Alpha Peak Review: Is This a Good or Bad Supplement?

There is a product out now that will claim to help to raise your testosterone, and it is called Alpha Peak. Before I find out if those claims are true or not, let’s take a quick look at this supplement with some more information about it. Alpha Peak was created by a company called Ripped Labs.

In the age that we live in, when I take something now, I want to know if there is anything about that makes it safer than what else is out there. Fortunately, Alpha Peak does contain ingredients that are approved by the FDA, Tribulus Terrestris. I have been a longtime fan of just how legit this ingredient is, in a world with some other supplements being made with who knows what!

A Brief Overview of Alpha Peak

alpha peak review

This supplement will help to boost your testosterone, which is something that you have got to be doing, if you are serious about getting your optimal physique to happen. There is no rule saying that you have to use anything, but a testosterone booster can pack on the muscle in a very quick way. I want to talk about my results, give you a pros and cons for Alpha Peak, and tell you where to get it.

My Results Taking This Product

From the get go, Alpha Peak came out of the starting line and was ready to rock! This one kicked into my system at about the six day point and didn’t let up from there! Throughout my time trying this supplement, I was lifting more than normal, about 20-45 lbs on the major lifts. I felt like I had more energy than normal, I thought that it might have been all in my head, but other people made comments that seemed to agree with what I was thinking. I didn’t notice any changes in my mood that were for the worse.

With testosterone boosters, you have to watch out for any kind of adverse reactions. From acne to being a cranky jerk, I noticed none of those side effects while using Alpha Peak, that’s a big time plus! I remember other times where I would use something to increase my testosterone, only to find that I would get so mad, for no reason, that I had to stop taking them.

If you want more information about how this supplement worked for other people, head to their official website, where they have the full studies that were done with Alpha Peak. Some of the information was even a little too over my head, but I was able to find out some interesting things. For one, Alpha Peak did actually build muscle and decrease fat in this clinical study and that was enough for me!

Pros and Cons of Alpha Peak:


  • No mood swings that are common with testosterone supplements.
  • Ability to put up bigger numbers to aid in muscle gain.
  • Having my test levels raised without having to inject anything.


  • I didn’t lose as much fat as I thought, but the muscle gain made up for it!

My Final Word on This Supplement

Having to go through the pain of trying to find the right testosterone booster can be a tough task. If you want a recommendation on one to make a contender, Alpha Peak would be a smart pick.

As you know, testosterone is something that men lose over time. Don’t let aging take away the feeling of being what you want to be, take the power back into your hands and be an alpha again!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this Alpha Peak review.