stuff can get complicated.

To help you out, I’ll also be mentioning why each of this supplement’s major ingredients on its label is important and the health benefits each one provides.

D-Aspartic Acid

I’m a huge fan of this ingredient. It’s found in some of the best over the counter testosterone boosters. You’ll also find d-Aspartic acid in many pre-workout supplements. Backed by numerous scientific studiesD-Aspartic Acid naturally occurs throughout your body.

With SBULK, you increase D-Aspartic Acid production. When this happens, it helps release the hormones in your body responsible for muscle growth.

You’ll find 1,764 mg of d-Aspartic acid per serving of SBULK. This dose is more than enough for you to start feeling the focus this ingredient brings to the table.

Fenugreek Extract

You can find fenugreek extract in a wide range of foods. However, the amount of fenugreek in these foods is rarely enough to help you build muscle.

Fortunately, there is 30mg of fenugreek per serving of SBULK. This serving of fenugreek extract is helpful for increasing your lean muscle tissue, making it a super important ingredient in this pre-workout supplement.

Plus, this ingredient can also help boost your testosterone levels. With increased testosterone, you should also find it easier than normal to build muscle.

Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng is a common ingredient found in many energy drinks and pre-workouts. Considering that, SBULK uses a special type of this ingredient known as Korean Red Ginseng.

Studies show that Korean Red Ginseng is helpful for raising your libido and helping with inflammation. With the help of this anti-inflammatory, you should recover from workouts faster than normal.

Vitamin D3

Another important ingredient for anyone wanting to build muscle is vitamin D3. Unfortunately, over 70% of men in their 20s aren’t getting enough of this vitamin. Without enough vitamin D in your system, it’s hard to build muscle as fast as possible.

That’s why I’m so happy that SBULK contains vitamin D3. If you’re having trouble building muscle, this is one of many ways SBULK can help you get the results you want.

Vitamin K1

Whether you’re eating a lot of food or downing a delicious protein shake, your body is getting a lot of nutrients. Unfortunately, these nutrients sometimes don’t reach the parts of your body they need to. Instead, they’re digested and passed through your body.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to bulk up or slim down, consuming vitamin K1 helps you absorb more vitamins and minerals from food and beverages.


Another powerful ingredient found in many pre-workout supplements is BioPerine. This ingredient is made of multiple kinds of pepper, many of which contain piperine.

One reason BioPerine is so popular is that it helps you boost absorption of various nutrients and minerals. When this happens, you increase the benefits obtained by consuming healthy foods and beverages.

Numerous studies also show that BioPerine can help reduce inflammation and soreness after a visit to the gym.

Boron Citrate

One way for you to gain better results from your workouts is by increasing your testosterone levels. With that in mind, many supplements that aim to help consumers achieve this goal often contain boron.

Studies find that boron supplementation can help people increase their free testosterone levels by up to 25%!

But that’s far from where the benefits of including boron in your diet end. Boron can also act as an anti-inflammatory and lower the amount of estrodiol in the body.


If you’re wanting to gain more muscle, you might have heard about the benefits of taking a magnesium supplement.

The main reason for this is that many people are often lacking in magnesium. Making matters worse, your body depletes itself of this nutrient when you’re working out.

Fortunately, magnesium supplementation can help you achieve a wide range of goals, including boosting your testosterone, helping with weight loss, and letting you get a good night’s rest.

Vitamin B6

If you look on the label of many pre-workouts, you’ll see that some of them contain vitamin B6. This ingredient is in many supplements because it’s a vitamin that not many people get enough of.

When you consume enough of this vitamin, you should notice a better overall mood and more energy. Some people also find that vitamin B6 helps them in their weight loss efforts.

I feel that the inclusion of this vitamin in the SBULK supplement was a good choice.

Nettle Leaf Extract

A customer looking for quality ingredients in their pre-workout often seek out a supplement containing nettle leaf.

This powerful leaf extract can help boost your athletic performance and increase your testosterone production. It might even help you with weight management.

SBULK contains 30mg of fat-burning nettle leaf per serving.


Zinc supplementation is also very popular for people who want to get in better shape. This ingredient can help boost your immune system and increase your athletic performance.

It’s recommended that men not exceed daily doses of zinc over 11 milligrams. Women’s daily doses of zinc shouldn’t go over 8 milligrams. Each serving of SBULK contains 7.5 milligrams of zinc.

What Are the Benefits of Using SBULK?

Before you use this supplement, it’s understandable to want to know about SBULK benefits. And, according to the company behind this testosterone boosting supplement’s website, there are quite a few beneficial reasons to use this product.

Increased Testosterone Levels

In 2020, a study wanted to compare the average testosterone levels of young adult males from 1999 to 2016. The results of this research found that most modern men naturally produce less testosterone.

Fortunately, another of this supplement’s main selling points is its ability to help with producing testosterone. SBULK naturally increases how hard your body’s testosterone producing glands work. As your natural testosterone production ramps up, you’ll experience the other benefits below.

More Strength and Lean Muscle Mass

a person flexing their muscles

When you boost testosterone levels, you should notice a few benefits. One of the best benefits is gaining more lean muscle. Of course, you won’t achieve muscle growth just by taking SBULK.

You’ll need to start a weightlifting program to experience the muscle gains that SBULK can provide. It’s also important to note that the testosterone boosting effects of SBULK result in lean muscle mass gains. These gains mean you’re gaining muscle and not fat (causing the skinny fat look).

Improved Energy Levels

a lightbulb

Another benefit many people notice after using a testosterone boosting supplement is that they have more energy. Whether you use this energy for weight lifting power or to get through a busy workday, most people will enjoy increased energy levels.

