Essential Amino Energy Chewables Review: Do They Deliver?

Optimum Nutrition, a brand known almost exclusively for its protein drinks, has other products. It is a shame that most only think of that one kind of supplement. Let me enlighten you, with this review of their Essential Amino energy chewables. This can be harder to find, which I get, I was able to get some but it did take a bit of looking around to see who still had it available. This review will be over the orange pineapple flavor, although I have also seen them in a fruit punch flavor as well. Amino acids are such an important aspect of gaining muscle size. Many people look to so many other kinds of products to get their gains, not thinking of things from a scientific perspective. If you know a bit of your stuff, you know that amino acids are, literally, the blueprint to getting bigger.

essential amino energy reviewPer serving, you are looking at getting 2,100 mg of their amino and energy blend. As these are energy chewables, they do contain caffeine and guarana extract. These two previously mentioned ingredients are a great way to get you all amped up before a workout. In addition to the already large amount of healthy stuff in this supplement, there is also 1,000 mg of beta alanine. At only ten calories per three chewables, you won’t have to feel guilty about consuming them! As far as vitamins go, there is 167% of your daily amount of vitamin C and 200% of vitamin B12, this is good for anyone who is not getting all of their vitamins daily.

My Results with using Essential Amino

I have to say that I wish other brands would jump on the ship of making more things available, in a chewable form. I kind of got myself spoiled on how easy these tablets were to take. I have to admit that sometimes I do get tired of mixing up the same old drink and chugging it down. Being able to just chew up a couple of these helped to make my day that much more simple. I was hesitant, at first, to think of how much these would really help my workout that I had planned for the day. It is recommended that you wait about twenty to thirty minutes, to give this chews time to really start getting into your system. On different days, this time would vary slightly but I never had it take longer than thirty minutes to really do its thing.

I really noticed that these chewables helped give me energy and endurance during my workouts. Amino acids are great for building new muscle. These Essential Amino Acid chewables by Optimum Nutrition are highly recommend for anyone looking to get more aminos in their diet. The chewables taste great, are loaded with benefical aminos, and are very inexpensive.

The Good and Bad for This Supplement:

The Good:

  • In chewable form, a way easier method than mixing up another drink.

The Bad:

  • The taste of these might not be for everyone.

The Final Grade on Essential Amino Energy Chewables

The orange pineapple flavor that I used was like eating candy. I could have eaten about ten more but safety reasons, I couldn’t. There was one particular long day where I had a ton of stuff to do, plus a big leg day to look forward to. I had taken three of these in the daytime and three more about 8 hours later, before the big workout. If you are sick of drinking down the same substance, over and over, grab some of these chewables. Optimum Nutrition continues to shine, as far as I am concerned, and still holds the crown over most other supplement manufacturers.

If you are interested in getting this supplement, I definitely recommend getting it at Amazon. This supplement has received generally positive Amazon reviews from the public. However, I choose to buy these chewables at Amazon because of how well they are priced and I am a cheapskate!