A Little Motivation Goes a Long Way

Oh, no, it finally happened. You went into work out and give it your all and you came up short. Right now, you are possibly feeling like you never want to go back and fail again. Think back to when you first started, did you have a lot of days that didn’t go how you wanted them to. You know what I mean, those dreaded days where, you were just starting to work out, and you couldn’t finish what you set aside to do. I’m hear to tell you that none of your shortcomings matter. The last time that you came up short, feeling like a weakling, that doesn’t matter either! Everyone, at one point in their life, has given it their all and did not receive what they thought was fair. Failure is, unfortunately, an essential part of life. We all wake up, go to sleep, and fail. I don’t want these thought to sound like I am being cynical, we just haven’t gotten to the uplifting part yet. I say that your failures don’t matter because all you need to focus on is your achievements. It becomes second nature for all of us to only remember the bad moments we all face and not the many good ones.

When you are feeling down about your training progress, think about how much more strength you have now, compared to the first time you worked out. There is always tomorrow to bring down the house, you will get there! A quote that I love talks about how we spend much of our time comparing someones greatest hits to our entire catalog. Of course, when someone is bragging and running their mouth off it can make you wish for their success. The next time you find your mind getting envious of how the person standing next to you looks, remember how much time and effort it took to get them there. Last time I checked, we are all human beings who can make our own choices. If you want to look like that buff dude at the gym that everyone knows is king, why not try?

Small lifestyle changes, made increasingly and over time, can alter your life for the better. Are there some things you spend your time on that aren’t helping you get a better body? I’m sure you can cut out an extra lazy activity or two and prepare to be astounded at how you continually keep making smarter choices. When faced with a tough fork in the road and I have to delegate tasks, or remove them altogether, I have to ask myself how bad I want it. If you REALLY want to get the body that you idolize, you will force your own self to cut out the activities that are wasting your day. Your mind is such a powerful tool that it can take, what becomes a one time activity and can make it a habit, if you put in the effort.

If you remove all of the distractions, or even just a few of them, out of your life, you can get ahead quicker. Whatever your motivations are, always keep them at the forefront of your mind. Think of who you would let down by telling them that you have had it, you’re done with exercising and what their reaction would be. To sum it up, take a moment and tell yourself that you will not quit, you’re not made to give up, and you will succeed.