In this review, we will be talking about the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack. As you know, a stack is another word for a group of supplements. There are four supplements in this stack and each one has unique benefits.

I have been getting a ton of requests to review this stack and I’m excited to try this out!

In this Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack review, we will cover: what each supplement does, my results with this stack, where to find it, and much, much more.

What is Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk is a company that manufactures and sells nutritional supplements throughout the world. It’s sold over 500,000 bottles of supplements to customers. This company has been in business since 2014. Something else that makes Crazy Bulk stand out is that they offer free shipping worldwide.

What Supplements Are in the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack?

crazy bulk bulking stack review

Crazy Bulk’s Bulking Stack contains four supplements. The four supplements in the Crazy Bulk Bulking stack are Testo Max, D-Bal, Trenerol, and Decaduro.

Understandably, these names don’t mean much on their own. We need to find out the answer to the question: “what makes these supplements worth trying?” Now, let’s take a closer look at each supplement in this stack.

Testo Max: A Powerful Strength Booster

testo max container

Testo Max is a testosterone boosting supplement. Many different benefits come with using good testosterone boosting supplements. It’s also important for guys who are in their 30-40s to start consider using a testosterone booster. If you weren’t aware, men naturally begin producing fewer amounts of natural testosterone as they age.

If you think I’m lying, see what happens if you were to watch a 20-year old and a 45-year old lift weights for a month straight. In most cases, the younger male (20-year old) is going to gain muscle much faster during this first month than the older male (45-year old). Why is this? Because most men in their 20s have more testosterone running through their bodies than guys in their mid-40s.

But, there’s good news for guys who are looking to get that edge back. That good news comes in the form of a high-quality testosterone booster. Now, as someone who has taken supplements for the better part of 15 years, I’ll tell you that there’s a lot of crap testosterone supplements floating around (no pun intended).

testo max benefits

However, there are a few great natural testosterone boosting supplements out there. I would include Testo Max in this list. Here’s what you can expect to happen after you start using Testo Max.

1. More Confidence: While it might not seem like, I can tell you that most guys struggle with confidence issues. I mean, if you’re trying to gain muscle, it isn’t fun to see a bunch of people walk around who are bigger than you. With Testo Max, you’re seeing better results in the gym. You’re also going to notice that this testosterone booster works wonders for improving your confidence, which can help in almost every aspect of life.

2. Less Body Fat: Another problem that many men deal with is unwanted body fat. If you’re like me, you find it almost impossible to lose the body fat around your stomach area. Otherwise known as a spare tire, this is a problem that many men are self-conscious about. If you’re wanting to lose stubborn body fat, I highly suggest trying Testo Max. The energy this supplement provides makes it incredibly easy to include a little cardio into your workout. Also, having more testosterone has been linked to weight loss.

3. Increased Strength: Another major benefit of increasing your testosterone is that it helps you increase your muscle size faster than normal. As your testosterone production increases, it helps boost your strength. This allows you to lift a heavier amount of weight, typically for longer than normal.

D-Bal: Gaining Muscle Faster

d-bal container

D-Bal is the star of this stack, increasing your strength fast. Another reason I love D-Bal even more is because Crazy Bulk recently made this supplement stronger, seven times stronger to be exact.

This supplement helps you gain muscle faster by adding more nitrogen to your muscles. D-Bal also boosts protein synthesis, which is a fancy way of saying it sends more protein from the foods you eat into your muscles.

d-bal benefits

I would say that, while using this stack, I felt D-Bal kick in very quickly. This was the supplement responsible for strength gains and I believe that. After about 1-2 weeks of using D-Bal, you should begin noticing that you’re able to lift more weight.

For me, I first started to notice D-Bal kick in when I was lifting dumbbells that were five pounds heavier than normal. The next week, I was moving dumbbells that were five pounds heavier than the past week’s record. This supplement brought on faster muscle growth than my D-Bal Max results.

Trenorol: Healing Faster Than Ever

trenorol container

Do you ever wonder how the biggest men and women in the gym stay in such great shape? You’re there every week, putting in the work and you’re nowhere near catching up to them.

One reason for their seemingly superhuman endurance is because these individuals are focusing on the power of recovery. Lifting weights and other types of exercise understandably wear your body out afterward.

During these times, it is what you do outside of the weight room that leads to real muscle growth. The problem is that most people aren’t focusing on post-workout muscle recovery, which is why they’re not seeing results.

Speaking of which, post-workout soreness typically keeps me out of the gym for a day or two. Soreness equals lost time and there is nothing worse than that. The quicker your muscles heal, the faster you can get back to the gym.

If you want to gain muscle as fast as possible, you have to recover fast. My recovery time increased greatly while using Trenorol. I also noticed a lot less post-workout muscle soreness while using this supplement. benefits of trenorol

Decaduro: Increasing My Endurance

decaduro container

Decaduro is a supplement that increases red blood cell production, increasing your endurance. As you know, endurance is a key factor in regards to getting into great shape. If you don’t have a lot of endurance, it’s going to be difficult to workout for very long.

