BSN Cellmass 2.0 Review – Is This Supplement Good or Bad?

Before I get too carried away, there is a version two of this supplement. That version will be the one that I am reviewing. Made by BSN, this product is made for the post-workout time frame. By reading this, you are already being more prepared than most are. There are a lot of different post workout products out there, let’s see where Cellmass lands, when compared to the others. Loaded with creatine and glutamine, this supplement looks like it has been made very well. Let’s now check out what results I had, to see just how well this supplement really works.

When you put yourself through the stress that we go through, you have got to make recovery an option. Trust me, you will be so happier and enjoy easier gains, if you take a little time to cover repairs from all of that weight you have been moving.


My Review of BSN Cellmass 2.0

bsn cellmass 2.0 reviewI wish that I had used Cellmass earlier than I did, it really cuts down on recovery time. Normally, I am sore for at least two days after an intense workout. I will rarely have workouts where I am not sore afterwards, to some extent. By simply taking the Cellmass, it did cut down recovery time by quite a bit. It was nice to be able to lift like crazy and then go to work the next morning feeling great!

At the office, we have to take three flights of stairs before we get to our building. If you are someone who works in an office with a lot of stairs, you have a hatred for leg day. The pain of having already sore leg muscles and combining that with stairs is a pain that only a select few bodybuilders know about. It becomes a test of endurance just to get up the next step, it gets tougher when you realize you have to clear multiple levels of stairs, ouch!

You will need to take this supplement twice a day, for the best results. I wasn’t super strict with the directions, sometimes I would only use this once a day. When this would happen, it would usually because I would just forget.


  • Good price per serving!
  • Tons of different flavors to keep you happy.


  • Product does not contain caffeine but it isn’t really needed here.

My Final Word Concerning This Supplement

For most, you might have missed out on this one. This is shameful because those who haven’t tried it are missing out on a supplement that bring you increased muscle mass. There is no caffeine in this supplement, that would what you would typically find in a pre-workout, which is a bit different.

Whether you want a stronger chest or something else, BSN Cellmass can help you out with this.

Overall, there are five flavors to choose from, in a supplement that is filled to the brim with all sorts of beneficial ingredients. BSN has been a company that always stands out in the supplement stores with their lovely signature red containers. Those bottles look really cool setup in an official supplement stash, I have a few.

I have actually had the chance to speak with a couple of reps from this company. To their credit, they are usually the most knowledgeable and nicest in the entire industry. When you are in an industry that is full of the more conceited types, BSN remains pure class.