My Review and Results with Anvarol – Legit Alternative or Total Junk?

review of anvarol2fourFINAL RATING FOR ANVAROL: 4/5

A Brief Overview of Anvarol

This supplement name might look familiar to you, the name looks similar to Anavar doesn’t it?  Well, this is not just a coincidence because Anavarol is an alternative to the steroid Anavar. If you checked out our number one pick, Paravar, you can see that this supplement got a bit of a lower score. You probably want to know why, and I will be more than happy to fill you in on why I scored this supplement the way I did.

This is another in a series of what is known as legal steroids. This may sound a bit strange to you but stay with me, you may have just found out about a top secret supplement that could change the way you lift weights forever. Let’s look at my own results, what I liked and didn’t about Anvarol, and a nice little wrap up.

My Results with Using This Supplement

When I say phosphocreatine synthesis, it probably means nothing at first, right? Well, to simplify this process, it means that when this type of synthesis happens in your body, you grow more muscle and burn body fat. If you are wanting to find some sort of Anavar alternative, you are probably wanting to lose some fat while gaining new muscle, this is exactly where the benefits of Anvarol come to play.

If you really want to lose weight while packing on more muscle, you need more energy, plain and simple. Anvarol works by increasing the levels of phosphocreatine in your body, by taking Anvarol, you give your muscles more energy. By giving your muscles more energy, this is where the increases in muscle and the decreases in body fat take place.

When I began using this supplement, I have to admit, I had gotten a little fatter from the holiday food everywhere! I tried this supplement because I knew that I wanted to lose the lovehandles and if I could add some muscle to my body while doing this, even better! I am happy to report that after going through a bottle of this stuff, my expectations were definitely met.

One of the toughest things about gaining muscle, as you know, is the fat gains that usually come with it. The way the body works, if you are trying to pack on lean muscle, fat usually comes with it. It is the number one reason why you see people that have big muscles but also the big gut right along with it. I had this look for a long time and it is no fun. Even worse, it is super common and without the right supplement, I can almost guarantee this will happen to you.

To fix this, you can watch everything you eat and suffer, in general. If you want a smart way to beat this, Anavarol could very easily be the perfect solution to this problem. I am proud to say that I trimmed off a good amount of fat from my horrible diet lately with this supplement. Along with that, I was able to gain about 12 pounds in pure muscle, which was amazing. I ended up weighing about the same when I was done with this product, but the key thing to remember is I also lost pounds of fat as well and physically looked so much better, overall.

The Good and the Bad of Anvarol

What I Liked:

  • A great way to get the same results you would with Anavar, legally and safely!
  • Anvarol is cheaper than the other Anavar alternatives out there, great if you are on a budget.
  • An easy supplement to use if you are wanting to gain muscle and not fat.

What I Didn’t:

  • Product did not work as well as Anavar but does cost less, so that is good!
  • Anvarol is only available online, which is not good for people who prefer to get things with cash.

The Final Grade for this Supplement

As I wrap up this Anvarol review, I know that comparisons will be made between this product and Anavar, another great steroid alternative for Anavar. Here is the way I see it, after trying both products. Anvarol did work less well for me, but it still gave good enough results for me to recommend using it. The big plus of Anavarol it that it is about ten dollars cheaper than Anavar (at the time of this writing). If you want great results without making as big of a purchase, I would definitely choose Anvarol.