Myogenix Aftershock Review: Your After Workout Helper

I like to think of post workout supplements as the black sheep of the family, as far as these products go. Everyone is always concerned with getting a good supplement to use before a workout, that they become not as concerned with finding something for after their training session. Myogenix wants to stop this belief from being so prevalent with their post-workout supplement called Aftershock. Having a multitude of different flavors, and made to help your results, let’s look closer at this supplement to see how it really is able to perform. Most of the actual process of your muscles growing happens after you set down that last weight.

aftershock review by myogenixMy Results with using Aftershock

Before I explain how I felt about Aftershock, in terms of what happened with me, I wanted to talk briefly about the ingredients in this supplement. One thing that separates this product from the others in the same category would be antioxidants, which have an endless amount of benefits for the human body. This supplements looks to target the major areas that are responsible for stagnant, or no growth at all. If you are spending your week getting sweaty and stronger, don’t you want to know that what you are taking is going to help you, rather than hinder you? I know I felt much more at ease when I finished my workout, when I had a cup full of Aftershock that was ready to go.

If any of you are using some of the harder supplements out there, you know that something to clean out your system is of the utmost importance. I can’t say if Aftershock could replace your PCT and I probably wouldn’t advise it, but there are a lot of ingredients that are associated with those products in this one. Containing artichoke powder, this is an ingredient that has been known to help cleanse your body of toxins for a long time.

I would usually take Aftershock, within about ten minutes after my exercising was over. As I have mentioned, the flavor variety is huge with this one. I preferred switching between the orange avalanche and wild berry blast flavors. I always find that switching between two different flavors of a supplement helps me to stick with it. It is tough to find something that has more than one good flavor but with this product, there is an exception to be made. I noticed that I had less pain in my joints and muscle while using this supplement. I was able to bulk up quicker than normal, as well.

The Good and Bad for This Supplement:

The Good:

  • One of the best ingredient profiles that I have come across.
  • Made in many different flavors, leaving you with many options.

The Bad:

  • Has a higher price per serving, than some but for all that you get, it is still a good deal.

The Final Grade on Aftershock

Being stacked with a huge list of ingredients that repair and rebuild those achy muscles, you are in good hands with Aftershock. Although it isn’t something that everyone thinks is worth using, a post-workout product can really bring about some major gains. Having more than just one or two flavors, you shouldn’t feel like you would ever be bored with this supplement. If you are sick of combining more than one supplement to get everything that you need, consider switching over to Aftershock.