Since SBULK is a natural alternative to anabolic steroids like Sustanon, you won’t have to worry about this supplement giving you too much energy. Throughout this review (which you can check out in the next section), the increased energy felt like how I’d feel after getting a good night’s rest.

An Easier Time Burning Excess Fat

a person running

Not everyone takes part in workout sessions to gain muscle. A recent study from the CDC reported that 49.1% of adults in the United States tried to lose weight from 2013-2016.

Fortunately, another positive benefit of testosterone boosters is that they can help with fat reduction. With a naturally boosted metabolism, you burn body fat easier. Plus, you have more energy to help you out while losing excess fat through cardio like getting on a treadmill.

My Real Results With SBULK After 30 Days

First, I want to quickly apologize for how long this review took to write. But I wanted to make sure that I tried this supplement for a full 30 days before letting you know how it was.

Now that you know what SBULK contains, it’s time to find out if it this is another hit from the Brutal Force brand.

How to Take SBULK

As I took this supplement for 30 days, I would take the 3-capsule serving after waking up (since I workout in the mornings).

On workout days, I would take three capsules of SBULK about 30 minutes before working out. When there was a day that I didn’t workout, I’d take my SBULK about 30 minutes after waking up (preferably with breakfast).

SBULK is in capsule-form, which is great for someone who hates messy pre-workout powder all over my counter.

First Week

Something I noticed right away with this pre-workout type supplement was an increase in energy. This wasn’t like an overwhelming or scary kind of energy, but it was enough for me to take notice. Like a good, strong cup of coffee.

After about a week of taking SBULK, I really started to notice better weightlifting results. On my third workout, I felt noticeably stronger and was able to lift more weights without tiring out so quickly.

I have to say that the increase in overall performance was something I was quite excited about. It really felt like my fitness efforts were paying off more than usual.

Second Week

a package of the supplement SBULK

During week 2, I started to notice that my recovery times were improving. Normally, it would take me a few days to get back into the gym after a heavy workout. With SBULK, I was ready to get back into the gym the next day or two. Unreal.

Something else that separated SBULK from some other pre-workouts I tried was that this supplement’s energy was long-lasting.

Even after a long training session, I’d still have more endurance to take on the rest of the day. This was also a time when I noticed that I was consuming fewer calories throughout the week.

Weeks 3 and 4

During weeks 3 and 4, things continued getting better. I continued being able to go heavier on my bench press, squats, deadlifts, barbell curls, and a few isolation exercises.

The increase in strength and endurance that SBULK’s natural formula gave me during these weeks were extremely noticeable. This product became my new best friend during my training sessions.

Since I’m usually pressed for time, I also liked that I didn’t have to deal with any messy powders since SBULK comes in capsule form.

SBULK – My Final Impressions

If I had to give a final rating for SBULK, I would give it a 9 out of 10. The supplement is awesome and definitely helped me gain more muscle.

I also noticed that I had much more energy and a stronger libido by the end of my 30-day supply. My endurance during nearly every workout was awesome.

Plus, it was super easy to take SBULK. All you need to do is take a serving of a few capsules once per day. I even noticed that I lost a little stubborn fat after using SBULK for a month.

Where Can I Get SBULK Online (and Save Big)?

SBULK website

Right now, SBULK is only available through Brutal Force’s official website. It currently retails for $54.99.

But Brutal Force sometimes has coupon codes that let you take 20% off of your order. So, this turns a $54.99 purchase into costing only $44!

Another cool thing about ordering SBULK through the official supplier is the buy two, get one free offer.

If you buy 3 bottles of SBULK, you would normally get them for $164.97. With the buy two get one free offer, this same purchase would only cost you $109.98 (saving you $54.99)!

If you want to take your fitness and nutrition to the next level, Brutal Force does sell other workout supplements you can use the buy two get one free deal with.

Plus, you’ll be glad to know that SBULK ships free worldwide! No matter where you live, each Brutal Force customer gets free shipping.

Learn More About SBULK at Brutal Force's Website


Is SBULK Right for Me?

It’s understandable to want to know if SBULK is a supplement you might be interested in. I’d recommend SBULK if you’re someone looking for:

  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Faster muscle gains
  • Shorter recovery time in between workouts
  • Fat loss
  • More focus

Keep in mind that I’m no doctor. So, you shouldn’t take anything from me as medical advice. For official medical advice concerning supplements, schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional.

What Other Supplements Can I Stack With SBULK?

Taking SBULK’s natural formula once per day is a great way to take any workout to the next level. With that said, there are other products on the market that pair well with SBULK.


DBULK container

For a complete bulking powerhouse of products, consider stacking SBULK with DBULK. This supplement is another pre-workout that’s safe to stack with SBULK.

DBULK helps you reduce muscle soreness and recover from workouts faster than normal. With these two supplements, you won’t let sore muscles put an exercise on hold.

Like SBULK, DBULK is also in capsule-form. This means not mixing or drinking any nasty powders.


When you’re working out nitrogen retention is incredibly important. With that said, not many people know what nitrogen retention is or how to increase it.

Fortunately, DekaBulk allows your muscles to retain more nitrogen. When this happens, it allows you to retain more of the protein you consume. This helps to ensure that the healthy calories you consume don’t go to waste.

If you don’t like pre-workout powders, add DekaBulk to your supplement stack for enhanced exercise performance.



If you need a complete nutrition solution, consider adding ABULK to your supplement stack. Whether you’re training to lose fat or gain muscle, ABULK gives you the energy you need to accomplish your goals.

Plus, ABULK is also a strong natural formula. By using ABULK and SBULK, you have the complete solution to take any exercise to the next level.

As you can see, SBULK is a good supplement to check out if you want better results from your workouts. This powerful natural formula is one of the best supplements to hit the market in quite some time.