Evolution X7 Review: A Supplement Revolution?

For those of you that want a pre-workout without all of the caffeine, this review might be one that you want to keep reading. Starchem Labs has released a caffeine-free supplement by the name of Evolution x7. This one is in powder form, no need to swallow any capsules. It promises better endurance, recovery, stamina, and performance. I will be checking this one out in-depth to see what it will do for me. I received a sample of this supplement in a cool, but tiny, packet. As I struggle to read the ingredients clearly, let’s look at the main ones here to see what benefits they provide. I have to say that I am not really blown away with what I found. Leucine, Glutamine Peptide, and Citruline Malate were the big time ingredients that I saw.

When combined, these ingredients will deliver and do some good, but that is all that is in Evolution x7? Although it is refreshing, not seeing that many ingredients is kind of leaving me with a feeling of being underwhelmed. The fat lady has not sang just yet, however, now we will be seeing if this one worked and, if so, how well!

evolutionx7reviewedMy Results with using Evolution X7

For having no caffeine in this supplement, it was still able to wake me up a little bit. Mainly covering everything but giving you a lot of energy, Evolution x7 works best when you don’t think about it. It is too easy to get bogged down into thinking that a pre workout isn’t working just because you aren’t bouncing off of the walls. I used the fruit punch flavor for review purposes and it tasted really good. I have a good hunch that they quality control department of Starchem Labs has some great testers because this stuff tastes awesome!

Truly testing how powerful Evolution X7, I took my sample packet before a big lifting day. This supplement passed with flying colors, as a brutal workout was made to seem easier on me. Usually, the big Wednesday workout will easily go over an hour, when I took Evolution X7, I had it down to about 45 minutes. Being able to have that extra time back into my day, due to how good I was able to endure a long workout, really impressed me. I was able to eke out a couple more reps than I usually could, that was another big plus! I didn’t have such a boost in strength that I did with some other preworkout supplements, but I could tell that I was feeling slightly stronger.

The Good and Bad for This Supplement:

The Good:

  • For not having caffeine, you can still expect a decent boost in energy, in a more natural way.
  • The fruit punch flavor tasted really good, I haven’t tried the other ones yet.

The Bad:

  • Stim-free could turn away a lot of people needing that energetic feeling.

The Final Grade on Evolution X7

Although not anything to jump head over heels for, Evolution x7 can still hang with the big boys in the stim-free world. If you are sensitive to any caffeine, this would be an awesome choice for you. I know that some people have to workout this way, due to having various allergies or what not. This product was super easy to mix up, tasted awesome, and got me to finish a workout way earlier than normal.