Musclepharm Releases Cool New Combat Flavors

Hello, I had to give you all a recent update about an awesome sale and new flavor choice, if you enjoy the Combat protein powder. Created by Musclepharm, whom I am sure we both know, this is a protein powder supplement. Primarily, you will want to make use of protein powder, to help you supplement your diet goals. Protein is one of the most versatile components of any really good meal plan. Whether it be for bulking up and adding muscle, or for the calorie watchers who are wanting to not gain large amounts of fat. What helps to set Combat ahead of the rest of the protein pack, is how it digests within your system. Whereas some proteins will be harder to digest, crucially leaving open that post-workout window, Combat powder acts quickly to travel where it needs to go.

What I Am So Excited About this New Flavor

The problem that I would run into, with most protein supplements would be the addition of too many fillers. Sodium is one of the top culprits, too much of it in your protein will cause you to retain more water. If you are holding onto extra water, caused by the excess of sodium, you will appear more bloated. I would say that I feel more comfortable using Combat because it is entirely free from banned substances.

The complete removal of any ingredients that are banned, ensures that you aren’t going to get yourself in trouble with failing any tests for sports. One scoop of this powder is a 31 gram serving, only has two carbs, which is far ahead of most of the other products in the world. You can easily see that Musclepharm took special care to keep the concerns of the people in mind, when formulating Combat. The main thing that I wanted to specially mention was that the new flavor that Combat has been released in is a cappuccino flavor, something I have been wanting for a very long time. I think that the shelves are flooded with every single variation of vanilla and chocolate, known to man.

Big time props are in order for Musclepharm for creating a flavor that has been years in the making, as far as the voices of the people are concerned. I could see myself mixing this up with some real coffee, could you imagine the caffeine boost, along with keeping those muscles nice and full? Also, this will vastly put my blender to hard work, as I am thinking of all kinds of protein shake possibilities.

My Final Thoughts on Combat Powder

I often speak to the positives of the protein shake, if you take five minutes to prepare it, you will have a great tasting and nutritious way to meet your nutritional requirements. There are two different sizes that you can use for the Combat powder, at least, that is what I have found at every supplement shop I have checked out. Choosing from either the two pound or five pound option, you can rest assured that you will have enough protein to get through a good stretch of time. Lastly, there aren’t any kinds of fake dyes or coloring used within Combat. I know that I will be stocking up on some Combat powder and definitely will be creating some different shake variations. If I come up with anything that tastes as amazing as I am hoping for, I will throw up some recipes for you all to try!