Great Ways to Get Rid of Skinny Legs

One of the most common areas of the body that I see and hear about most of you wanting to change is your legs. Legs can be pretty hard to pack on muscle to and are not the most common areas that new weightlifters will target. I am sure that you have all probably seen those pictures floating around the Internet of the guys who are very muscular on the top half and then have little skinny legs, it’s not a good look. The good news is is that there are ways and exercise as you can utilize to help fix this problem. I myself have suffered from this and wanted to make a quick list of what worked best for me to pump my legs up.

Exercise One-Squats

Although these aren’t going to be the easiest or most popular choice on the list, squats are an essential exercise that every weightlifter who is able to do so should be doing. Squats consist of loading up a barbell with some weight and squatting it. Now, of course, this is not the most accurate or thorough way to explain it. So here is a video below that will help you with the best way to use proper form while squatting. Something that I wanted to mention is to be sure to start out light and don’t have a big ego about how much weight is on the bar. As you will learn when you try them, squats separate the boys from the men.

Exercise Two-Deadlifts

Now you might be thinking that this would be an exercise that would be more for your core or your back and shoulders versus your legs. However, deadlifts have always been great for adding some rock hard lean muscle to my calves as well as my thighs. Here is another video with proper form, to help you out a bit. Usually, you can go a little bit heavier with these verses the squats, but the proper form is still essential here. Although you can go heavier with this type of exercise than you can with squats, you still want to be sure that you’re doing something that you can easily do some reps with. There are many painful videos to watch of people passing out from deadlifting too much, do not be one of those people. I was even someone that this never happened to before, although, to a lesser extent. I went up to deadlift and my was to have the weight there, get a couple reps out, and set it back down. The only thing that happened afterwords was that I noticed that the room begin to spin a little bit and I did actually almost pass out. Although it may look funny sometimes to see on the web, it’s actually a very scary experience but I don’t want any of you to deal with.

Exercise Three-Machine Curls

If, for whatever reason you were unable to perform any of the first two exercises, machine curls could be the way to go. For this exercise, you will need some sort of home gym equipment or perhaps going to a gym could solve this issue. Don’t you want to use a weight machine specially made for these leg curls? These will be easier then the squatting or dead lifting and will still be able to pack a good amount of muscle onto your thighs. By utilizing these three exercises and combination, you will really start to see your legs grow. I had chicken legs for quite a while and after a month or two of doing these exercises, I soon had to buy completely new jeans, as I couldn’t even fit my thighs into my old pairs.

As with any type of weightlifting, be sure to have a high-protein diet in place, along with the proper supplements to help you pack muscle onto those skinny legs even faster. Get ready to grow with these exercises and have some money ready to go by the new jeans you’re going to need to get.

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