My Easy Bulking Methods for Those Having Difficulties

What’s up, it’s Paul here again! As odd as it might sound, I hear that some of you are having a hard time with bulking up. Although, never as tough as cutting time, trying to gain additional weight can be tough. I think that we feel it to be so difficult is because we all read the same old tired advice. I want to be sure that I catch you up on what has been working for me, as I am trying to tip the scale. I know that the old bulking methods I read about have not always been the best, so I wanted to add my own spin on how you can effectively bulk up. The first thing you have to realize is that, even though you have more freedom of what you eat on a bulk, you won’t see gained weight right away. Most people go into bulking up and just start eating like madmen, thinking they will bulk up quicker. It’s hard to understand but your body has got to have gradual increases in what you eat, over an extended period of time.

If you stuff your face with every food in sight, most of it will end up passing through. Think of your stomach as a place where paperwork is printed out. If you give the printer one piece of paper at a time, everything should come out fine. However, if you try and jam ten different pieces of paper, it isn’t going to get your documents out any faster. Actually, you will only end up jamming the paper and causing mass confusion. Now that you know, how to eat your food, only letting it grow gradually over time, we need to tell you what you should eat. Another mistake that I see those new to bulking make, is not stepping up what they eat enough. Yes, there is a fine line if you want to get the most effective gains that you can on a bulk. If you start eating more and then keep it at that level, you won’t be gaining that much weight. As you see, when you workout (and you should be working out during a bulk), you burn more calories during that activity than you would through a normal day. With more calories lost, you have to eat even more to replace that deficit.

During a cutting cycle, it is all about eating low calorie meals, while still working out. Bulking is an easier overall diet to keep track of but it doesn’t mean that you should be taking it any less seriously. You are going to end laughing as you read the rest of this sentence but here is my best bulking advice: eat what you like and eat a lot of it. So many get obsessed with what the so-called experts have to say about their meal choices, that you stop thinking about your own personal favorite foods. Provided that you have more than one favorite food, stick with what you like to eat to gain weight the best way, your way. Make a small list of five staple foods or drinks that, if there were no rules on what you consumed, you would like to have everyday. Congratulations, you have just got your essential foods out of the way. Word to the wise, if there isn’t anything on that list that is high-protein, you might want to make a couple of replacements. With your meats that you should be eating, unless your beliefs do not allow for it, should be ones you won’t get sick of eating a couple of times a week. I remember that before my first bulk, I used to enjoy tuna, after eating it everyday, I got burned out it quickly. If you want to avoid my previous error, mix up meals so that you aren’t eating the same food seven days out of the week.

Lastly, dairy products are your friend. Milk and ice cream are two easy foods to consume that are high in calories, fats, and protein. If you don’t believe that ice cream is good for bulking, just go look at how many Hollywood actors use this cheat food to gain weight for movie roles.