My Gat Nitraflex Review: How Well Does it Work?

Nitraflex is a pre-workout supplement that is made by GAT. One thing that I did notice at first when checking this product out before I opened it, was that this looks really professional and well put together.

In this GAT Nitraflex review, you’re going to learn what this supplement is as well as its key ingredients. I’ll also give you a personal look at how I felt about GAT Nitraflex after trying it for about a month.

What is GAT Nitraflex?

To put it basically, GAT Nitraflex is a pre-workout supplement. But wrapping up with such a quick explanation would be understating how powerful of a supplement GAT Nitraflex is.

As you probably know, there are many types of supplements out there. You can take a supplement to get more energy, lift more weight, and workout longer. Unfortunately, trying to achieve peak physical and mental performance can get quite expensive.

With that in mind, GAT created Nitraflex. This supplements combines clinically researched ingredients to help improve your strength, endurance, energy, and more.

container of GAT Nitraflex

What Ingredients Are in GAT Nitraflex?

The ingredients for this supplement are a proprietary blend, however, they are broken up into three different sections. I will simplify for you over what is on the label.

The three areas that this supplement ingredient base covers are: muscle pump, energy, and boosting your testosterone. One cool thing about this supplement over most of the others is that some of these ingredients are a bit wild.

Gat Nitraflex is much more than your standard pre-workout supplement. Instead, this product works to help boost your energy levels as well as your natural testosterone. This is great for people who are in their 30s and older who might be dealing with testosterone-related problems.

You’re not going to be seeing the same old ingredients you are probably used to by now. Sure, there are the heavy hitters (which is great) like caffeine and arginine. You might know arginine from it being available in a wide range of the best testosterone boosters.

There were also ingredients in GAT Nitraflex that I had yet to come across.

What Flavors Does This Supplement Come In?

When I review most supplements, I don’t usually have to make an entire section out of its flavors. Things changed after I looked over how many flavors of GAT Nitraflex were available.

Working on this website, I spend a lot of time researching and writing about supplements. Saying that, GAT Nitraflex might have the most flavors of any pre-workout I’ve ever seen.

It would probably take me months to try each flavor. I’ll list them below so that you can decide which ones you want to try. Here’s the current list of all available GAT Nitraflex flavors:

  • Beach Blast
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Blackberry Lemonade
  • Blood Orange
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Guava Dragonfruit
  • Lemon Tea
  • Fruit Punch
  • Black Cherry
  • Watermelon
  • Grape

Also, here’s a picture of GAT Nitraflex’s ingredient list so that you can get a closer look if you’re interested.

gat nitraflex review

My GAT Nitraflex Review: A Strong Contender

The results in the workout room, where it matters, were great. I had steady strength increases while I used this supplement. The boost in my test levels were a nice feeling that played into just how much better my workouts were.

A Major Boost in Energy and Productivity

The energy was strong but not overpowering, it also isn’t something that I would recommend for anyone who has a very low caffeine tolerance.

You are going to be looking at about 325 mg of caffeine per serving. In addition, you are going to get 1.5g of beta alanine, as well as the same amount of arginine, which I feel are great amounts per serving of this product.

I would say this is NOT a good supplement for beginners or those new to working out.

Noticeable Strength Increases

After a few weeks of using Gat Nitraflex, I was noticing regular strength increases. I also felt much more energy than normal while I was in the gym.

Overall, I’d give this supplement a solid 8.5 out of 10. If you need a new pre-workout supplement that boosts your energy, I recommend Gat Nitraflex.

Where Can I Find GAT Nitraflex?

By now, you might be wondering where you can find GAT Nitraflex. Fortunately, this supplement is quite popular. This means it should be easy to find on most major supplement retailer’s websites.

You might even be able to find GAT Nitraflex at certain supplement shops in your city.

What Can I Stack This Supplement With?

I would recommend stacking GAT Nitraflex with a quality protein powder for post-workout recovery. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a fish oil supplement to keep your joints and ligaments in good shape between workouts.

Believe me when I say that GAT Nitraflex can really push you past your old limits. With this type of intensity, it’s likely that you’re going to deal with a bit more post-workout muscle soreness.

It might also be wise to stack this supplement with a multivitamin like Animal Pak.

The Final Word of This GAT Nitraflex Review

Gat Nitraflex is an awesome choice for a powerful pre-workout supplement. If you are tired of having to take so much of something the more you use it, you won’t find any of that going on here.

This supplement is potent and I have never had to up what I was taking, which is really amazing. It mixed up really well and gave me no issues there. I had a lot of fun putting this GAT Nitraflex review together.

One thing that really makes this one a cut above the rest is the added benefits that come with using it, namely the boost in testosterone. I have tried a ton of testosterone boosters throughout my time reviewing supplements and I did notice the same effects when I used this pre-workout product.

I was, at first, skeptical that this would actually produce any noticeable signs of testosterone increases but it did. If you want a pre-workout that will also raise your testosterone (provided you are actually in need of it), this supplement is a great choice and definitely worth looking into getting if you need it.