4 of the Strangest Exercise Products Ever

We’ve all fallen victim to the late night infomercial. From the Magic Bullet to the NuWave Oven, there are many products out there that want to make your life easier. In some cases, we flip through the channels and find an infomercial that has that special quality. In this post, you are going to learn about four of the strangest exercise infomercials.

4. The Shake Weight

Everyone who has seen a commercial for the Shake Weight remembers it. If you were watching television around 2010, you probably remember the Shake Weight. The Shake Weight is a dumbbell device that, well, I’ll let this clip explain:

The Shake uses what is called dynamic inertia to help you build larger muscles, so says the commercial. I’ve never tried a Shake Weight solely out of fear that someone would see me use it. The Shake Weight was, at one point, advertised as being more beneficial for you than a standard dumbbell. It might be easy to laugh at this commercial but the Shake Weight has become an extremely popular product, selling over 2 million units.

3. The Hawaii Chair

When I think of traveling to beautiful Hawaii, I imagine a certain kind of chair. Wait, no, I don’t. The Hawaii Chair was made to provide massages to anyone brave enough to sit in the seat. I have to give bonus points to the Hawaii Chair for its amazing jingle. If you watch the commercial below, you’ll have it stuck in your head all day.

The Hawaii Chair is a massage chair that has a base that spins in a circle quickly. Sitting in this chair looks like you’re trying to survive riding a bull. I have no idea how anyone in this infomercial actually thought people would bring these into the workplace. I could not imagine trying to have a serious conversation with someone while they’re in one of these chairs.

I have not had the fortune to experience a Hawaii chair for myself. Who knows? Maybe this would be relaxing in an environment where you knew no one could see you.

It’s important to note that the Hawaii Chair features a 2800 RPM Hula Motor. I hate when I can’t find a Hula Motor that isn’t fast enough!

Have a look at the commercial here:

2. The Rack

I struggled with including this pick on the list. On one hand, someone could gain a lot of muscle from using the Rack. On the other hand, how far are you really going to get when all you work out with is a rack device?

The clip starts out with someone who is in perfect shape and it’s where I begin to take issue with this product. How in the world could someone get into perfect shape from carrying around a rack with them the whole time?

It’s worth watching the commercial for the Rack below to see all of the weird and wacky ways you can use this device. Maybe it’s my lack of flexibility and rhythm but moving this device during every exercise would probably result in me falling over multiple times.

Let me note, the Rack is a device that can definitely help you get in better shape, just don’t expect to look like a bodybuilder in a month.

Here is the commercial for the Rack:

1- Face Trainer

Somewhere, someone decided that people faces are going untrained and it needed to stop. In all seriousness, the Face Trainer is made to reduce the effects of aging. Using this device is supposed to help you look younger and have a healthier overall appearance.

What makes this product a delight are the demonstration videos. If you planned on sleeping tonight, I’d cancel those plans. The video below contains a few of the demonstrations and I urge you to check it out. If only skipping ahead to the actual tutorials, it’s something you won’t regret checking out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at four of the strangest workout products out there! One great thing about staying up late is seeing all of those wonderful products advertised on television.

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