My Muscletronic Review and Results

Muscletronic Review – Three Ways to Build More Muscle

review of muscletronic

4 and a halfFinal Rating for Muscletronic: 4.5/5 stars

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A Brief Overview of Muscletronic

Muscletronic is a preworkout supplement made by Bauer Nutrition. A preworkout supplement is great to use before you start exercising. If you lift weights, you will especially enjoy Muscletronic. This supplement is made to improve three important aspects of weight training which includes building muscle, burning fat, and having more energy.

List of Ingredients in This Supplement

Let’s look closer at the ingredients that are in Muscletronic to see if anything stands out. An ingredient in Muscletronic that is beneficial for muscle building is Alpha-GPC. This ingredient has been shown to improve mental focus and provide stronger muscle contractions.

The next ingredient within Muscletronic is vitamin B complex which is a combination of all of the B vitamins. These vitamins, when used in combination, have been shown to increase muscle size by improving protein absorption from foods into muscle tissue.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is also contained within Muscletronic. This ingredient works well for helping to boost your metabolism which helps converts sugar and carbohydrates into energy and not fat.

The next ingredient in Muscletronic is Golden Root, commonly used to help in the reduction of stressful, depressing, and anxious thoughts.

Next, we have L-Theanine which is an amino acid used to boost your natural nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide supplementation gives you the inflated and feeling you have after completing a workout and is great for gaining new muscle tissue.

Finally, let’s look at caffeine which is also used in Muscletronic. It is nearly impossible to have a great preworkout without caffeine which is responsible for increased energy, endurance, and focus.

My Results with Muscletronic

Muscletronic is in capsule form and is available in 120 count plastic bottles. A 120 count supply of this supplement will last you about 30 days, provided you follow the exact instructions. If you are looking to save a little money, you can just take Muscletronic on workout days and you will make the supply last longer.

The first time I took Muscletronic was on a workout day. I would say that within about 20 minutes I felt Muscletronic start working. First, I felt a good rush of energy that had me extremely motivated which was the caffeine. In the gym, I got through my workout and didn’t feel exhausted afterwards like I had been feeling lately. I had work projects going during this time and, with my working out and everything else, it was a wild week.

I lift weights three to four times a week, something interesting happened at the end of week one. I had been having a rough week with some family drama, you know what I’m talking about. However, I noticed that, for having such a rough week, I was feeling more positive and less stressed out. I would have to guess that the Golden Root in Muscletronic was helping me feel more uplifted and less depressed.

By the time I had been using Muscletronic for about three weeks, I had already set a few new personal weightlifting records. I had never really used amino acids in combination with Alpha-GPC, both of which are in Muscletronic. However, the amino acids adding new muscle tissue while Alpha-GPC provided stronger muscle contractions is incredible. Don’t be surprised if you see new companies trying to rip off the ingredients of Muscletronic soon, it’s that good.

Where Can You Find this Supplement (and Save $12 Off Retail)?

Muscletronic is available online through the website of Bauer Nutrition, which you can visit by clicking here. Having only one option to purchase this supplement online can be a tiny bit annoying, as they can sometimes sell out. However, Bauer Nutrition does have Muscletronic for $12 off of retail, so that’s cool.

Extra Savings Tip:

Bauer Nutrition always does buy two get one free on their supplements. For example, if you and a gym buddy each buy one Muscletronic, you get a third one free instantly.

The Good and The Bad of Muscletronic:

The Good:

  • Great for increasing energy and endurance to get through the toughest of workouts.
  • Amino acids and vitamins that have been studied to increase muscle mass, when combined with weightlifting.
  • Mood-boosting properties to get you through those bad days that we all have.

The Bad:

  • Supplement is available on one website; can be sold out at times.
  • Best results are seen with two months of use but one bottle can last quite a while.

The Final Grade for Muscletronic

If you want a preworkout that is easy to take and really works, Muscletronic is a great choice. I felt way more energized when using this supplement. After taking Muscletronic for about two weeks, I really started to start gaining more strength. At first, my increases in weight lifted went up slowly. However, after about a month of using Muscletronic I had gone from 212 lbs to 229 lbs, most of which came from muscle. Overall, I was very impressed with Muscletronic and definitely plan on using it again.

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