My PhenQ Review and Results

PhenQ Review – Is It Possible to Lose Weight by Taking A Pill?

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4 and a halfFinal Rating for PhenQ: 4.5/5 stars

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A Brief Overview of PhenQ

PhenQ is a fat burner supplement. Fat burners are products that are made to help you lose weight. The weight you lose should primarily come from fat and not muscle. PhenQ states that it will burn fat that has been stored on your body. In addition, this supplement states it will improve your mood, increase energy, and help to block future fat production. I really like the fact that PhenQ is made in FDA inspected and approved facilities, you won’t find that with many other fat burners.

List of Ingredients in This Supplement

Here are a few key ingredients in PhenQ and what these ingredients are used for. An ingredient exclusive to PhenQ is known as a-Lacys Reset. This bizarrely named ingredient has been scientifically studied to speed up metabolism and increase thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process in which your body’s internal temperature is raised slightly enough to start burning fat away.

Another great ingredient in PhenQ is capsimax powder, a blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin. Having one of these ingredients is enough to make a decent weight loss supplement. However, including four well-known metabolism boosting ingredients is just awesome. I wish more companies put this blend in their fat burners.

There really are quite a few awesome ingredients in this supplement. I want to let you more about PhenQ. So, we are going to round off the rest of the list of ingredients in PhenQ which include calcium carbonate, nopal, and l-carnitine.

My Results with PhenQ

Each bottle of PhenQ is roughly equal to having a one month supply. I’ll give you a little background on my weight going into this review. When I am in really good shape, I will weigh about 210lbs. I have been hitting the gym but I’ve also done a few cheeseburger curls and french fry extensions lately (eating too much fast food). As of day 1 of this review, I weighed..228bs. What I did during this review was took PhenQ, with a normal amount of diet and exercise.

I made it a point to not change the way I normally train. I didn’t really diet because I wanted to see what PhenQ could really do. I would say that my diet during taking PhenQ was average, some good food and some junk food.

The first day I took this supplement, I felt the energy right away! I would have to say that the capsimax powder made that happen. Seriously, I regularly have energy drinks and PhenQ worked much better. I’m not a morning person so the jolt of energy I got from PhenQ was a nice perk. Having energy is great but let’s get into how PhenQ did for losing weight, namely fat.

Before ever taking PhenQ, I mentioned that I weighed about 228lbs. Luckily, within the first two weeks of using PhenQ, I had already come down in weight to 220lbs, which was cool with me. I have always stored fat on my sides, commonly called the love handles. I am sure many other guys know what I mean about how self-conscious love handles can make you feel in certain situations. I was nearing the end of my first month (container) of PhenQ and was starting to see my love handles shrink down quite a bit.

Did I end my thirty days with PhenQ with a shredded six-pack of abs, glistening in the light? No, but I did go, at my last weigh-in, from 228lbs to 214lbs, losing 14 pounds in about 30 days.

Where Can You Find this Supplement? (and Save $10 Off Retail)?

This supplement is only available through the official website of PhenQ, which you can visit by clicking here. This supplement is only available through the official PhenQ website. However, you can find this for $10 cheaper than retail PhenQ.

Extra Savings Tip:

If you decide to grab a container of PhenQ, there is a way to save more money. If you get two containers of PhenQ, the website automatically adds a free bottle to your order. In addition, getting three bottles of Phenq will get you two additional bottles for free.

The Good and The Bad of PhenQ:

The Good:

  • Made in FDA inspected and approved facilities.
  • Back by scientifically proven ingredients for losing fat, including the exclusive a-Lacys Reset.
  • Contains a capsimax blend, featuring caffeine, piperine, and other well-known weight loss boosting ingredients.

The Bad:

  • Product is only available online through one website which can lead to out of stock issues.

The Final Grade for PhenQ

If you are sick of losing no weight or losing it slowly, you should probably try a fat burner. If you want to lose fat quickly and safely, PhenQ is a great supplement to use. I noticed that I had more energy while taking PhenQ. In addition, I noticed no real new fat gains while using this supplement. I also was able to (by the end of the first month) start to really lose fat from stored areas, like my love handles.

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