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Welcome to the new home of New Generation Fitness. This website is all about community, to be more specific, the fitness community. We are all people that are working hard to get what we want and that is a very admirable quality to have. Because you are committed to the fitness lifestyle, you will fit right in here. This website is made all with our valued reader in mind. As a matter of fact, we are all about being social and the presence of how important something being social is, we welcome this style to our website.

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We know that without our loyal readers, we are truly nothing. Because of this, this website will be one where the readers help to mold this website. Think we are doing too many reviews? Tell us! Don’t like the rating we gave something, please let us know! Be sure to also check out our social pages. We love having new members to our little group and would love to see you there. No matter which social platform you prefer, drop on by and say hi. You will be able to have some great chats with our ever-growing community of fitness enthusiasts and not the annoying kind.

This website is all about the new generation, this is not to say that anyone should ever feel left out here. We, at New Generation Fitness, are a group of twenty somethings. We know that as a new generation, we have a lot to prove to the world. As we all begin to grow up, we have to be making smarter decisions. Luckily, with all of the cool stuff out there in the supplement world, we can do this easier. As a group of people in our late twenties, we know that life is probably throwing a lot at you right now. Finding the time to even workout is much harder than now, most likely, than it was when you were younger. Without all of the money to just blow like you used to have, we can bet you probably have quite a few bills now and your supplement budget might be smaller than it used to be. We have all been there and for that reason we will always try to find the best bang for your buck.

However, there are so many different thing being pumped out onto the market, that finding that right supplement can also be a lot harder than it used to be. As a new generation approaches, there are all kinds of changes being made to the supplements we take and the workout equipment we use. One big thing that happened recently, was the fact that many supplements were being taken off the shelves due to containing dangerous ingredients. This is just one of many new stories that have really rocked the fitness world and presented the supplement world in a very different light. As this recent backlash occurred, we are seeing a trend of supplement companies going the more natural way. Does this mean that this new generation of supplements being made will be better than we used to have? Only time will tell, I have tried a few of these and will be trying a ton more for review purposes.

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As a matter of fact, it seems that almost every single time you turn around, there is a new supplement being introduced while another group of supplements is being pushed off the shelves. That really isn’t the most comforting previously discussed fact ever but it is important to think about. In a world like that, where product is constantly rotating, it is hard to find a staple, let alone a supplement that you really like using.

As a matter of fact, I did a little experiment to see just how much the fitness industry has changed. I took a look at my personal supplement shelf to see how many products were still around. Out of the 25 pre-workout powders I had, only 13 of them were still being made. The crazy part is that not many of those supplements are more than a couple years old! Could you imagine if every industry was like this? It would be insane. With all of the supplement shelves changing out nearly every month, you need a place to go to filter through all of the lies and deceit going on in the fitness and workout world. There are just way too many supplements out there for one person to keep up with. Honestly, it is quite a task for even a team of people like us to tackle but that is our mission for our readers and we will always follow through with that very goal in mind.

Nevertheless, these are the times that we are in and we will do our best here at New Generation Fitness to keep track of all the changes going on around us in the supplement world. From there, we will do our best to point you in the right direction. We know that you are busy and having a million choices is not always a good thing. Sometimes you want things to be more simple and maybe sometimes you want a helping hand when choosing from the hundreds of supplements out there, this is the purpose of this website. We here at New Generation Fitness, want to load this website up with as much information as we can, in a timely manner. As we continue to grow, we want our readers to grow right there with us and learn as we learn!

As for the history of this website, it was the brainchild of a two men who wanted to give a fresh perspective to the fitness world. They knew that being twenty-somethings, they might have difficulty getting their message across, but knew that it was worth a try at least. As we began to grow and welcome new members to our website crew to get this all off the ground, we knew that we could reach a new generation. Something that most people want, is someone who knows their struggles to be their voice or to help them.

In college and bodybuilding on a tiny budget? We have been there and actually have a great post planned about that. Just getting out into the real world and coming up with a grocery list that can git your budget from that first full time job? Congrats on making out this far into the real world and yes we have been there too. We are all still deciding what we really want to be when we grow up! As much as this website is about fitness, it is all done with an emphasis on people of our age group. We know what you are loving about life right now as well as what you are struggling with!

We know that it can be hard to relate to a bunch of people older than you, telling you how to workout. That is kind of stuff that you have probably had to deal with your whole life. We want to be a little less preachy and a little more laid back. However, the truth is still the truth and we will always be there to tell you when our bull detector goes off. When a product or supplement is flat out bad, you will be the first to know from us. If there is some new supplement news story that we think is a big joke, we will definitely tell you.

We know that making your own decision is one of the most important freedoms that you now have. We welcome and respect that very freedom, we just want to be there to help offer you information only from what we have found. Also, every supplement that is reviewed on this website will offer in-depth information, not just some silly little tidbit that comes off as phony. If we review any kind of fitness equipment, we will cover every little item. As a matter of fact, the initial reviews that we came up with, were called a little too over-informational by some peers. However, that is where our freedoms come in, we would rather people visit this website and be overloaded by information than underwhelmed by misinformation!

Again, we know our readers are our bread and butter, so if you would like to contact us, I wanted to be sure and leave a link right here (insert link) to our contact page, to make things a little bit easier. Thank you for visiting this website and I hope that you continue to come back time after time. We here at New Generation Fitness will always be working hard to provide you with the best experience possible. Whether it be a review, some new advancements in the fitness technology, or a silly list about what songs we workout to, we always want to give you something to help pass the day a little bit easier.

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