Great Bodybuilding Movies to Keep You Pumped!

I wanted to veer to a little something different today. You have gotten a fairly good idea of what you can use while being fit to help you, what about before you even set out to exercise? If you are looking for something to really get you pumped up, I put together a little list of some movies that you can check out. If you are even able to check out one of these and have the best lifting session of your life, you can thank me at another time!

  • Pumping Iron – The king of bodybuilding movies, as far as I am concerned. Here you have Arnold in his prime, competing to win the coveted Mr. Olympia. Along with him, you are going to see a bevy of bodybuilders from the heyday, including a younger Lou Ferrigno looking to capture Arnold’s title. If you are able to watch it, notice how Ferrigno was so much more than that the appearances he had on King of Queens. You are going to be seeing the Lou that would go on to become the Incredible Hulk in that awesome TV show. You will really see a glimpse of how the whole bodybuilding scene was in the 70s. Best of all, this is Arnold before those big movie roles came calling. Getting a chance to see these legends at their peak is astounding. It is also to great to see some behind the scenes of what goes on during the biggest bodybuilding competition out there.
  • Generation Iron – This movie is actually the updated sequel to Pumping Iron, with bodybuilders of today’s generation. Phil Heath, who has become one of the sports biggest stars, is featured in this film, along with other current greats. I know that this is on Netflix (or at least it was the last time I checked) and is a great way to compare the current state of weightlifting to the one seen in the 70s.This one didn’t get the large amount of praise that I expected, I loved it. However, it is tough to find a lot of people that have seen it, which is a shame.
  • Any Rocky Film – Now, this does not have to do with weightlifting as its main point of the film, but there are still a ton of great scenes in this collection to get you pumped up. If I had to narrow it down to just one film in this list, it would have to be Rocky 2. To avoid giving any spoilers away, I can’t say why this is my pick but by the time it ends, you should know why. Known for its working out montages, if you don’t feel like conquering your workout after seeing of these movies, I don’t know what will! These films center on an underdog taking on the world, pretty much. It sends a great message, though, of how much you can really accomplish when you put your mind to it. Also, there are some great appearances from pop culture icons of the 80s-90s throughout this series. Even though people knock the fifth installment, I still found myself hooked while watching them, and isn’t that the point of a good film?
  • This video of Ronnie Coleman – One of the best videos that I have seen, the way that this guy approaches lifting is amazing. Not only does it always put a smile on my face, it gets me pumped up to go to the gym.