My Glycobol Review with Results

Glycobol is a supplement that is made by AI Sports Nutrition. This supplement is something of an odd duck as it is truly one of a kind. What this supplement mainly states it will do, is convert the carbs that you eat into muscle. To me, it sounds a little bit out there but I wanted to review it for this website. For myself as well as for you, our awesome reader! Let’s now go into some more detail over this supplement, how it worked, and where you can find it!

glycobol review

Glycobol Ingredient Details

Glycobol is mainly comprised of a complex of ingredients. I will be honest with you, as this is a supplement in a category seemingly of its own, the ingredients are not common things you will see normally. However, for the purpose of this review, and for all my science geeks out there, here is the ingredient list: Na-R-ALA, Trigonella Seed isolate, Phellodendrom, Cinnamon Bark, and BMOV.

These ingredients, when combined, are what will be promising to deliver great results. I am looking to see how well my body composition will improve while taking this supplement. Let’s see what my results were like!

My Real Results with this Supplement

After doing my research about what to expect from this supplement, I saw that some people had complained of stomach cramps. When looking into taking a supplement for the first time, I like to know from the public what to expect, both good and bad. Some other people were saying that this supplement really does help bulk you up. With all of this in mind, I took my first serving and here were my results.

For the first few days, everything seemed relatively quiet and peaceful. I hadn’t noticed any crazy good results but I also wasn’t having any stomach problems either. I was bulking so I followed the directions (cool to see directions for cutting and bulking) for bulking and took two capsules with 50-100 grams of carbs in the AM and PM. It was around the fourth day that I had started to see how well this supplement did during workouts.

I could eat carbs after a workout and really feel like it absorbed right into my muscles! I have never had anything close to a carb pump before but this was it and I was glad to have it happen. I could literally eat a big candy bar after a workout (I don’t recommend doing this) and feel your muscles pump up. This happens because of how this supplement changes the way that carbs are absorbed in the body. Rather than, say, going right to your stomach or thighs, Glycobol puts that nutrition into your muscles. How they do this, I will never know exactly, but it is a cool feeling.

During the first week, I had noticed that I would go to the bathroom a little more often per day than usual. Nothing that was out of the ordinary, just going a little more often here and there. One thing I wanted to note, is that the stomach pains I noticed were few and far between and nothing that going to the bathroom could not solve. I don’t mean to be gross with you but I just wanted to let you fully know what to expect.

Final Word on Glycobol

Wow, this supplement is one that is so rare to find and try. It isn’t a preworkout but it is. This supplement isn’t technically a fat burner but then again, it kind of is. I am sure that you see the dilemma here in trying to effectively categorize this supplement. It really is something that I struggle with. However, for what this supplement is, it really has some high points.

If you are looking to get this supplement, I recommend using Amazon. There are currently offering a two pack of Glycobol for what one normally costs! You can find the link to Glycobol at Amazon to the left. You’ll find quite a few other reviews of Glycobol that are positive. However, I would check out the Amazon link mainly for that awesome deal. I don’t know long this two pack will be available so I would highly suggest checking it out, if you’re interested in this supplement.

What I Like About This Supplement:

  • Being able to be encouraged to eat carbs to gain more muscle is always great.
  • Product was in capsule form and easy and convenient to take.
  • Made by AI Sports Nutrition, one of the best supplement companies around!

What I Don’t Like About This Supplement:

  • I did find myself needing to go a little more often than normal, at times.
  • This supplement did give me only slight stomach issues, but it still happened.

Overall, I enjoyed using this supplement and would recommend it to others. I will need to look further into why I had slight stomach cramps on some days. All I can think of was that the nature of the carbs I ingested were not as pure as they may have needed to be. If you are looking for a supplement to pump you up, Glycobol is a worthy contender, just buy an extra magazine or two!

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