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Testo Max Review – Strong and Consistent Testosterone Booster

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Final Rating for Testo Max: 4/5 stars

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A Brief Overview of Testo Max

Testo Max is a testosterone booster supplement made by Crazy Bulk. Testosterone boosters are great, as long as you are someone who actually needs to use it. Most of the time, testosterone supplements will be needed for men over the age of 30. However, many find that testosterone boosters help to give them increased energy, improvements in strength, and more overall muscle mass.

The problem with most testosterone boosters is that they are largely ineffective. Heavy-duty testosterone is often administered through injections. Creating a supplement, in capsule form, that can match the strength of actual testosterone is tough. However, Testo Max looks to be a promising testosterone boosting supplement. Let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients in Testo Max.

List of Ingredients in This Supplement

There have been many studies perform on what ingredients are safe to take regularly yet can effectively boost testosterone. One ingredient often mentioned in those studies is, D-Aspartic acid, found within Testo Max. This ingredient has been shown to raise both testosterone and growth hormone levels naturally. An increase in these levels is a surefire way to increase muscle growth when combined with a weightlifting routine.

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that has been shown to increase the natural production of testosterone. What you will notice with many of these ingredients is that they are from natural and safer sources that are well-researched not made in a sketchy warehouse.

Fenugreek might be an ingredient you have heard of before, as it is widely used for a variety of ailments. In Testo Max, fenugreek is used for its benefits of increased male growth hormone production and a decrease in cholesterol levels.

My Results with Testo Max

I purchased one container of Testo Max to try it out. Before I get started with my results, I wanted to mention what you might notice with testosterone boosters. These kinds of supplements are for serious muscle building. However, increased testosterone can have different effects on everyone.

You might experience a slight change in mood, at times, when using a testosterone booster. However, this mood change can really pay off when it is time to hit the weight room. Pairing a testosterone booster with St. Johns Wort, a natural mood boosting supplement, can take care of any slight mood changes whiles using Testo Max.

In addition, be sure that you are regularly washing your face and arms when using a testosterone supplement. Increased testosterone can cause your skin to produce slightly more oil than normal. If you leave your skin unwashed, this increase in skin oil could lead to a few new pimples. However, regular showers and face washes will prevent most pimples from popping up.

Testosterone boosters will typically take about 1-2 weeks to fully start working in the body. Therefore, the first week that I used Testo Max, I didn’t really notice any changes. Honestly, I was starting to get worried, until I reached day 10. I was going to have a chest and bicep workout on this day and took my Testo Max thirty minutes before my workout, just like I had been doing. No joke, my bench press skyrocketed from 240 to 255lbs in one gym trip.

I figured that this increase in strength was just a lucky attempt so I moved onto my barbell rows. Sure enough, I was able to do rows with 175lbs when I normally could max out at about 160lbs. I also noticed that I felt like I had a sudden increase in endurance while working out on day 10.

Throughout the second and third weeks was where I saw a steady increase in strength and energy occur. Best of all, I had yet to experience any changes in mood. Overall, I ended my month of taking Testo Max with the following notable results:

  • 42.5 lb increase in bench press
  • 20 lb increase in barbell curls
  • 45 lb increase in squats
  • 60 lb increase in deadlifts

Where Can I Find This Supplement (and Save $25 Off Retail)?

Testo Max is only available through the official Crazy Bulk website which you can visit by clicking here. However, this website does offer free shipping so I’m not complaining.

Bonus Savings Tip:

Crazy Bulk has a site-wide special where you can buy any two supplements and get a third one free.

The Good and The Bad of Testo Max:

The Good:

  • This supplement is backed by scientifically proven ingredients for effective increases in testosterone.
  • Capsule form, easy to digest
  • Made in an FDA approved facility
  • Crazy increases in strength at around week 2

The Bad:

  • Product is only available online, making it difficult for cash consumers.

The Final Grade for Testo Max

Testo Max is an awesome testosterone booster. Oftentimes, testosterone boosters that can be bought without a doctor’s approval can be weak. I’ve had many bad experiences with ineffective testosterone boosters. I was almost convinced going into this review that I would be duped again. However, I am happy to say that Testo Max is an awesome supplement that can help weightlifters and those with low testosterone.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Testo Max

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