My Paravar Review: Biggest Enemy of Body Fat?

paravar review is in4 and a halfFINAL RATING FOR PARAVAR: 4.5/5

Brief Overview of Paravar

If you have heard of Anavar, you might have heard of Paravar, the alternative steroid. As you know, Anavar is one of the most popular and most talked about steroids because of how well it worked! Paravar is a supplement that is made by the Crazy Mass company. Crazy Mass has been the leader as far as companies go, for putting out amazing steroid alternatives.

Steroid alternatives are supplements that can give you all the positive benefits you get with actual steroids without any needles or nasty side effects. Sound too good to be true? I thought so too until I actually tried them, after much debate. I kind of consider them to be my little secret in the gym that is probably responsible for 80% of the results I get.

My Actual Paravar Results

Although I had tried a couple Crazy Mass supplements in the past, Paravar was a new one for me. I am usually someone who is ok having a bit of fat on my frame, as long as I have my muscles. I was never the guy who was obsessed with looking shredded, more with looking big and bulkier, if that makes any sense. I decided I would try to see if Paravar was as good as the reviews over on their website were saying it was. My body type is easier to put weight on than it is to take off, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I knew that this may take a while so I wanted to remember to write down or record my stats before so I could have accurate results for how well this supplement really worked.

After only taking this supplement for six days, the results really started to show. One thing that paravar does is remove excess water weight. I knew I dropped some pounds quickly and look a bit more vascular. For someone who isn’t normally very vascular and envies people that are, this was a big deal! After about two weeks into taking this supplement, I noticed that my workouts at the gym really felt easier and less exhausting. Kind of like I was that little pink bunny that never stops going! Better yet, the body fat was slowly but surely starting to disappear. My stomach started to show some visible abs. I was never someone who was fat but my stomach was not super-defined and to go from that to being able to see abs starting was another big thing to have happen to me.

Now that I am closing in on the last day of this bottle, I am really blown away by the awesome results that I have had. Now, I did not end up looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or anything crazy like that but the results were nice. Let’s take a look at my actual measurements before and after taking this supplement. My body fat one month ago was at a 20% and it dropped down to 14%! Now, those two numbers don’t sound that far apart but looking at body fat percentages tells a more drastic tale:

body fat percentagesFrom there, it becomes easier to see just how much better I looked and definitely felt after going through a bottle of Paravar.

The Good and Bad For This Supplement:

The Good

  • Paravar helps keep on muscle while dropping body fat, giving you the body you want even faster and easier!
  • Great for those who want to get that ripped but not skinny look that all guys desire!
  • Weight loss will occur quickly due to eliminating excess water by taking this supplement.

The Bad

  • If you want to bulk up, look elsewhere, this is mainly for fat loss.
  • Product is only available at one website, the official Crazy Mass website, expect that shortages of product could occur, so order fast.

Our Final Grade on Paravar and Where to Get It:

Paravar is exclusively available by going to the official Crazy Mass website. They do offer free shipping anywhere in the United States, which is a neat little bonus. Although, this supplement only being available at one website can be frustrating, the company is a legit one. These people have been running a business that actually is tested by the FDA and certified by them, pretty cool, am I right?

If you are looking for a supplement to help you lose fat like none other, you can’t really find anything better than Paravar. The only thing that might work better is Anavar itself and that is a super no-no to have since it is illegal and banned. Stick with something safe and legal and go with the highly recommended Paravar.


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