Picking the Best Exercise Magazine for Your Needs

From the novice to the expert, each one of us will want to do whatever is possible to keep up with the news. There is an endless amount of different fitness magazines out there, so which one is right for you? I am here to help you whittle down the vast amount of magazines around, narrowing it down to a few options. Sadly, there are not many magazines that are still around, with the advent of everyone rushing to their phone to find the latest news, it isn’t as big of market as you are going to be used to. Next, many of the big name exercise magazines have now moved to a digital format (more on that coming up), making it tougher to actually have a physical copy available.

Men’s Health is the magazine that I will usually reach for, when I need something to read on a long flight. I do have a subscription to this great monthly read, even though some have turned their backs on this publication. I haven’t noticed any decrease in quality of the content in recent years and still start reading this one, as soon as it shows up in my mailbox. Yes, at times the information runs together but this happens with every kind of magazine, eventually news starts to blur together. I like that Men’s Health has awesome how to guides, with clearly pictured steps for their exercise recommendations.

Muscle and Fitness was the first bodybuilding magazine that I ever started reading. I remember knowing an older bodybuilder who, when he saw how eager I was to get started training, handed me over his entire collection! Loaded with supplement information, as well, the team behind Muscle and Fitness really puts in everything that they have, you will feel like a knowledgeable fellow after thumbing through this magazine. During the 80s and 90s, when more of the world was learning about bodybuilding, which I attribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger, this magazine caters more to bodybuilders, than those wanting everyday appearances.

If you are wanting to keep extra weight off and are feeling content, I wouldn’t reach out and grab Muscle and Fitness, most of the content will go right over your head. Leave the bodybuilding technique guides to the pros, spend your time reading something that matches up to your fitness level. Thumbing through the pages of magazines that match your commitment to working out will align you with what you care about, avoiding all of the pages of filler.

As many of the cherished magazines change with the times, how you are going to read them will change to a tablet, instead of a table top. I had been out of the loop with the technology change and am still adjusting to the new ways that I have to read. If the opportunity presents itself, head down to your local magazine stand and start flipping through. It never hurts to have a monthly subscription to one or two of these magazines. You won’t be out a lot of money and you get pages worth of all-new information delivered right to you! I have differing publications that I prefer, including: Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, and Flex. For the female readers that are needing a quick list, try out Shape or Fitness Magazine. Both of the previously mentioned choices are top notch magazines that offer plenty of information to keep all of you ladies fit and strong!