Hyde V3 Review with Personal Results

In today’s review, we will be talking about the Hyde V3 pre-workout from Pro Supps. Hyde v3 was given this name because it is the third version of this pre-workout. There have been many improvements made to the third version of the Hyde supplement. In this review, we will find out the more about the ingredients in Hyde and how well this supplement works.

review of hyde preworkout

What Ingredients Are In Hyde?

There are four separate ingredient groups in Hyde which are, the strength, caffeine, intensity, and focal groups. Hyde does contain a good sized list of ingredients. However, so that no one is falling asleep on their keyboard, we will run quickly run through the most important ingredients of each group.

The first group, the strength group, or matrix, as it is called on the label is going to be where your strength gains come from. In the strength matrix, it contains beta alanine, creatine, l-citruline, and agmatine.

Beta alanine helps reduce lactic acid buildup. Lactic acid is produced when we lift weights, it’s the sensation responsible for that feeling when you can’t lift another rep. Beta alanine reduces the lactic acid build up, enabling you to lift weights longer.

Creatine is an ingredient we get from various foods like meat. However, many who are lifting weights aren’t getting nearly enough creatine in their diet. Drinking a cup of Hyde on workout days can definitely up the creatine you are getting per day. Creatine is beneficial for building new muscle tissue.

Agmatine is an ingredient responsible for increased nitric oxide production. To some, that may sound a little scary but all it means it that your muscles are going to feel larger and more dense. Agmatine is great for making your muscles look even better.

The second group, the caffeine group is going to be where the majority of your energy comes from. Hyde V3 actually contains three different forms of caffeine, which totals up to 419 milligrams of caffeine per serving. I am someone who is of the opinion that I can handle my caffeine. However, I will be honest, I use ½ to ¾ of a scoop of this and I am flying off the walls but we will get into that in my review in just a second.

The third group is known as the intensity matrix and features Teacrine. This ingredient is a from theacrine which is an ingredient known for raising your energy in a different, less intense way than caffeine does.

Speaking of focus, the fourth and final group is known as the focal matrix and is the entirely new section added to this new version of Hyde. The focal matrix is responsible for offering brain boosting ingredients that will keep your head in the game while working out. Gama-aminobutryic Acid or GABA is an ingredient that has been known to help improve mood and focus. In addition, the amount of Alpha GPC in this supplement is great for improving overall brain function.

How Does This Supplement Taste?

The flavor that I bought this supplement in is cotton candy. I’ve always loved cotton candy and when I saw this was an actual pre-workout flavor, I had to get it. I’ll be the first to say that, in most other foods and supplements, cotton candy is a tough taste to get right. Many times artificial cotton candy flavoring is either nothing like the real thing or it’s so muted, you can barely taste anything at all!

I’m happy to say that Pro Supps absolutely nailed the cotton candy flavor on this supplement. After you’ve mixed this powder up, you’ll enjoy a really good tasting drink. Does it taste 100% exactly like pouring cotton candy into your mouth? No, but for a cotton candy flavored pre-workout it is probably as close as we will get to that. I thought that the cotton candy taste was perfect, not too bland but not overpowering.

Does It Give You Energy?

I’ve probably tried over a hundred different pre-workouts and I have to say that Hyde is one of the strongest I’ve ever tried. After mixing up a cup of this, you should expect to start feeling it kick in within about 15-20 minutes.

You’ll notice that you feel much more energized. However, I also noticed that I felt more focused while using Hyde. This supplement will definitely give you more than enough energy to complete your work outs. There have been numerous times where I’ve taken Hyde, finished my hour long workout and could still go and handle whatever errands or chores I needed to do.

Does It Help Increase Strength?

We’ve talked about how Hyde can give you massive amounts of energy but how well does it do for strength? I’m happy to say that there is a huge pump when taking Hyde. The pump is a term that has to do with muscle size. If you are getting a good pump, your muscles will look “pumped up” or larger.

I noticed that, within about 15 minutes of taking Hyde, the veins on my arms and forearms were starting to show through more. I’ve been taking Hyde for close to a month now and I have seen strength increases across the board.

I’d have to look through my workout journals but I would say that I’ve increased my major lifts around 40 lbs since starting Hyde. The strength increases I’ve noticed have been fairly steady. I’ve had a few workouts where my strength stayed the same but I would attribute that to a few days of poor dieting, entirely my fault.

Where Can I Get Hyde?

Hyde is available at most major supplement retailers. The best deal I’ve found is by getting Hyde through Amazon.


I highly recommend giving the Hyde pre-workout a shot. Beta alanine, creatine, and agmatine are all in Hyde and are three ingredients known for boosting strength. Having 419 mg of caffeine should be more than enough for even the most caffeinated weight lifters. In addition, the new focal matrix in this third version of Hyde will keep you mentally in the zone for any workout.


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