My Agmatine Review and Results

Agmatine Review – Inexpensive, Easy to Take, and Powerful

agmatine review

A Brief Overview of Agmatine

This review is all about agmatine by AI Sports Nutrition. For a while, it seemed like an ingredient called L-arginine was the king of muscle building ingredients. However, it didn’t take long before people started talking and something was realized. L-arginine was working for some people but certainly not everyone.

Some people that are way smarter than me went into a lab and made Agmatine, which is a byproduct of L-Arginine. Agmatine has been proven to aid in both general well-being and muscle building in scientific studies, which is always a nice thing to hear.

Main Benefits of Agmatine

  • Increase in nitric oxide (good for increasing muscle size)
  • Increased endurance
  • Quicker post-workout recovery time

How to Take Agmatine

I recommend using this supplement about 30 minutes before a workout. The label says to wait 30-45 minutes so that is definitely the recommended way to do it. I only use it 30 minutes before because I sometimes take these with a preworkout drink for the extra energy kick. Agmatine contains no stimulants so while it provides you with more muscular endurance, it will not give you energy. However, you can easily drink this with a preworkout or pick up some caffeine tablets, as they are super cheap. However, there are people who can not or do not want to use caffeine at all, which I totally understand.

My Personal Results with Agmatine

I have used Agmatine for about two years and I honestly love it. Taking Agmatine before a workout always seems to bring out veins in my arms and shoulders, which I love. Also, I feel like moving weights around seems a little easier with Agmatine. Over time, you can really start to see big increases in your lifts with this supplement.

You can expect to see the amount of weight you lift start to increase after using Agmatine. Everyone will have different results but expect to see increases in strength start anywhere from the day first to the first week. The increase in nitric oxide that agmatine provides is great for bringing out veins and making you look super pumped up.

I liked that agmatine was always consistent in how it worked. Sometimes, supplements can be hit and miss regarding the days they really want to work. However, every time I took agmatine, I knew I could expect to see better vascularity, denser muscles, and more overall strength.

Where Can I Find this Supplement?

Agmatine is widely available online and is fairly inexpensive. You can find a 128 count bottle of Agmatine (which is about a three months supply) for around $30.

Is AI Sports Nutrition the only company to make agmatine? No, there are other companies that produce their own agmatine supplements. However, I’ve been using AI Sports Nutrition supplements for years. I am not saying that because I am endorsed by or affiliated with them in any way, I just like their supplements!

Also, if you get agmatine through the official website of AI Sports Nutrition, they will sometimes have some cool deals going on. I usually am always checking out their website around the holidays. Also, AI Sports Nutrition will usually do some really cool Black Friday sales, so that is definitely something to keep an eye out for.

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