White Rapids Review: A Wave of Energy

White Flood was one of the first pre workout supplements that I have tried. I remember laughing hard as I watched my girlfriend, who was into lifting take some of this. What made me laugh wasn’t how she took this supplement, it was her drive afterwards! I have never seen someone get such tunnel vision and to see the beast brought out in her was amazing. I would honestly think that this one preworkout was what got her really committed to a fit life. Recently, there has been something called White Rapids made by Controlled Labs. I didn’t have to think too hard to realize that is some sort of updated White Flood and I couldn’t be more excited to see how it does for me.

white rapids review

My Results with using White Rapids

You know that Controlled Labs has never been a company to skirt around what is in their supplements. In an industry where everyone wants to be so secretive, this particular company lays everything bare. With White Rapids, they have included some items in this supplement that you can’t get in any other of its kind. I think that this is a big step up and shows why this supplement maker has been one of the bigger names around. Offering no filler-type ingredients or any coloring, this will be a big plus for people who have bad reactions to artificial coloring. Before you go thinking that this is something that doesn’t really affect anyone, it does with me. I have had an issue with artificial red food coloring for almost my entire life. I have no idea why this is but anytime that I eat something that has red food coloring, I throw up. I know that this is probably not what you wanted to know about me, I apologize if you were trying to eat while reading this review.

You will find all of the usual components for energy and getting stronger in this product. What does stand out are the aforementioned exclusive ingredients to White Rapids. Namely HydroMax, which has had people raving about it for a while now. You won’t want to use this before bed, as its caffeine content could leave some having restless nights. Your best steps with this supplement is to use it during the daytime, or whichever time you are awake (if you work nights). Within about twenty minutes, I would start to feel this supplement giving me more energy. I would liken the energy to one that was more stim-based, as opposed to being a weaker energy.

The Good and Bad for This Supplement:

The Good:

  • No artificial coloring in this supplement.
  • Has exclusive ingredients, only used in White Rapids

The Bad:

  • Lack of creatine may be off-putting for some.

The Final Grade on White Rapids

White Flood has come and gone, I have heard rumors that there could be a new version in the works but I am not sure. During this time, White Rapids has been made to be a successor. I believe that rapids does well in its new job of being a pre workout that Controlled Labs should be proud of. I really like the move that they made to make this one uncolored. While using this product, I won’t have to worry about staining any of my favorite white cups, like an unmentioned supplement did! It’s time to brave the rapids, with the new preworkout from a company that has made another awesome supplement!