My Crazy Bulk Decaduro Review – As Good As Deca Durabolin?

decaduro review4 and a halfFinal Rating for Decaduro: 4.5 stars out of out 5 stars

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The Results I Personally Had with this Supplement

Decaduro is known as an alternative to the steroid Deca Durabolin. Made to give you the same muscle building and endurance boosting effects of Deca Durabolin, while under a slightly different name, which is Decaduro. This supplement is made by a company called Crazy Bulk who specializes in about five or six different supplements that copy what different popular steroids do, it is really wild. I did this review out of wanting to know if this supplement really could do the same things that Deca Durabolin does.

I mean, I thought that I was in to be letdown, I just didn’t expect to notice much. After about a week in, when I really started working out while using Decaduro, I was surprised to start feeling bigger. However, I thought that it was just all in my head and I couldn’t really be bulking up this quick. After receiving a couple compliments from my girlfriend, I knew that it wasn’t just all in my head anymore. Let’s look at how Decaduro can actually do this below, along with some pros and cons to watch out for, and where you can find this supplement.

A Brief Overview of How Decaduro Works

You are getting ready to lift some heavy weight, you get pumped up and ready to prove how strong you are, when something happens. You can’t get to the next rep or the weight is too heavy to even move. You thought you were going to have no problem lifting that barbell 8 times but you barely got to 2, again, for the second time in a row. It is natural for you to start wondering what is wrong with you but it is not your fault.

I used to struggle with not being able to get strong very fast, it was tough for me to really pack on the weight like other guys could. After trying out the Deca Duro, I was gaining muscle at a much faster rate. Due to the nitrogen retention that this supplement gave me, my arms and chest started looking bigger after my workout days. I stuck to a diet high in calories, which I recommend when using any of these kind of steroid alternative products, due to the protein synthesis of Deca Durabolin, more of my food was going straight to repair my muscles. By repairing my muscles, they were growing faster. As you probably can guess, muscles get bigger  in the repair phase which is when you are not lifting, true story!

Where Can You Find Decaduro? (and Save $23 off Retail)

Currently, Decaduro is only available through the official website of Crazy Bulk, which you can visit by clicking here. I know that they offer free shipping and usually have some cool deals going on. Notably, the buy two get one free is good if you are getting this with a friend. Expect standard shipping times, nothing crazy fast but just what you would normally expect anywhere else online, normally. Especially considering the shipping is free, I’m happy with that!

The Good and The Bad of this Deca Durabolin Replacement

The Good:

  • Retain nitrogen, like with Deca Durabolin, which made my muscles expand quite a bit over a month of use.
  • You will have better endurance and not get worn out with the increased oxygen delivery of this steroid alternative.
  • Aids in general recovery after workouts, essential to rapid muscle gain.

The Bad:

  • Product can be out of stock at time, which is annoying
  • Decaduro is only available online, which can cause issues for non-card customers.

The Final Grade for this Supplement

If you are having difficulties in trying to gain muscle, you are not alone. You put in all of that effort, only to see slow progress, that’s probably why you are looking for a supplement here to change all of that. Decaduro could very well be the one that you are looking for, as it is proven to help you become stronger, while enhancing your oxygen, making you stronger for longer (hey, that’s kind of catchy)!

Here is a bonus video review of Decaduro, enjoy!

Click Here to Visit Official Decaduro Website
Click Here to Buy Decaduro (Use My Code: SALE20 for 20% Off)