Muscle Gauge Nutrition Protein Review: Best Present Ever

Have you ever had a protein powder that you love so much that you asked for it as a birthday gift? I can’t imagine too many of you are probably that crazy, like I am, but that’s what I did for one of my birthdays. I haven’t seen it widely available recently but there was a time where this would be the only protein powder that I would use. From Muscle Gauge Nutrition, this protein supplement was one of the best around. What made it so enticing was the price point for the supplement, which was low.

muscle gauge protein reviewMy Results with using Muscle Gauge’s Protein Supplements

Most protein powders, nowadays, are fairly inexpensive but the one from Muscle Gauge Nutrition took the cake. First off, it wasn’t usually sold in the big plastic containers that we are all so used to seeing, rather it was sold in large plastic bags. The bags were black in color and looked really great, although trying to stand them up to store was a whole other story. The protein didn’t mix the best, but for what I paid for it, I was not going to raise a stink over that. The vanilla taste of this protein is not to be missed. So many times, you will have a protein that does not taste anything like the flavor that it is supposed to. Being a vanilla flavor that I tried for this review, I’m pleased to say that it met and exceeded my expectations. A vanilla flavor goes great with a glass of milk.

I did not try this supplement with water, so I can’t attest to how well it tastes using that method. However, the taste of this supplement was similar to the vanilla Nesquik powder that used to exist. As far as the protein content itself, it was upwards of 20 grams of protein, per single scoop. Even though these products are released in bags, there still was a scooper within the bag itself, always a plus! I’ve said this before but I still want to reiterate my point, protein supplements are a bit harder to review than others. For example, there are certain factors that you can’t rate protein on, that you can with other supplements.

The Good and Bad for This Supplement:

The Good:

  • Protein powder that will bulk you up, while leaving your wallet full!
  • Not just limited to vanilla, Muscle Gauge has many different flavors of protein to choose from.

The Bad:

  • Good luck trying to get those bags to stand upright!

The Final Grade

I’m sure that you can do the math and see that if you use this product, you will be getting higher amounts of protein in your body, which is great. If you are on a tight budget (and aren’t we all), pick up a bag of Muscle Gauge Nutrition’s protein powder. I also noticed that I didn’t have any digestive issues with this protein, which is something I can’t say for all of the powders out there right now. Certain protein supplements can give you stomach issues, I should know from experience. However, the Muscle Gauge protein went down smoothly every time and never left me feeling sick to my stomach. Track this supplement down and get it if you are needing to get big without breaking the bank, highly recommended!