Clenbutrol Review: Great Fat Loss Supplement or All Hype?

If you’re like most people, myself included, you would love to lose fat. One reason fat is so universally hated is that it’s incredibly easy to gain and often difficult to lose weight.

Fortunately, there are certain supplements that, when combined with a training and diet regimen, can improve how fast you lose weight. One of these supplements is made by Crazy Bulk and called Clenbutrol.

This supplement promises to help with getting rid of excess fat while increasing your energy during workouts. It sounds pretty good, but does Clenbutrol actually work?

Let’s get started with my Clenbutrol review to find out if this product is for you.

What ingredients are in Clenbutrol?

clenbutrol review

The best way to find out more about how a supplement works is to see what ingredients are in it. Let’s learn more about each of the Clenbutrol ingredients and how they might help you achieve better results in the gym.

Vitamin B3

Otherwise known as niacin, this is an incredible ingredient. You might recall seeing this ingredient on product labels if you’re a big fan of energy drinks. Vitamin B3 also contains antioxidants and can help increase your energy levels.

There’s also a reason why you’ll find this vitamin in many dietary supplements – it can help you lose weight. That’s because niacin helps increase your good cholesterol levels while lowering your bad cholesterol.

Lowering your “bad” cholesterol is a key part of losing fat and gaining a lean body.

Garcinia Cambogia

There was a time, not so long ago, when you couldn’t escape advertisements for Garcinia Cambogia. Do I think that this is a wonderful, top-secret weight loss aid? Not really, but I do think that it can help you lose weight a little bit at a time. So does this study.

If this ingredient does help you lose stored fat, it might be because gatcinia cambogia reduces your appetite. In addition to shrinking your fat cells, this ingredient can help speed up your recovery (great after intense workouts).

Guarana Extract

Another popular ingredient that has been found to help promote weight loss, Guarana extract is great to have in Clenbutrol. There is still more research to be done for long-term weight loss but it can provide short-term results.

One of the most important components of burning fat is having energy to burn those calories. Fortunately, guarana extract is one of the most powerful ingredients for giving you more energy. That’s why you can find it in many energy drinks.

If you need that extra energy to complete your cutting cycle, guarana can give it to you.

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter orange extract is another great ingredient to take if you want to burn fat. Since the ban of ephedra around 2004, bitter orange extract often gets used in place of this ingredient.

This natural fat burner can help you lose more body fat and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. It’s also great for fighting mental fatigue, something many people deal with.

Key benefits of Clenbutrol

clenbutrol review

So why are people trying Clenbutrol? As it turns out, there are many reasons why this supplement is so popular. Here’s a closer look at the main Clenbutrol benefits.

Natural Ingredients

If you are thinking about trying weight loss supplements, you understandably don’t want anything with fake and illegal substances. Considering that, you’ll be glad to know that Clenbutrol contains proven ingredients that aren’t known to cause any side effects.

Instead, this legal alternative to Clenbuterol helps you achieve new muscle gain and fat loss in a safe manner.

Losing Body Fat

If you’re like most people, you want a lean and ripped body. Unfortunately, it does take time and work to achieve this goal. However, Clenbutrol is a bodybuilding supplement that could help speed up how long this takes.

One way that Clenbutrol does this is by slightly raising your internal temperature. Don’t worry – almost every weight loss supplement does this. By increasing your body temperature, this also raises your metabolic rate.

Clenbutrol is a dietary supplement that can also help increase your oxygen flow. When it’s easier for oxygen to flow throughout your body, you’re able to train longer and harder at the same time without getting as tired as you normally would.

Weight Loss Without Losing Muscle

Many people who are trying to lose weight also want to gain muscle mass. Unfortunately, losing weight and going on a calorie deficit can also cause you to lose the muscle you worked so hard to build.

But you won’t have that problem with Clenbutrol. That’s because this supplement is formulated with natural ingredients that help you retain lean muscle mass.

This means you can follow a proper diet and not worry about losing any muscle growth. That is also great for people who value their cardiovascular performance without missing out on muscle gains.

Clenbutrol Review: Does This Supplement Actually Work?


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It’s now time to check out my review of Clenbutrol. Before we get started, here’s some background about me. I’m not skinny, but not obese either. I would say I have a little better body than the “dad bod.” After taking measurements before taking Clenbutrol, I measured 19% body fat.

For the purpose of this review, I wanted to see what this supplement could do with an average diet. I tried my best to eat foods cooked at home.

I ate no fast food while using this supplement, but if you do that or not is up to you. After doing a little math, my average calories during the day are about 2,400 per day.

The First Few Days

In the first few days I tried this supplement, nothing really happened. I felt a little less hungry during the day, but that was about it. Fast forward to about a week later and things were getting much better.

More Energy and Better Workouts

I could really feel the energy from Clenbutrol kicking in throughout the day. This energy also extended to my workouts, which were getting better by the week. It soon became much easier to curb those cravings for bulking snacks throughout the night (I’m a late-night eater).

What Did I Think of Clenbutrol Overall?

After a month of using Clenbutrol, I’m genuinely happy with my results. When I started using this supplement, as mentioned earlier, I measured 19% body fat. Fortunately, this went down to an impressive 16.2% after a month of using this supplement. To some, that might not be very impressive. But I was thrilled.

Where Do I Buy Clenbutrol?

Right now, you can only find and buy Clenbutrol online. You can find it by going to Crazy Bulk’s website, they’re the makers of this supplement.

Ordering online only isn’t the most convenient option for some people. Fortunately, Crazy Bulk provides you with free shipping worldwide on anything you order.

Best of all? Crazy Bulk typically has flash sales. Saving money and getting free shipping at the same time? I’ll take it!

What Supplements Can You Stack With Clenbutrol?

If you enjoy the health benefits that Clenbutrol provides, you’ll be glad to know you can stack or take other supplements with this product. Here’s more information about what you can take with Clenbutrol for even better results.


winsol bottle

Something that many people deal with during their weight loss journey is water retention. We all retain water. However, some people will retain more water than others.

If you want something that helps with water retention, check out Winsol. This legal steroid is an alternative to Winstrol. Winsol also works well for burning off fat stored throughout the body, especially the stubborn kind.


Anvarol is a popular legal steroid verison of Anavar. Something that Anavar is primarily known for is boosting your energy and strength.

Even though you might be wanting to primarily burn fat, gaining lean muscle mass can help you lose weight even faster!

Plus, this product is versatile. While it burns fat, you might also consider using the energy this dietary supplement provides you during your next bulking cycle.



If you enjoyed the way Clenbutrol works, you might also like Trenorol. This product helps you retain more nitrogen than normal, which is a major benefit while you’re working out.

It also helps increase blood flow to your muscles and certain internal organs, giving you more than enough endurance to build lots of muscle mass.

Should you cycle Clenbutrol?

Certain muscle mass supplements you can take everyday. Others need to be cycled. When it comes to Clenbutrol, you should be cycling this supplement.

Cycling a supplement means taking it for a certain period of time and then not taking for another period of time.

For example, some supplements are cycled by taking them for two months in a row and then waiting for two more weeks before using it again.

With Clenbutrol, you can use this supplement for up to two months at a time. After that, stop taking Clenbutrol for at least one and a half weeks.

The Final Word

If you’re wanting to lose weight and having a tough time, consider trying Clenbutrol. This supplement is all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about side effects. It’s meant to replicate Clenbuterol, a steroid used for fat loss. Fortunately, this supplement DOES NOT contain any illegal steroids. Instead, it comes from plant steroids and other natural and legal ingredients.