While I don’t recommend working out for more than 60-90 minutes (advanced lifters only), it’s hard for many people to do more than 15 minutes of exercising. When you first start lifting weights and trying to bulk up, you don’t want to be sore after only ten minutes of exercising.

If you want a way to improve this problem, I recommend using Decaduro. This supplement helps to rapidly boost your endurance, meaning you’re able to lift weights for longer than normal. When you do this, it helps to skyrocket how fast you’re able to boost your muscles. After all, you wouldn’t see Jason Momoa lifting weights in the gym for five minutes and leaving, would you?

My endurance was crazy with Decaduro. For example, I was knocking out 10-12 reps of something I couldn’t have lifted more than 5-8 times the week before. If you do cardio and lift weights, Decaduro is a must.

decaduro benefits


My Crazy Bulk Review (Results After 30 Days)

As I mentioned earlier, a single Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is enough to supply with 30 days of supplements.

After a month of using this stack and working out 2-3 times per week, I was able to add:

  • 70 lbs to my deadlifts
  • 35 lbs to my bench press
  • 20 lbs to my bicep curls/tricep extensions

I kind of like to think of this supplement as a cheat code for my workouts. This bulking stack let me lift heavier weights at a faster pace, without having to wait months to get there. I was also able to even lose quite a bit of body fat in the process.

As someone who has lifted weights off and on for the past 10 years, I was amazed at how fast I really started packing on more lean muscle. I’d say give it about a week to start kicking in. Once it does, be prepared to start buying bigger shirts.

Pros and Cons of This Stack

I understand if you don’t the time to check out all of this in-depth review. If you’re in a hurry and just want the good and bad parts of this stack, I encourage you to check out this quick list below.


  • Gaining 17 pounds in a month, most of it pure muscle.
  • Having a lot more energy, especially in the gym.
  • Being able to lift heavier weights almost each week.
  • This stack is made up of capsules, making it quick and easy to take.


  • This stack is only available online, which isn’t great for those wanting to use cash to get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

I wanted to also list a part of this review to cover some questions that I received about the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack. If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

1. Where Can I Find The Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack? (and Save $50 off Retail)

This stack is available exclusively through the website of Crazy Bulk. Getting this stack is a great way to save money versus buying each supplement separately.

I’m a cheap person and love saving money so I put together a breakdown that shows you’ll save big by getting this stack.

Here’s how much each supplement in the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack costs separately:

  • Decaduro: $61.99
  • Trenorol: $61.99
  • D-Bal: $59.99
  • Testo-Max: $59.99
    Total: (when bought separately): $243.96

The Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack contains all of these supplements and only costs $179.99, saving you about $64.

Crazy Bulk also has a buy two, get one free special, great for splitting the costs among a couple of gym buddies.

2. How Do I Get the Best Results From This Stack?

To gain as much muscle as I did, while using this stack, here is what I recommend doing.

  • First, try to consume 1-1.5 grams of protein, per pound of body weight. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, you will want to consume 150-225 grams of protein per day.
  • When weightlifting, keep track of reps and weight that you lift. This bulking stack will make sure that you keep lifting heavier, bringing about quicker muscle gains. Tracking this progress will let you know how well these supplements are working together.
  • Speaking of lifting weights, I would recommend the Starting Strength routine, if you are new to lifting. If not, make sure you are doing the big compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc) These compound lifts, as they are called, are proven to work best for strictly bulking up.
  • It’s also a good idea to eat foods that work for boosting your immune system.

3. Are These Supplements Right for Me?

This stack was made for anyone who wants to bulk up. If you are new to lifting, using this stack will save you months lost to slow progress and weak results. If you already lift weights, this stack can speed up your current progress, helping you to meet your goals faster.

With that said, I only recommend this stack if you’re serious about gaining more muscle. You’ll still need to make sure you’re lifting weights, eating a lot, and consuming protein. These supplements will help increase how fast you gain muscle, but they can’t do all of the work.

4. How Do I Use This Stack?

This stack is entirely in capsule form. Let’s break it down with a closer look at my own schedule and how I would use this stack, based on the official instructions.

  • Trenorol: 3 capsules per day
  • Testo Max: 3 capsules per day
  • D-Bal: 1 capsules, 3 times a day
  • Decaduro: 1 capsule, 3 times a day

To make this as easy as possible, I would take one capsule of each supplement, in the morning, mid-afternoon, and the last serving with dinner. By doing this, it made remembering the serving directions much easier to follow. However, feel free to try something different that works best for you.

5. How Long Does One Stack Last?

Each container in the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack provides a 30-day supply of each of its four supplements. If you follow the directions above, you’ll be taking each of these supplements about three times per day.

So, one bulking stack will last you a month, give or take a few days.

Key Takeaways

Working out to start bulking up takes lots of time and hard work. To speed up this process, I would personally recommend using the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack. It isn’t the cheapest way to build muscle but it is extremely effective. Thanks for taking time to ready my Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack review, a lot of work went into to help you make an informed buying decision.