Blackwolf Workout Hunter Pack Review

Blackwolf workout hunter pack review4 and a halfFinal Rating for this Stack: 4.5/5

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A Brief Introduction

The Blackwolf Workout Hunter Pack is a supplement stack designed to help you gain more muscle. This company is unique in that they offer supplement stacks, as opposed to single products. A stack is just another name given to a group of supplements sold together.

One of the stacks that Blackwolf makes is known as the Hunter Pack. The Hunter Pack comes with three different supplements, one for each workout stage. The Hunter Pack includes a pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout supplement. Next, let’s take a closer look at each supplement in this stack.

What Supplements are in the Blackwolf Workout Hunter Pack?

The three supplements is this stack are Track, Hunt, and Eliminate. I have to give credit to this company for creating cool sounding supplement names. These supplements are filled with ingredients made to give you more muscle. Each supplement in this stack offers unique ways to give you the body you want.

Track – Key Benefit: Intense Energy and Focus

preworkouttraTrack is the preworkout supplement in the Hunter Pack. This supplement contains over 15 beneficial ingredients used to help you get the most of your workouts.

Track contains Zinc which is known to help aid in protein synthesis. Increased protein synthesis means more protein goes to building your muscles, instead of your stomach.

This supplement also contains CoQ10 which helps increase muscle size and reduces overall fatigue.

You will find thiamin in this supplement which is beneficial for increasing energy. Thiamin converts carbohydrates into energy which makes this ingredient great for losing fat.

Track contains 3.5 grams of creatine, an ingredient that increases muscle mass. One study found that strength increases of 46% were reported after regularly using creatine.

Track is a preworkout supplement with an amazing ingredient list. You will want to use this supplement about 30 minutes before starting a workout. Track is made in a summer berry flavor that tastes great and mixes easily.

Hunt – Key Benefit: Mega Boost to Overall Endurance

hunt tab intraHunt is the intra-workout supplement in the Hunter Pack. The main goal of this supplement is increase your endurance. One key element of gaining muscle size is working out for enough time. Many new (and even some experienced) lifters simply do not workout long enough to see massive increases in muscle size.

This supplement is filled with beneficial amino acids including L-Carnitine, L-Leucine, L-Valine, and Isoleucine. Many studies have found that amino acid supplements increase the size and strength of muscles.

Carnitine is shown to reduce the build up of lactic acid in your muscles. Lactic acid is what causes you to eventually tire out and set down the weights. Reducing lactic acid gives you more endurance to bust through old lifting records.

Amino acids are essential to increasing muscle growth by increasing muscular endurance. Hunt is a supplement filled with beneficial amino acids. If you aren’t happy with your current workouts, Hunt will change that for you.

Eliminate – Key Benefit: Quicker Muscle Gains

eliminate tub

Eliminate is the final supplement in this stack and is made to be taken after a workout. The main goal of this supplement is provide increased muscle growth and faster recovery time.

Eliminate contains whey protein which is essential to building muscle. Protein is commonly found in foods we eat. However, many weightlifters aren’t getting enough protein, you will want to aim for one gram per body weight to start bulking up.

There are additional amino acids in Eliminate which help to bring additional muscle growth. Eliminate also contains potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. Potassium is a well known ingredient to help athletes recover during a workout. Calcium provides you with healthier and stronger bones.

Eliminate will help you recover faster and promote increased muscle growth. You don’t be that tiny weightlifter that doesn’t think post workout nutrition is important. Drink Eliminate and prepare to buy bigger shirts for your new muscle, you are going to need them!

Where Can I Find this Stack?

This stack is only available through Blackwolf’s official website which you can get to by clicking here. You get awesome extra stuff when you order including a really cool Blackwolf shaker. A free shaker cup is one that a lot of weightlifters use for their supplement drinks. The shaker cup works very well for mixing up these drinks. I’ve seen similar shaker cups sell for about $15 so getting a new one for free is a nice bonus.

In addition to the free shaker, you also get five free workout guides. The free included guides are filled with information designed to get you in the best shape possible. Each guide covers a specific part of fitness including nutrition, workouts, supplements, and much more. I’ve seen people try to sell similar guides for upwards of $50.

If you were to add up everything separately, you would be spending a little over $150. The current price of the Hunter Pack is about $80 which is like getting 50% off when compared to buying everything separately.

Pros and Cons


  • Three supplements made to help you get better workout results
  • Filled with ingredients that are backed by scientific research
  • Increased muscle growth, fat loss, energy, and endurance
  • Products are made to drink, no dangerous pills or injectables


  • Products are only available at one website, making it difficult for cash only consumers
  • Sometimes shortages can occur, order fast if in stock.

The Final Word on the Blackwolf Workout Hunter Pack:

In many cases, getting the muscles you want is only a matter of finding the right supplements. The Hunter Pack combines the best muscle building and recovery ingredients in one stack. The three supplements in this stack work well for each area of a workout, the before, during, and after stages. The Hunter Pack saves you a lot of time and money that would be spent finding a group of supplements that came close to what Blackwolf provides. I highly recommend the Blackwolf Workout Hunter Pack for men who are wanting serious workout results.

Click Here to Visit the Official Blackwolf Website
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