Ripped Muscle Stack Review – How Well Did it Work?

Great for Losing Some Extra Pounds, Don’t Expect A Ton in Gains.

ripped muscle stack reviewfourFinal Rating for the Ripped Muscle Stack: 4/5 stars

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The Quick Lowdown on this Stack

This stack is available, only at the website of, one of the few reputable prohormone/hgh type websites around, to be totally honest. They have a huge selection of products, some great, some not so much. I think I am really bragging to them about how well the website is put together, it just looks much better than most. One drawback to the website is, due to the fact that they have supplements too strong for most stores to carry, they are a bit on the higher end of the price scale.

Unlike the #1 Pick that is over at Crazy Bulk, which had four supplements fairly cheap, the stacks on this other website are more expensive. Still, there are

Anyways, back to task at hand, which is reviewing the Ripped Muscle stack. This stack contains two different supplements: Clen XDV and Winstrol Max, also known as Win Max. These two supplements aim to replicate the effects of steroids, without all the bad side effects (hair loss, acne, bouts of rage, etc.,) which sounds great on paper but what does it really do? I aim to find out, I’ll tell you about my results, the pros and cons, where you can find this stack, and a final overview.

My Personal Results with these Two Supplements

During the time that I tried this supplement was from April 3rd, 2016 – May 6th, 2016 (just finished up, as of this writing). Starting out in the beginning of April, me and my mini gut weighed in at 225 pounds. I admit that I normally should be weighing in at less than that but I honestly haven’t had the time to follow through with a strict diet. I have been hitting up too many fast food places and ordering in pizza during the weekend, to celebrate a busy workweek being over!

I put together a decent meal plan, nothing too crazy just more home cooked meals over the constant fast food. During the first week, it was pretty quiet but at the end of the second week, I lost a lot of water weight. This kind of weight is what bodybuilders will lose right before a competition, one of the main reasons why they look so sculpted on stage. For anyone who already has a muscular frame, you will like this, as it makes the muscles have a popping out effect, looks good on stage or just being out in public.

While taking this stack, it would be smart to have a weightlifting program in place. You will gain muscle easier with how strong of an effect these supplements will have on your ability to gain muscle, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? I did by lifting weights a couple of times a week, which I have done for years now. I did notice that I could push myself harder during these workouts than I could during a normal month, it’s working nicely, at this point. By the end of the month of taking this stack, I was down to 212 but looked really trimmed up. I didn’t end the month with a six pack but seeing my stomach/lovehandles mostly flattened down, blew me away. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with what I experienced. I wish the prices would lower so I could review a four supplement stack from, I hope to do this soon for you.

The Good and the Bad

The Good:

  • Two supplements that, when combined, can really give you rapid fat loss.
  • Speaking of fat loss, you weightlifters won’t have to worry about losing muscle.

The Bad:

  • Shipping can be a bit slow at times, but nothing crazy, think about a week.
  • Product is available online only, not in physical stores.

Where Can I Find this Stack?

This stack is only available at the website of, a bigger supplement retailer. They sometimes have good discounts in place, which is kind of a bonus. For this stack, you are going to get an easier way to shred some body fat. What I noticed was that as you started to lose weight, the fat loss will be all over, little by little. Don’t go in expecting to get a six-pack in a week, if you have lovehandles and some belly fat starting out, like I did.

That being said, the rate at which you start noticing the fat go away will be fairly quick. If you are wanting to trim down, this is a great way to do it. If you are more like me and are muscular and just want to trim down on your body fat, this is another great way to use this stack.

The Final Word on the Ripped Muscle Stack

There are few things that are harder than trying to lose body fat. Combine the strict dieting and tiring cardio, just to lose 5 pounds and it’s easy to see why it’s so hard to stick to this kind of routine. If you want an easier way to get through the work that comes with burning fat, I would recommend the Ripped Muscle Stack over anything else I’ve reviewed on this entire website. If you are someone who is skinny and is wanting to get bigger, I would recommend getting something else. These two supplements that make up this stack will kick in fast and once they do, you won’t want it to stop. This stack easily trimmed down a belly that I had created by too much junk food, being so busy lately, I am very impressed.

Click Here to Visit Official Ripped Muscle Stack Website
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