Quest Protein Bars 8 Flavors Mega Review

Unless you have been living under a rock for a while, you have probably seen Quest protein bars lying around at more than one place that you shop at. These bars have gotten me through many a long day, as the protein in them keeps me energized. If you are needing a healthier way to get back in the game, ditch the energy drink and give yourself some protein.

My Results with using Quest Protein Bars

With all of the amazing choices, you know that I can’t just talk about one kind of bar. I wanted to go over eight different choices, so that you have some options, as I know everyone will have different tastes.

Flavor 1: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

This was just like getting to lick the bowl when someone makes cookies! The smell and taste was spot on, to me of actual cookie dough. The good thing about this flavor is that it is probably much safer than eating a big glob of cookie dough, my stomach hurts just thinking about that, yuck!

Flavor 2: Cookies and Cream

I promise that I am not just doing cookie flavors, bear with me! If you enjoy that certain cookie with a soft cream filling, this protein bar will be right up your alley. Sometimes, this flavor can get butchered and not taste anything like the name of the bar. When discussing this bar by Quest, they nailed it. This flavor is a tough one to get down, with some having too much of one ingredient and not much of the other. I was really blown away by how tasty this one was.

Flavor 3: White Chocolate Raspberry

Now, this one is decadence at its finest. Not being too sugary sweet, I could have eaten ten of these. I refrained from doing that, in order to continue with the next flavor on this list. If you are a fan of white chocolate, there aren’t too many other protein bars that will suit your needs. Don’t fret, just grab a white chocolate raspberry Quest bar and enjoy! I also had to point out that I thought the raspberry flavor was handled really well. So many times, fruit flavors will taste too artificial for me.

Flavor 4: PB and J

My all-time favorite, the peanut butter and jelly bar that Quest makes has me hooked, what can I say? The sandwich that most of us grew up on has been brought to the world of protein bars and it is a welcome addition. If I had to pick only one, as hard as that is to do, I would go with the PB and J bar, over all of the others. The salty and sweet mixture has been re-created and is everything that a good protein supplement should be.

The Final Grade on these Quest Bars

Averaging about 20 grams of protein per bar, these aren’t ones that you need to eat more than one of at a time. Judging by the way that most of them taste, I could easily see why eating just one could be so very difficult to do. Here is a tip that I learned, if you go to the actual Quest Nutrition website, they have some cool recipes that you can make with these bars. I am going to try some of the shake recipes over the weekend and see how they are. If you have some of these bars lying around, try making a shake out of them!