Methyl Synephrine Review: Losing Fat Yet?

Most often known, as a safer way to induce weight loss, there still isn’t a ton of evidence to really back up that claim. Although, it cannot be denied that it is less harsh on the body than ephedra, not every is so sure that methyl-synephrine is the weight loss wonder that some claim it to be. I will let you know, from my standpoint, how well this supplement worked at helping me to keep off the pounds.

review of methyl synephrineMy Results with using Methyl Synephrine

I began to use this supplement, per the official directions, which was to start out by taking one half of a tablet, in order to asses tolerance. I guess that I must have a pretty good tolerance to supplement by now, because I wasn’t feeling much of any difference. After that uneventful first day, I upped it to one tablet which was taken first thing in the morning. You may also take an additional tablet in the afternoon, if you feel like doing so. For all of my fellow night owls out there whose schedules don’t adhere to normal times, think of it as taking a tablet whenever it is that you wake up, followed by one 8-10 hours later, if you feel that you need it.

I have to say that my results weren’t anything outstanding. I think that while methyl synephrine did help me out a couple of times by controlling my hunger, I have found other supplements to be better at losing weight. Even though there is a fancy picture of what looks to be some sort of scientific equation on the bottle, I just wasn’t that impressed. Perhaps I am one of the few that this ingredient is just not effective on, I am not sure. I have seen many different discussions that saw that this ingredient, which is the topic of this review, is a great supplement to use if you want to stay looking trim.

Throughout using the entire bottle, I did keep my diet in check, to be sure that nothing would be skewed. I always strive to provide my readers with the finest information and accurate review that I can. It troubles me to not be able to have that much success with a supplement but it does happen. Don’t let that discourage you from trying methyl synephrine though, sometimes it is best to do your own research. You could end up having some great weight loss with this supplement, use my words as advice and feel free to disagree with what I have to say, I encourage it. I feel that the only way that we can all learn about something, can sometimes be to try it and form your own viewpoint on a topic.

The Good and Bad for This Supplement:

The Good:

  • This product did help to reduce my cravings, at times.

The Bad:

  • Results that were there, but nothing to write home about.

The Final Grade on Methyl Synephrine

I suppose that if you were needing to only lose a slight amount of weight and had no deadline in which to do it, you might have better results with methyl synephrine than I did. Some are calling it the next best weight loss ingredient but I don’t know if I am that sold on it yet. Perhaps I will try this supplement from another company in the future, although I expect that I will be having the same results. From what I found, I don’t believe that this exact supplement is available anymore.