Glycomyx Review – Good or Bad Results?

My Glycomyx Review – A Good Carbohydrate Substitute?

glycomyx review

Glycomyx is a supplement that is said to be a glycemically advanced carbohydrate product, if that sounds a bit over your head, it does to mine to. What I want to do is to help break down this supplement and what it does to paint a clearer picture for you. This product is, essentially, a type of carbohydrate replacement powder that is a better choice than most carbs from food. The way I would look at this supplement would be if you are needing carbs but you don’t want to get them with the bad stuff attached to it.

My Results with using Glycomyx

Right away, I have to say that I love the color of this product. It is such a cool purple color and it looks really cool when you drink it. Now, being that I am more used to supplements of the flavor variety, this one shocked me for a second. I, like a fool, did not really read into if this product should be mixed with anything else for taste. This is why when first drinking it, you really do get a potato taste. It can be shocking to someone who isn’t prepared for this, so that is just a heads up. This product when used, even with one scoop, gets thick pretty quickly so be prepared for a thicker consistency. Be smarter than I was the first time around with Glycomyx and add some fruit or something for flavor.

This product worked really well for me while I was working out. This is good for people who would rather have a natural increase in their energy levels versus the rush of caffeine and whatever else is in a different kind of supplement you take before a workout. You should really be able to notice that you will have more energy than normal when hitting the gym. This would be an ideal solution to someone that can not use supplements that contain any kind of stimulant. As for the carbohydrate sources for this product we have purple sweet potatoes (hence the cool color) and whole oat powder for the fiber. It really doesn’t get much more natural than that, there is something comforting about looking at a label that has such a short and concise list of ingredients in it.

The Good and Bad For This Supplement:

The Good:
-A must have for anyone who wants a stimulant free preworkout.
-This product will help to aid in quicker recovery.

The Bad:
-The product is made from potatoes and it tastes like it, mix with something to get rid of the taste.

The Final Grade on Glycomyx

This one is a stand out if you are needing more carbs and don’t want all of the junk that could come with it, based on your food options. Ideal for anyone who is watching their nutrient intake, this powder is about as natural as you can get. You might want to bust out the shaker cup for this one, but once it is ready, it will really help to give you better results. Yes, the taste was not what I was prepared for but I had not tried a carb product like this one. I do want to make a quick note that I mixed this with some milk, protein powder, and blueberries for an awesome shake!

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